"I'll open it and give you what's inside, no problem. But only in exchange for something in your possession."
"How about in exchange for your life?"
"No deal."
Leo Fitz and Yusef Hadad[src]

Yusef Hadad is a broker of stolen items in Morocco.



"I tracked the scroll casing, not easy, through history, to Mosul's Central Museum in Iraq. But it was taken by your extremist buddies when they ransacked the place this year."
Leo Fitz to Yusef Hadad[src]

Yusef Hadad worked as a broker in Morocco. He obtained items from Mosul's Central Museum in Iraq from ISIS, including an ancient scroll casing believed to be a thousand years old.[1]

Making a Deal

"This woman you went through all this trouble for... You love her, yeah?"
"Only love can make a man so stupid."
―Yusef Hadad and Leo Fitz[src]

While hiding in Morocco, Hadad's men brought Leo Fitz to see him, as he claimed to have something for Hadad. Fitz was brought into his base and only questioned when Hadad's men failed to open his briefcase; Fitz informed Hadad that he would only open the briefcase in exchange for something Hadad was keeping.

Despite the threat of a painful death, Fitz remained adamant, claiming he needed the scroll casing which had details on an ancient Monolith which would bring back his lost friend. Hadad relented and handed over the scroll casing; in exchange Fitz opened the case and presented him with a series of Splinter Bombs, explaining that they were used to kill Sunil Bakshi. Hadad then attempted to kill Fitz with the bombs only to find he had been tricked and the bomb was in fact a flash grenade. In the ensuing chaos, Fitz stole the scroll casing and escaped while Hadad's men shot at him.[1]





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