"Can we at least try to get Madeleine Albright?"
"It's a lifestyle show, Trish. Our audiences tune out for politics."
"They do not."
"Okay, I do."
"I want to meet Madeleine Albright."
"I want to meet Channing Tatum, but I've never tried to book him on the show."
"Yes, you have. He said no."
Trish Walker and Zack[src]

Zack is an employee of WNEX New York.


Booking Madeleine Albright

Zack, together with Nicole, visited Trish Walker's Apartment to discuss Trish Talk. He advised Trish Walker not to book Madeleine Albright, since it is a live style show and their audience would tune out for politics, or at least he would. When Walker said she wanted to meet Albright, he told her that he wanted to meet Channing Tatum, but that he would not book him on the show. Walker then reminded him that he did, and that Tatum declined. Zack and Nicole were then sent away by Walker, who noticed Jessica Jones climbing on the balcony, with the reason that it was late. Agreeing to pick it up at the station, Zack told Nicole, who had just been sitting there while silently eating, to go with him. Before walking away, he accepted some files from Walker and gave her a look of disbelief about Nicole.[1]

Choosing Items

Zack handed some cards with possible items for the talk show to Trish Walker. Walker, while on the phone with Jessica Jones, handed one of the cards back, saying that she would not do that one. When he noticed people walking into the studio, he told Walker to cover her arms, which were filled with bruises. He then continued to pick the correct items.[2]




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