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"A man has one fundamental choice in life. To live a life in fear or love. The man who chooses love chooses joonoon. Passion. He chooses faith, courage."
―Yusuf Khan to Aamir Khan[src]

Yusuf Khan (Urdu: یوسف خان) is the father of Aamir Khan and Kamala Khan.


Early Life[]

When listening to an album by Bon Jovi titled "Slippery When Wet," Yusuf met a woman named Muneeba and fell in love with her. He loved the stories of her family past. However, she was not a fan of them.[1]

Moving to Jersey City[]

"Your father and I dreamed so much of coming here, and when we finally came it was so hard. He worked very long hours for very little money, and Aamir was barely out of diapers."
―Muneeba Khan to Kamala Khan[src]

Yusuf and Muneeba Khan soon got married in Pakistan and had a son, Aamir. He and Muneeba dreamed of moving to the United States of America and eventually tried it. They struggled as Yusuf had to work long hours for low wages, but they eventually made it work and had another kid named Kamala Khan,[2] which meant "wonder" in urdu.[3]

Having a Family[]

Kamala's Driving Test[]

Bruno Carrelli & Yusuf Khan

Khan talks to Bruno Carrelli

Kamala Khan walked downstairs on the day of her driver's test. Although Muneeba Khan told Kamala to always check her mirrors, Yusuf claimed she only needed to act like she was. Later, Yusuf and Muneeba arrived at the scene of a car crash as Kamala crashed the car. Muneeba blamed it on the instructor as they drove home. When they did get home, Yusuf was met by Bruno Carrelli, who gifted him a device that could follow Yusuf's orders to do everyday activities like turning on the television. Yusuf was amazed by the idea and thanked Carrelli, excited for his gift.[4]

Cosplaying as Hulk[]

Yusuf and Muneeba

Yusuf and Muneeba Khan are asked about New Jersey AvengerCon

Later, Bruno Carrelli's gift started acting up, getting Yusuf frustrated. Kamala then interrupted Yusuf and Muneeba Khan, explaining how she wanted to go to New Jersey AvengerCon. Muneeba spoke for the two parents, forbidding Kamala from going as she believed it was dangerous. Kamala angrily went up to her room. Aamir Khan then convinced Yusuf to allow Kamala to go.

Big Hulk and Little Hulk

Khan dresses up as Hulk

Yusuf and Muneeba excitedly told Kamala their decision. Yusuf got dressed up as the Hulk and barged in to show Kamala that he was going to go with her. He though she would be excited, but she instead said it was embarassing. Yusuf was very sad and disappointed, quietly telling Kamala she was not going. At dinner, Yusuf was telling a story. However, Kamala quickly left, saying she had homework to do. Soon, Aamir left and Kamala was in her room. Yusuf excitedly told Muneeba that they were alone, making her laugh. They later found out that Kamala sneaked out.[4]

Eid Celebration[]

Yusuf Khan and Aamir Khan at masjid

Khan at the Islamic Masjid of Jersey City

The next day, Yusuf attended Salat with his friend, Rasheed. As the event went on Sheikh Abdullah called out Kamala Khan and Nakia Bahadir for talking. This made Yusuf turn his attention to his daughter. At dinner, Yusuf told Tyesha Hillman the story of how Muneeba Khan's mother escaped Pakistan during the partition by following the stars to her father, Hasan. Suddenly, Kamala passed out, worrying everyone, but she turned out to be fine.


Yusuf checks on Kamala Khan

Later, Yusuf went up to Kamala's room to see if she was okay. When she did not answer, he tried to open the door, but it was too heavy. He pushed more and suddenly it flung open, confusing him. However, he realized Kamala was sleeping and left. The next day, he got Aamir Khan ready for the Eid Mubarak celebration as he talked about Muneeba's love for Bon Jovi.

Yusuf Khan and Nakia Bahadir

Khan talks to Nakia Bahadir

They then went to the celebration of Eid. Yusuf ate his food when Bahadir approached him. She asked Yusuf if he could vote for her for board member of the mosque. However, Yusuf told her that he was voting for his best friend, Rasheed. Bahadir argued that Kamala was her best friend. They bickered playfully until Bahadir left, handing Yusuf a pamphlet for her campaign. Unluckily, Rasheed turned around at that moment and saw Yusuf holding it.[1]

Aamir's Wedding[]

Hostess Fruit Pie

Khan buys a fruit pie

At the party that took place before Aamir Khan's wedding, Yusuf talked with his two friends until Aamir came in, saying the trick was that someone was supposed to hide one pair of shoes, not all of them. Yusuf laughed along with everyone else. Yusuf then went to Circle Q where Bruno Carrelli worked. He asked Carrelli if he could keep a secret and showed him that he was buying fruit pies even though Muneeba Khan did not want him to. He then saw Carrelli reading a paper written in Urdu, which Carrelli claimed was for a class. Yusuf picked it up to help and translated it. The article said that there was a hidden group of djinn that were hidden among them as they were cast out from their world. Yusuf laughed, saying he never heard that story before.

