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The Yorkes Residence was the place of living of Dale, Stacey and Gert Yorkes as well as Molly Hernandez.


New Family Member

"We know that they would want you to have a good home."
Dale Yorkes to Molly Hernandez[src]

The members of PRIDE gathered in the Yorkes Residence after the funeral of Gene and Alice Hernandez. Due to the death of her parents, Molly Hernandez was adopted by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who welcomed her into their family. Therefore, Molly grew up as Gert Yorkes' adoptive sister in the Yorkes Residence.[1]

Superhuman Strength Test

Molly Hernandez, who had experienced painful period while at school, returned to the Yorkes Residence. Having begun to remark that she could manifest a superhuman strength, Hernandez went to the garage and test her strength. Although unsuccessful at first, Hernandez managed to push the Yorkeses van. However, the effort caused her to fall asleep in the garage.

Hernandez eventually woke up and got a message from Gert Yorkes asking her to feed the Yorkeses animals. Hernandez went to her adoptive parents' lab and carried on her task, but heard a strange noise coming from a sealed chamber. Peeking through the window, she saw a massive and seemingly ferocious animal and ran away, breaking the lab's door because of her strength in the process. Hernandez then left the residence for the Wilder Mansion.[2]

Missing Dinosaur

"Molly said she heard something weird in the basement. What if Destiny is their latest test subject?"
"I guess we could check it out."
Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein[src]

While trying to figure out what had happened to Destiny Gonzalez, Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein went into the Yorkes Residence's basement. Stein unsuccessfully used the X-Ray Specs to know what lied beyond the sealed door in the Yorkeses' lab. They decided to open it, which caused the release of a small dinosaur which obeyed Yorkes. The dinosaur then escaped from the residence, leaving Stein and Yorkes in complete shock.[1]

Upon returning to the residence, Dale and Stacey Yorkes noticed that their dinosaur had escaped and prepared a drone to track it down, all the while pretending to their daughters that they were only trying to find a hedgehog.

The Yorkeses dinosaur is unleashed in the residence

Remaining alone in her bedroom, Molly Hernandez heard a strange noise in the residence. Believing it to be a prank from Gert, she soon encountered the dinosaur who had returned home. The panic activated Hernandez's superhuman strength and began fighting the animal. However, before the fight could escalate, Gert returned to the residence and commanded the dinosaur to stand down, which he did.

Dale and Stacey also returned home and put the dinosaur back into his sealed chamber. They then briefly discussed with Gert and Hernandez about the dinosaur and Gert's ability to control it. However, the Yorkeses were then visited by Tina Minoru as the Yorkeses had missed a PRIDE meeting. Minoru menacingly reminded the Yorkeses that all the members of PRIDE needed to work together before leaving.[3]

Later, Gert and Hernandez went to see the dinosaur in his room and spend the night in the residence's basement.[4]

Jonah's Serum Experiment

"When I handed you the serum that cured Victor's brain tumor, it was not returned to me. I suspect it's undergoing a battery of secret tests in your lab as we speak."
Jonah to Dale and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Having kept the vial of Jonah's Serum when they healed Victor Stein during the PRIDE gala, Dale Yorkes and his wife Stacey analyze it in their basement lab, uncovering his incredible regenerative properties. During the testing, Dale inadvertently dropped some of the serum on his arm, which caused an increase of his dopamine level triggering euphoria and hyperactivity. While trying to manage it, Stacey found out that Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder had come to the Yorkes Residence to talk about Molly Hernandez, but she dismissed them.[5]

Departure of Molly Hernandez

"We're sisters forever, and nothing's ever gonna change that. For now, you have to go."
Gert Yorkes to Molly Hernandez[src]

When she returned from the Atlas Academy open house, Molly Hernandez found Dale and Stacey Yorkes in her bedroom, packing her stuff. Indeed, as they had spoken to Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder about the fact that Hernandez could be aware of PRIDE's secret rituals, they intended to make her leave the Yorkes Residence and go live with Graciela Aguirre. Although both Hernandez and Gert Yorkes tried to convince their parents otherwise, Hernandez reluctantly agreed to live the residence in the end.[5]

Later, as they were in their lab, Dale and Stacey called Aguirre to have some news from Hernandez, only to discover that she had left and that Aguirre did not trust them.

When asked by Jonah whether they knew where their children were, Dale and Stacey returned to the Yorkes Residence and found out that the girls had taken the dinosaur, presumably to be ready to fight against the PRIDE as they knew about their secret activities.[6]

PRIDE Rebellion

The PRIDE gathers in the Yorkes Residence's basement

"If we killed you tonight in this basement, no one would ever know."
"But then you wouldn't be able to get close enough to kill Jonah. And that's why we're all here, isn't it?"
Tina Minoru and Leslie Dean[src]

Following the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site by the Runaways and the reveal that Jonah was ready to harm their children to fulfill his goals, the members of PRIDE, except Victor Stein, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder gathered in the Yorkes Residence's lab. Leslie Dean revealed her involvement in the deaths of Gene and Alice Hernandez and the fact that Jonah had murdered Amy Minoru. Together, the PRIDE decided to turn on Jonah and started plotting to kill him.[7]

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The Yorkes Residence was a classical but wealthy residence in Los Angeles. Its most notable feature was the vast laboratory set up in the residence's basement. Dale and Stacey Yorkes kept a number of animals for in vivo experiments in their lab, including a dinosaur they kept in a sealed room.

The residence's security system was based on Wizard technology, enabling Tina Minoru to enter it at will.


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