"You want to find proof."
"No, I want you to find proof."
―Zev and Grill[src]

Zev was the right-hand man of Grill before he was exiled to death when he was allegedly found possessing firearms against the rules of the Lighthouse.


Grill's Right-Hand Man

"You gonna leave us here to die?!"
"That's the hope."
"If we don't, you and me are gonna have a conversation."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Zev[src]

Zev served as Grill's right-hand man, helping his boss to enforce his harsh rules in the Salvage. When a Renewal was being held, Zev was present when Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez came to Grill to be implanted with Metrics. Zev and Grill then hid in Grill's office while Holt came to the Salvage and threatened to kill the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that Grill and Zev had trapped. Holt was eventually shot by Tess, allowing Zev and Grill to get out of the office and have their Metrics controlled. Grill then ordered Zev to dispose of Holt's body. After that, Zev walked Coulson, Mackenzie and Rodriguez through the Salvage as they had promised to work for Grill.[1]

Space Mission

"See how you all just got quiet? That's why I'm coming on this run."

Zev kept overseeing work at the Salvage, inflicting electric discharges to Elena Rodriguez because she worked too slow and to Alphonso Mackenzie when he tried to break in Grill's office. When Tess asked Grill to take Phil Coulson and Mackenzie for a space mission, Grill tasked Zev with joining the mission as he suspected them to steal from him just like he suspected Virgil, who they knew. Zev went to the Trawler's dock, noticing that they all became quiet as he arrived.

Zev boarded the Trawler with the others and gave Mackenzie a hard time for his behavior at work. When the others discovered a secret radio that Virgil supposedly used, Zev found them and used their Metrics to pin them on the walls with the intent of bringing them back to Grill and confirming his suspicions. However, Zev was knocked out by Mackenzie and locked up in the Trawler.

Zev eventually regained consciousness and threatened the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that they would be fed to the Vrellnexians. He then sabotaged the fueling systems of the Trawler, forcing them to go back to the Lighthouse.[2]


"That's why I'm reporting this violator to them myself."
"Grill, no."
"You know what their punishment is for this."
Grill and Zev[src]

Back at the Salvage, Zev reported the events of the space mission to Grill, who was keen on delivering Tess and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to the Kree Watch. However, Yo-Yo Rodriguez used her super-speed to place a gun in Zev's jacket and told Grill that Zev had stolen it. Despite protesting, Zev could not convince his boss of his good faith and Grill sent him on the surface of the Earth, where he was devoured by a flock of Vrellnexians.[2]





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