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"This is for your brother."
"Thank you."
"And this... is not for your brother."
"Oh. No, this is too..."
Pietro Maximoff and Zrinka[src]

Zrinka is a woman who lived in Sokovia with her younger brother, Costel, and was trapped during Ultron's final attack on its capital city, Novi Grad.


Zrinka and her brother, Costel, were in the marketplace of Novi Grad while, in the mountains overlooking the city, the Avengers led an attack on a HYDRA Research Base. Missile fire started to rain down on the city streets from the base so the Iron Legion entered and asked citizens to find shelter for their own protection. Zrinka ran to Costel and grabbed him in a protective manner as they watched demonstrations erupt from the robots' presence.[1]

Later one night, Zrinka was amongst the locals helped by Pietro Maximoff, who had procured essentials for them. He gave Zrinka a football for Costel and an expensive dress from Paris for herself. She was surprised by this until Wanda Maximoff revealed Zrinka wasn't the only woman to receive such a gift from Pietro, leaving her unamused. Realizing Costel had wandered off, Zrinka located her brother in the market and asked where he had gone. Costel said he was in the church and told the Maximoff twins that someone is waiting for them there.[2]

Days later, Zrinka and Costel were caught in the crossfire as the Avengers fought Ultron and his army while the city rose above the country of Sokovia. Zrinka tried to get her brother to safety and briefly encountered Hulk before they hid in a store. Soon, a Helicarrier arrived and deployed Lifeboats to evacuate Novi Grad, much to everyone's amazement. Zrinka was injured in the ensuing battle, yet managed to arrive onboard. However, she lost sight of Costel and began screaming for him. Her cries were heard by Hawkeye, who left to save her brother. Zrinka and Costel were later reunited on the Lifeboat and she tearfully embraced her brother.[1]