Yusuf comforts Aamir

Yusuf comforts Aamir Khan

While preparing Aamir for his wedding, his son worriedly said that he only has $732 in his bank account. Yusuf jokingly said he was surprised it was not less. When he realized Aamir was stressed, Yusuf told him that there was one fundamental choice in life; to choose love or fear. He told Aamir how proud he was of him and how brave Aamir was for choosing family.

Yusuf disappointed in Kamala

Yusuf is disappointed in Kamala Khan

At the wedding, Yusuf watched the ceremony before dancing with everyone else. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off. Before evacuating, Yusuf told Aamir to grab the money. Outside, they looked for Kamala Khan, but could not find her. They did hear that she pulled the fire alarm, worrying them. They finally found Kamala at home and asked her where she had been. Kamala refused to tell them the truth.[2]

Kamala's Revelation[]

Yusuf Khan speaks to Kamala

Khan learns the truth

Soon, Muneeba Khan and Kamala Khan went to Karachi to visit Sana Ali. When they returned, Muneeba told the family that Kamala was Night Light. When Kamala tried to tell them herself, they all acted surprised, but gave away that Muneeba told them. Yusuf then stopped Aamir Khan from teasing Kamala.[3]

Battle at Coles Academic High School[]

Yusuf & Muneeba

Khan watches a video

Yusuf was sitting at home with Rasheed sent him a video of Night Light fighting the United States Department of Damage Control at Coles Academic High School. In order to make it go viral so that Damage Control backed off for bad publicity, all supporters arrived at the school. They watched as Aamir Khan, Bruno Carrelli, Nakia Bahadir, and Zoe Zimmer got arrested.

Muneeba, Yusuf & Abdullah

Khan cheers for Night Light

Suddenly, an unstable Kamran came out followed by Kamala, trying to get him to calm down. Damage Control then shot at Kamala, causing Yusuf to yell in a panic. However, Kamala blocked the bullets with her hard light. Suddenly, Kamran deflected energy off of a truck, sending it at the bystanders. Kamala was able to grab it with her enlarged hands and save everyone. Kamala then contained Kamran in a bubble and calmed him down enough for Kamran to escape. Damage Control then went to take Kamala in, but everyone got in between Kamala and Damage Control, causing them to eventually leave.[3]

Advising Kamala[]

Kamala & Yusuf

Yusuf talks to Kamala Khan about her name

Yusuf later met with Kamala Khan on the roof and told her how proud he was of her. He asked what her name was, but she had no idea yet as she did not like "Night Light." He then told her that when she was born, she given the name Kamala, which meant perfect in Arabic as that was how he and his wife saw her as. However, in Urdu, it meant wonder. He then jokingly said the synonym is marvel, leading Kamala to realize she shared a name with Captain Marvel. He then called her his little Ms. Marvel, giving Kamala a superhero name.[3]

Otherworldly Events[]

Attack on His Home[]

Khans See Carol

Khan sees Carol Danvers

"Is Captain Marvel pressuring you in any way? Look, I understand that she’s an important figure and all that but you don’t have to do as she says."
―Yusuf Khan to Kamala Khan[src]

In 2026, Yusuf was sitting on the couch with Muneeba and Aamir Khan watching cricket while Kamala Khan was in her room. Suddenly, Captain Marvel walked down the stairs, said hello, then left without explanation. Upon investigating, the family found that Kamala was gone and her closet door was destroyed.

Scared Muneeba and Yusuf

Yusuf is worried for Kamala Khan

When Kamala returned, the family confronted her about the door to which Kamala tried to explain that she was in space. Yusuf sarcastically remarked that maybe Captain Marvel broke it. He then explained Danvers was in their house and further asked Kamala if Captain Marvel was pressuring her in anyway. Yusuf explained that he understood she was an important figure, but Kamala did not have to do what she said. Kamala then squealed with joy, having comprehended that Yusuf said Danvers was in their home.

Yusuf and Aamir Trap Kree

Yusuf and Aamir Khan fight a Kree

Later, Kamala randomly disappeared again, only to return with a cat in her arms. Kamala struggled to explain what was happening, worrying Muneeba and Yusuf until the cat suddenly showed their tentacles and choked up a group of Kree soldiers. This started an attack on the Khans as they tried to escape.

Scared Yusuf

Khan is attacked by a Kree

During the attack, Yusuf fell to the ground and was blocked by Muneeba as Captain Marvel arrived for help. With the Kree distracted, Yusuf and Muneeba crawled over to the table. Yusuf then made his way around to the door with Aamir as Monica Rambeau arrived. Rambeau knocked a Kree to the ground, allowing Yusuf to take a mop and Aamir to take a coatrack to pin the Kree to the ground. The Kree eventually got the upper hand and threw Yusuf onto the couch before throwing the entire couch along with Yusuf into the wall.[5]

Visited by S.A.B.E.R.[]

Yusuf and Goose

Khan ties up Kree soldiers

"Hi, again. So sorry about earlier. We're looking for Kamala Khan."
Monica Rambeau to Yusuf Khan[src]

When the scuffle ended, Yusuf brushed off his injuries and the family began to clean up the house, equally disappointed with Kamala Khan. Yusuf took the two apprehended Kree and tied them up tight in order to keep his family safe. He, Muneeba and Aamir Khan then sternly looked at Kamala, expecting an explanation. Suddenly, the doorbell went off, annoying Yusuf.

