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"You mess with what's mine, I come for you."
―Zaya Okonjo[src]

Zaya Okonjo is an attorney and a partner at Hogarth and Associates.


Early Life

Okonjo was born in Virginia and went to Harvard University, where she graduated magna cum laude. She later got a job at Hogarth and Associates.[1]

Dating Malcolm Ducasse

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"Get your ass back to bed. You know I can't face the E train until you make me cum."
―Zaya Okonjo to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Okonjo and Malcolm Ducasse threw a party after he had upgraded apartments and moved into Mrs. Chin's old apartment.[2]

Malcolm Ducasse and Zaya Okonjo - JJ303.jpg

While using the bathroom, Ducasse noticed that he was peeing blood. He appeared disturbed, but not surprised. Okonjo entered the bathroom to bring him back to bed and noticed the blood too, as well as the bruise on Ducasse's abdomen, which he claimed was the result of a minor car wreck. He claimed that it was simply internal bruising that would pass. Okonjo wanted to sue, but Ducasse decided against it. Besides, he had work, which he would be doing from home as he didn’t feel like dealing with Hogarth. While Okonjo had her dream job, Ducasse was just in it for the cash and clout. One more year and he could go out on his own. They then have sex.

Okonjo sat across from Ducasse, who unbeknownst to her, had began his surveillance on Peter Lyonne, having previously gained access through his laptop camera. His only discovery was that Lyonne was having an affair. So, when Okonjo snatched his headphones out his laptop so that he could hear her talking to him, she mistook his assignment for porn, which she was perfectly fine with. She actually wanted to watch it with him, which led to them having sex.[3]

Peter Lyonne's Suicide

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Zaya Okonjo - JJ305.jpg

"Any word from Rand?"
"They're giving me the runaround. But I'm going there now to beat down some doors."
"There is not a door strong enough to keep you out. Careers are made on days like this."
Jeri Hogarth and Zaya Okonjo[src]

Ducasse called Okonjo to inform her that he would be taking a few days off, though she could tell that he was holding something back. Not to mention that Hogarth came in three hours late and locked herself in her office all day. Okonjo doubted that was a coincidence.

Some time later, Okonjo entered Hogarth’s office to show her a video that had recently been posted by Peter Lyonne, where he accused Hogarth of ruining his life and having powered individuals at her beck and call. As it turned out, Lyonne filmed the video in his bathtub, as he slit his wrist and bled out. His final request was that someone stop Jeri Hogarth. And in his last words, he apologized to his wife and son. The police later found his body in his bathtub and they wanted to talk to Hogarth. But, before doing anything, Hogarth called Kith Lyonne, who did not answer her call.

Okonjo and Ducasse discussed Peter Lyonne’s suicide over the phone. They were all in disbelief. Phones were ringing off the hook and clients were dropping them. Okonjo questioned if Ducasse knew Lyonne and if he had something to do with his suicide. Ducasse replied that he wasn’t sure. However, Okonjo wouldn’t allow Ducasse to blame himself for Lyonne’s death, as he made his own choices.[4]

Okonjo - JJ306.jpg

Okonjo called Ducasse and asked where he was after Hogarth called an emergency meeting in light of Peter Lyonne's death. Okonjo wondered if Ducasse was bailing, but he insisted that’s not what he was doing.

During the emergency meeting, Hogarth claimed that Peter Lyonne was a troubled man. Unstable, angry, and despairing. He needed to blame someone and he blamed Hogarth. Unfortunately, this would spill onto the entire firm. However, Hogarth assured them that she would handle it. She wanted every client brought back in, no matter what it took. After the meeting, Okonjo informed Hogarth that Rand Enterprises was giving her the runaround. But she was about to head over to beat down some doors.[5]

Tracking the Masked Vigilante

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Hogarth and Okonjo - JJ307.jpg

"Malcolm's plate is full. And I'm gonna be leaning on you until you say when."
"Don't know the meaning of the word."
Jeri Hogarth and Zaya Okonjo[src]

Okonjo informed Jeri Hogarth of how their client Reid Pearson, who was doing a six-year stint for date rape, claimed that he was attacked by a masked woman and framed. With Sallinger revealing a second vigilante, it couldn’t be a coincidence. Hogarth ordered Okonjo to go to Ryker's and interview Pearson to see if the descriptions match. Before leaving, Okonjo showed Hogarth how she accidentally texted her a message meant for Kith Lyonne.

Okonjo found that police records showed that five felons claimed that a masked female vigilante assaulted, tricked or framed them. One of them being Reid Pearson. However, three of the five happened to be their current or former clients. Hogarth suspected that the masked vigilante was targeting them and wanted Okonjo to follow through with the investigation, even though Okonjo thought Malcolm Ducasse was more equipped.

While viewing the recordings to find out just how this vigilante gained access to their client list, Okonjo discovered the footage of the vigilante sneaking into Ducasse’s office and Ducasse recognizing her and letting her go after a brief fight.[1]

Hogarth and Okonjo - JJ308.jpg

Ducasse was called into Hogarth’s office, where she and Okonjo played the footage of his encounter with the masked vigilante. However, it seemed as if the footage had been edited and instead of an altercation between Ducasse and Walker, followed by the two peacefully parting ways, Ducasse entered his office and walked right back out. They believed this woman to be partnered with Jones. Hogarth thought she was being targeted by the two, and so she wanted the second vigilante unmasked, no matter the cost.

Okonjo demanded to know why she should’ve protected Ducasse when he’d been lying to her. Okonjo admitted to editing the footage. But if Hogarth found out, they’d both be terminated. Ducasse defended to vigilante, claiming that she wasn't the villain that she was being made out to be. Ducasse knew the vigilante’s identity, but wouldn’t reveal it. Okonjo’s dad was in the CIA and he always kept secrets. She knew the feeling all too well. Okonjo worried that Ducasse would disappear into his job. The vigilante was trying to stop a killer, Ducasse explained. Okonjo continued to question just how well Ducasse knew the woman and she wondered if the vigilante’s mission was more important than their relationship.[6]

Breaking Up with Malcolm

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Zaya Okonjo - JJ310.jpg

"So why are you punishing me? Because I work with Jeri? Want to be her? Because I'm pressuring you to play in my arena? Making you into something you're not? Tell me what is–"
"Yes. Yes, that is why. I just need some time."
"Okay. This doesn't make you a better person, Malcolm. It makes you cruel."
―Zaya Okonjo and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

After finding out that Malcolm Ducasse got fired, she confronted him at his apartment, where he explained that he left to do better. Okonjo accused him of helping Jessica Jones and the masked vigilante. Ducasse thought he was better equipped to help people who actually needed it. She wondered if he was leaving her behind along with the firm. Ducasse had done bad things, but he blamed it on no one but himself. Although, he did admit that he felt as if he was being pressured into being something he wasn’t. And so, he needed some time.[7]

Ducasse and Okonjo - Jessica Jones Series Finale.jpg

Okonjo stopped by Ducasse's apartment to pick up her things. Ducasse handed her the box in which he placed her belongings. However, along with her stuff, Okonjo was hoping for closure between the two of them. However, with Brianna Gelden inside, he couldn’t let her in and told her she should go. Although, he made sure she knew that he at least loved her. He explained that he sabotaged their relationship, but he wasn’t sure why. Brianna came from the back, blowing his cover. A visibly hurt Okonjo left the apartment.[8]


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