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"I wanted the knife because I'm scared. I don't even have any more friends. I just wanted... it feels bad. All the time. Maybe I wanted them to feel bad. Just once."
―Zach Lieberman to Pete Castiglione[src]

Zach Lieberman is the son of David and Sarah Lieberman.


Family Times

Zach lived happily together with his sister and parents until his father was tracked down and apparently killed by Homeland Security because he had evidence of the illegal activities of Operation Cerberus. His apparent death affected Zach very much as he was scared and took his suffering on other people.[4]


Pete Castiglione

"Tough guy, huh?"
"Yeah. He's just having a hard time. Unfortunately, he handles it by being an asshole."
Pete Castiglione and Sarah Lieberman[src]

When Pete Castiglione helped the family, Lieberman was not impressed and bumped into him on purpose.[1] A few days later, he was surprised that Castiglione was there again. Leo Lieberman asked him why he has now a skateboard even though did not have one in the morning, but he did not give a proper answer and walked into the Lieberman Residence. Minutes later, Sarah Lieberman invited Castiglione to a dinner, and Lieberman commented that she has not made a meal for a while before he ran to his room.[2]

Violent Tendencies

"He just... He has not been the same since David died. He, he... he smacked his sister not too long ago. He's... The poor kid is angry all the time. He's got this crazy temper. He stole a skateboard from our neighbor."
Sarah Lieberman to Pete Castiglione[src]

When the mother of a neighbor called Sarah Lieberman because Lieberman had apparently stolen his skateboard, Sarah confronted Lieberman about it, resulting in Lieberman slapping his sister because he thought that she snitched him. Sarah stepped in and is worried that he is becoming a bully while he then yelled that this family is full of snitches and traitors and cracked the family photo.[5]

After receiving a message from Sarah, Pete Castiglione visited the Lieberman Residence, where she said that she found a knife in his backpack. Castiglione attempted to speak to Lieberman, who ignored Castiglione at first. As he progressively talked about his childhood of being a rebellious child and Lieberman's ownership of a knife, Castiglione threatened him with the knife until he caved. Eventually, Lieberman broke down and cried, explaining that since his father's death, he was scared, lost his friends and that all of this felt bad.[4]

Kidnapped by Anvil

Lieberman and his mother being kidnapped

"Good afternoon, ma'am. Yeah, we received a call from this address to the Castle tip line. Did you call?"
"Uh, no. No, I didn't call. Uh, it must be some sort of mistake."
"Got something you want to tell me, son?"
"Hey. No, he's only eleven years old. You don't have the right to question him."
Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

When Lieberman and his family saw Pete Castiglione on TV, being confirmed to actually be the Punisher, he was furious because he lied to them. Lieberman then grabbed his phone and called the New York City Police Department to give them information on the Punisher. However, the call was intercepted by William Rawlins who then informed Billy Russo.

At the house, a police officer arrived and said they have received a call on the Punisher tipline from the address. He tried to question Lieberman, but Sarah Lieberman said he could not do that due to his age. When the officer said that they should come with him, Sarah ordered Lieberman to run as she realized they were in danger. Soon, Jack chased after him but was stopped by Sarah and a brief fight occurred. Lieberman was then taken by Jack's partner and was together with his mother abducted. At this time, Leo Lieberman had remained hidden and fled then the house.[3]

Lieberman's Second "Death"

"Mom, It's Dad! It's Dad!"
―Zach Lieberman to Sarah Lieberman[src]

Lieberman and his mother were then taken to an unknown place, where he was afraid that they might be killed, but Sarah answered that she will never let that happen.

Lieberman and his mother were then taken to the meeting point, as Lieberman was shocked to see that they were being exchanged for Frank Castle and David Lieberman, and they are confused and scared, but delighted at seeing David alive. As the deal began, Castle and David walked towards William Rawlins' men as Lieberman and Sarah walked past them, forced to wear leaking tanks of petrol that leaves a trail that Rawlins' men can ignite if Castle or David break the deal. However, two Homeland Security cars suddenly arrived on the scene and Rawlins' men began shooting, as well as igniting the trail of petrol.

David threw his coat onto the petrol trail and stamps out the fire to save his wife and son, who managed to get to the police safely. Rawlins' men were then attempting to take David with them, but he is seemingly shot as Lieberman and Sarah cried out in horror at watching David die once again just after finding out he was alive. His second "death", however, was just faked again by Homeland Security, in order to ensure that he could not be captured.[6]

Return to Family Life

"Do you have any queens?"
"Take 'em."
"Do you have any nines?"
"Go fish."
Leo Lieberman, David Lieberman and Zach Lieberman[src]

Lieberman and his mother were then taken to the Homeland Security Headquarters where they were reunited with Leo Lieberman and informed that their father was still alive. David then entered the room where his family are sitting, as Sarah became overcome with emotion, angrily hitting him and shouting at him for having let them believe he was dead twice. David calmed her down and once she has let out her feelings, she hugged her husband, as Leo joins the hug, and eventually so does Zach, finally embracing as a family again.

The family was later taken to a Homeland Security safehouse where the kids were playing a card game together with David until Sarah interrupted them to talk with their father.

Many days later the family were back in the Lieberman Residence as they were preparing a dinner to celebrate David's return. He finally entered the door and was kissed by Sarah and happily hugged by both Lieberman and Leo.[7]


"That son of yours. Boy, does he remind me of you."
"How so?"
"He's a wall-to-wall asshole."
Frank Castle and Micro[src]

Prior to his father's apparent death Zach seemed to be a normal and calm child. His "death", however, left Zach like his family in grief and affected him very much. He became more pessimistic and took his suffering on other persons. When Pete confronted him, he finally broke down and explained his situation. After his father's return, he became the same person as he was before Davids's death.



"What you picked, that's called a Ka-Bar. It's a Marine's best friend."
Pete Castiglione to Zach Lieberman[src]
  • Ka-Bar: Zach had the knife because he wanted other people to feel bad just like he does.







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