Zach Bynum was the secretary of Senator Ellen Nadeer, and one of her associates in her fight against the Inhumans. He was killed with her by an explosion caused by Tucker Shockley's Terrigenesis.


Working for Ellen Nadeer

Encounter with Jemma Simmons

When Senator Ellen Nadeer was not at her office, a lobbyist named Beaks came to visit her. Bymun asked what could he do for her, so Miss Beaks said she wanted to talk with the Senator abort the Armed Forces Bill. Recognizing her as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jemma Simmons, Bymun called Tucker Shockley of the Watchdogs and asked him what should he do next. Shockley told him to take care of it. Simmons said to him she need his phone, but instead Bymun attacked her. Simmons knocked him out with a glass carafe.[1]

Tucker Shockley's Terrigenesis

Bynum was killed along with Senator Ellen Nadeer in her office due to Tucker Shockley's Inhuman power after his Terrigenesis.[2]





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