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"You know we're gonna have to tell the girls."
"Tell 'em what? Oh, that we're moving to a remote ranch in the Yucatán with our prehistoric guard dog."
Stacey Yorkes and Dale Yorkes[src]

Yucatán, officially the Free and Sovereign State of Yucatán, is a state located in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico.


"I need to understand the properties of an ancient Monolith. Now, I've learned it was buried in the Yucatán after being dragged around the Earth for a few hundred years."
Leo Fitz to Yusef Hadad[src]

During the 19th Century, the ancient artifact known as the Monolith was buried somewhere in Yucatán, where it remained hidden for several decades. [1]

A Yucatán ranch was previously owned by Gene and Alice Hernandez. When the Hernandezes died, ownership of the place was transferred to Dale and Stacey Yorkes.[2]

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