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"Wait, you're... You're not the Zoe Zimmer?"
"The only one I know."
P. Cleary and Zoe Zimmer[src]

Zoe Zimmer is a student at Coles Academic High School and social media influencer.


Student and Social Media Influencer

Most Popular Girl in School

Zoe Zimmer's mother used to drive her, Kamala Khan, and Nakia Bahadir to Coles Academic High School together. However, once Zimmer became a social media influencer with many followers and made herself the most popular girl in the school, Bahadir disliked her personality. Zimmer also would often pick on Khan, such as throwing a ball at her face during gym class.

Zimmer speaking to Kamala Khan

One day in 2025, while walking in the stairway, Zimmer was bumped into by Khan, who was passing by her with Bahadir and Bruno Carrelli. Having apologized for accidentally making one of Zimmer's schoolbooks fall to the floor, Khan told Zimmer that she liked her jacket and Zimmer replied by complimenting Khan's necklace. Zimmer showed disinterest when Khan told her that the necklace was her name in Arabic and walked away soon after.[1]


"I follow back, mostly."
―Zoe Zimmer to Ms. Marvel[src]

Zimmer attending the AvengerCon

Zimmer attended the New Jersey AvengerCon in Camp Lehigh and dressed in a Captain Marvel cosplay outfit. She participated in the competition and witnessed Ms. Marvel's powers. As people cheered in excitement, an Ant-Man helmet was knocked over and caused destruction.

Zimmer after being saved by Kamala Khan

Zimmer approached the masked individual and asked if she did parties, but was then knocked aside by a life-sized model of Mjolnir. She fell off of the model but was saved by Khan who used her powers to provide her a safe landing.[1]

Celebratory Party

Zimmer talks about her increased popularity

"Which is why I'm gonna have a party on Friday. You know, to celebrate the fragility of life. Also the half a million followers thing, but mostly the fragility of life."
―Zoe Zimmer[src]

Zimmer soon received millions of followers on her social media platforms as the video of her being rescued surfaced online. When back at school, she talked with her classmates about the incident and described being saved by a bright light. She stated she had no idea who the person was but named the person as Night Light. In order to celebrate her continued popularity and newfound fame as well as life in general, she offered to throw a party. When Kamran walked up, she recognized him as the new senior and invited him to the party.

Zimmer says the party must end

Zimmer had a huge party at her house with several people coming such as Shawn, Paul, and Miguel. Kamala Khan, Bruno Carrelli, and Nakia Bahadir also attended. As the party intensified, it was shut down as police approached the house due to the party having gotten too loud.[3]

Interrogated by Damage Control

Zimmer interrogated by Damage Control

"And then the enhanced individual tried to kill you? Right?"
"She didn't try to kill me. She saved my life."
"I have a feeling that you did this for the likes."
P. Cleary and Zoe Zimmer[src]

Days later, Zimmer was brought into custody and was taken to an interrogation room, thinking that it was due to her party. Instead she was met by Department of Damage Control Agent P. Cleary. Cleary stated he knew of her online advertisement about popcorn and proceeded to ask her about how the enhanced individual tried to kill her. Confused and stunned by the question, Zimmer clarified that the person saved her. Cleary then changed his tone and suggested that Zimmer had faked the incident by using a friend or sister. Agent Sadie Deever then entered the room and asked Zimmer what ethnicity the individual was, but Zimmer couldn't give a straight answer.[3]


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  • In the comics, Zoe Zimmer is a former bully of Kamala Khan, who later befriended her and developed a romantic interest in Nakia Bahadir.

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