"Zloda, Belarus? A dream come true? Really?"
Leo Fitz[src]

Zloda is a city in Belarus.


Proximity Card Purchase

"She flew to Belarus, brought a train ticket to a town called Zloda."
Grant Ward to Coulson's Team[src]

Akela Amador flew into Belarus and bought a train ticket to Zloda following her theft of a shipment of diamonds in Stockholm, Sweden.

In a hotel, Amador met with Kropsky, in order to hand him the diamonds she stole in Milan, Monte Carlo and Stockholm. Kropsky appeared in the building with two bodyguards despite agreeing to come alone, but Amador discovered this and attacked him.

Kropsky, visibly scared, revealed that the guards where only to protect him when he left, so Amador showed him the diamonds concealed inside golf balls to pass them through customs. Kropsky handed a proximity card to enter the Todorov Building in return for the diamonds, surprised that someone accepted his price of 30 million dollars. Amador threatened Kropsky that she would find him if the card failed, but Kropsky assured it would access all levels as promised, before asking if she had a plan to proceed inside the building.[1]

Search for Akela Amador

"I've dreamed of visiting Zloda since I was a schoolgirl."
Jemma Simmons[src]

Phil Coulson and his team arrived in Zloda searching for Akela Amador, using a rented van to conceal themselves.

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons discussed her excitement to be in Belarus, birthplace of Zhores Alferov, although Fitz was more worried about his previous experience on the field in Peru, where they were attacked by a group of local rebels.

Coulson assured Fitz that he would stay inside the van with Simmons and Skye to perform an electronical search for Amador, as she would need to contact her buyer; they were tasked to scan for cellphone transmissions, encrypted e-mails, anomalous broadcast signatures or similar things.

Coulson and Grant Ward headed into town to search for Amador, with Ward trying to comfort Coulson over the seeming betrayal of one of his protegées; Coulson was reluctant to admit that Amador was a traitor without knowing all the facts. The two agents found an Innkeeper who knew Amador, and spoke of her as an angel that had a gift to know things, as she was able to know that the Innkeeper had a tumor, and advised her to visit a doctor to be operated. The innkeeper also revealed that, with her gift, Amador would surely know that they were coming, and she had probably left.

Meanwhile, Skye, Fitz and Simmons were able to connect to a local server and discovered an encrypted broadcast. The broadcast showed their own van in a live feed, sometimes with an X-ray visual of the inside. At that moment, Amador attacked their van with a truck, raming the Short Bus until it overturned, and leaving the city afterwards.[1]



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