"What about a game where you kill zombies? I bet nobody's done that."
"Yeah, that's an excellent idea."
"You could kill dog zombies and fast zombies and slow zombies, and you can kill them with knives, maybe one with, like, a chainsaw."
Deke Shaw and Leo Fitz[src]

Zombies are a race of un-dead humans.


Agatha Harkness' Illusion

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Mysterio's Illusion

Mysterio's illusion of Iron Man's corpse

When Peter Parker discovered that the Elementals he fought were just illusions created by Quentin Beck, he went to Berlin to inform "Nick Fury" about the matter. However, Beck had already arrived there and was waiting for Parker. He trapped Parker inside an illusion, where he mocked and threatened him. Beck told Parker that it was his fault that Tony Stark died, and created an illusion of zombie Iron Man, which scared and disturbed Parker.[1]


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  • In the Haitian folklore, zombies are dead bodies resurrected through magic. During the 20th century they prominent in popular culture, usually created as the result of a pandemic disease.
  • In the comics, zombies are preminently featured on Earth-2149, where a contagious disease end up with the zombification of most of the Marvel heroes and villains.



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