Khan Residence The Marvels Trailer

Khan opens the door to S.A.B.E.R.

Yusuf opened up the door to see Nick Fury and Monica Rambeau asking for Kamala. Yusuf sat down and listened to Rambeau's theory on what was happening to them. She then talked about Kamala's powers, prompting Kamala to use them, only to switch with Captain Marvel as that was a problem they were facing. Rambeau tried to explain to Danvers what was happening despite Yusuf and Muneeba's impatience in asking where Kamala went.

Black Girl Magic

Yusuf sees Kamala Khan falling from the sky

Once hearing that Kamala was wherever Danvers was, Danvers flew to get her, only to switch with Kamala. Yusuf and the others then watched from the ground as Kamala came falling down. Rambeau flew up to save her and the two plummeted to the ground only for Danvers to swap with them again. Danvers got up and flew off without another word.[5]

Traveling to the Space Station[]

This Man is Taking Us to Hell

Khan is scared of the S.A.B.E.R. Space Elevator

"Where's Abu?"
"جہنم یہ شخص ہمیں جہنم میں لے گیا ہے۔[6]"
Kamala Khan and Yusuf Khan[src]

With the Khan Residence destroyed, Nick Fury invited the Khan family to the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station. They entered the S.A.B.E.R. Space Elevator where Fury called Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel. Upon feeling the elevator go up to the sky, Yusuf got very scared, remarking how Fury was taking them to hell.

The Khans

The Khans talk to their daughter

Once at the station, Yusuf and Muneeba Khan voiced their worry with Kamala about her mission. However, Rambeau and Fury assured them she was safe. To make matters worse, Kamala told her parents that the enemy had a duplicate of Sana Ali's bangle, meaning they had to stop her. Yusuf and Muneeba then let Kamala go with them, still worrying about her.[5]

The Space Station[]

Yusuf Talks to Dag

Khan talks to Dag about retirement

"That's why you wanna invest in index funds rather than in individual stocks. Of course, both a Roth IRA and 401k are important for tax purposes."
"You know, I never even thought about planning for retirement."
"Hey, it's never too late. And it's never too early, like I say."
―Yusuf Khan and Dag[src]

Yusuf calmed down when he was on the S.A.B.E.R. Space Station and even had a conversation with S.A.B.E.R. employee, Dag. Yusuf talked to him about retirement plans, telling him that it was never too late to start nor too early. He then asked Dag how old he was. Dag replied saying he was three-hundred six. As Yusuf stood there shocked, Aamir Khan came out of nowhere, saying he was almost as old as Yusuf.

Fire on the Station

Khan helps put out a fire

Eventually, a surge in the Universal Neural Teleportation Network caused the station to shut down, forcing them to evacuate. Yusuf then saw that the main pillar was caught on fire. Nick Fury went to grab a fire extinguisher, so Yusuf grabbed it off of him to help. Yusuf put out the fire, then helped the team gather up many Flerken kittens in hopes that they could eat the personnel, then spit them out later so they could transport as many people as they can.

Warship Eclipse

Khan looks at the Sun

Yusuf helped get these Flerken onto a S.A.B.E.R. Escape Pods and saw Ms. Marvel arrive. Yusuf, Aamir and Muneeba Khan hugged Kamala. Once the Flerken were all set, the Khans said goodbye to Kamala, allowing her to finish her mission. They then got into an escape pod with Fury. However, on the way down, many Flerken, including one in Yusuf's lap, started coughing up the people, forcing Fury to crash land in New York City. Yusuf and the others got out and looked at the Sun, to see it get eclipsed by Dar-Benn's Accuser Warship.

Khans in NYC

The Khans reunite with Ms. Marvel

Soon, Ms. Marvel returned and the Khan family hugged her as the Marvels had saved the day. However, they soon saw that Kamala was crying. Muneeba tried tio help, but Yusuf held her back as Kamala talked to Fury, telling him that Monica Rambeau got stuck in another reality. Fury then asked where Carol Danvers was and Kamala replied that she went to go reignite Pama.[5]

Helping Captain Marvel[]

Yusuf and Aamir Carry Boxes

Yusuf and Aamir Khan helping Carol Danvers

"Oh, yeah, yeah, it was for me. The vastness of it just gives you a whole new perspective on life."
"Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? And it was surprisingly cool."
Aamir Khan and Yusuf Khan[src]

With the threat eliminated, the Khans traveled to Louisiana to help Carol Danvers move into the Rambeau Residence. Yusuf and Aamir Khan carried boxes for her while talking. Aamir remarked about how the vastness of it all gave him a whole new perspective on life. Yusuf agreed. As Kamala Khan and Danvers walked over to a plane, Yusuf picked a few items out of the boxes including a golden tray of Danvers and Prince Yan of Aladna.[5]


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  • Bilingualism: Khan is fluent in his native Urdu, as well as English.







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