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"I'm Zhou Cheng. Disciple of my master Ch'i-Lin. Sworn defender of the Hand."
"And what would your master think about you drinking so much?"
"Oh, he insists upon it. You see, uh, some, right, chase the dragon. I've gotta keep mine sedated. Bad things happen if I don't."
―Zhou Cheng and Iron Fist[src]

Zhou Cheng (Chinese: 周成) is a master martial artist serving the Hand and loyal to Madame Gao, guarding one of her compounds within Anzhou, China. When Cheng was challenged by the Iron Fist, he fought the Hand's enemy until he was defeated. It is unclear whether he survived his injuries.


Protecting the Hand

Showdown with Iron Fist

"I'm here to stop the greatest threat to my people."
"No, you're not. You're here to punish, not protect! You're wearing your oath like a mask. Tell me, Iron Fist, where's the honor in that?"
Iron Fist and Zhou Cheng[src]

Cheng sleeps outside of Madame Gao's base

Zhou Cheng slept at the door of Madame Gao's compound in Anzhou and was woken by her when she arrived with her bodyguards. She ordered him to open the door to allow them entry and he stood up in a drunken stupor and fulfilled her demand. Once they had entered, he closed the door, sat back down and went back to sleep.

Cheng refuses Danny Rand's bribe

Danny Rand, who had watched from a distance, approached Cheng and woke him. Cheng angrily asked Rand what he was doing there, and Rand explained that he needed to enter the building and attempted to bribe Cheng to finish his nap elsewhere. Cheng refused to move and Rand insisted that he did not want to fight him, but would if he had to. Cheng proudly declared himself to be the disciple of Ch'i-Lin and the sword defender of the Hand. Rand questioned Cheng on what his master would think of his drinking, to which Cheng replied that he insisted upon it.

Cheng dueling against the Iron Fist

As Cheng staggered to his feet he explained that while some chase the dragon he needed to keep his sedated, otherwise bad things would happen. He then challenged Rand to combat and the two got into a ninja stance. Cheng attacked Rand with his skills in Zui quan, even striking him with the flask he had been drinking from. He continued to drink as they fought, even offering Rand a taste of it. As the fight progressed, he mocked Rand, comparing him to a child throwing a tantrum rather than the great warrior the Iron Fist was supposed to be. Rand retorted that a man only fought with his mouth when his fists were lacking.

Cheng mocks Danny Rand's fighting skills

Cheng attacked once again, flipping through the air and kicking Rand in the stomach, before momentarily falling asleep again once he hit the ground. He awoke and rolled over into a pose, telling Rand that while he was not impressed by his fighting, he very much liked his haircut. He stood once again and grabbed a hold of Rand, stating that the one thing they had in common was that they both swore an oath of protection. Rand told Cheng his masters were murderers and broke his flask. Angered by this, Cheng attacked with renewed fury, causing Rand to bleed internally with a kick to the stomach. Rand struggled to his feet and went after Cheng, knocking him into a wall and temporarily overpowering him.

Cheng is beaten by an enraged Danny Rand

Cheng threw an object at Rand but missed, and as he stood he grabbed another flask and stated that unlike Rand he had remained true to his vow. Rand insisted that he was there to stop the greatest threat to K'un-Lun and Cheng declared this a lie, that Rand was wearing his oath like a mask and had come to punish rather than protect, and accused him of having no honor. Cheng threw the flask at Rand, who grabbed it and smashed it over Cheng's head as he came to attack. The enraged Rand knocked Cheng through a door and straddled him, beating him to a bloody pulp. Claire Temple and Colleen Wing then arrived, bringing Rand to his senses. Horrified by what he had done, Rand backed away from Cheng and Temple checked his pulse. Rand asked Temple if Cheng was okay, and she replied that he was not.[1]


"Our paths diverge in a different place. But unlike you, I've remained true to my vow."
―Zhou Cheng to Iron Fist[src]

Zhou Cheng greatly values his honor and takes his vow as the sworn defender of the Hand very seriously. However, his constant state of intoxication often has him telling jokes and falling asleep, making him to be a nuisance for Madame Gao and his allies in the Hand.


Cheng swiftly fighting against the Iron Fist

  • Master Martial Artist: Cheng gave the highly-trained Danny Rand an extensive bout, managing to compete with his extremely capable Kung Fu skills. He was only defeated after Rand disarmed him of his alcoholic beverage and gained the upper hand.
  • Bilingualism: Cheng is fluent in his native Chinese and English.






  • In the comics, Zhou Cheng is the host of the mystical monster Ch'i-Lin, who seeks to kill every Iron Fist on the day of their 33rd birthday to absorb their chi in order to open a door to K'un-Lun.
  • During the fight between Zhou Cheng and Danny Rand, Zhou's fighting style reflects that of Su Hua Chi, a reference to the 1978 film Drunken Master starring Jackie Chan.


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