"You suck, Zylak!"
―Zylak's Frenemy to Zylak[src]

Zylak is a member of the Sovereign people and a pilot of the Omnicrafts.


Escape from the Sovereign Fleet

When Rocket Raccoon stole some of the Sovereign's Anulax Batteries from them following the Battle on Sovereign, Ayesha rallied her troops, including Zylak to pursue and destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy in their Omnicrafts, which they virtually controlled from the Sovereign Planet. The Guardians evaded most of them in the Milano by going through a Quantum Asteroid Field, until only Zylak's gunship remained.

The rest of the Sovereign crowded around his screen, encouraging him to destroy the Milano while hundreds of more Omnicrafts were being prepared. Zylak came close to destroying the Milano, dealing more damage to it by himself. However, before he could destroy it, his Omnicraft was shot at and destroyed by Drax the Destroyer, and the Sovereign around him insulted him for failing.[1]





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