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"It's not just any cabin. This is the cabin where two of my greatest achievements were conceived."
Dale Yorkes to Gert Yorkes[src]

The Yorkes Cabin is an isolated cabin located in Los Angeles.


"How did you find us?"
"I knew he would bring you and Old Lace here where we created her."
Gert Yorkes and Stacey Yorkes[src]

Dale and Stacey Yorkes spent long amounts of time in the cabin while designing their experiments to bioengineer the dinosaurs like Number 33 and Old Lace. According to Dale, it was also during a stay in this cabin that their daughter Gert was conceived.

Having abducted his daughter, Dale took her and Old Lace to the cabin in order to bring her away from Stacey, who was actually controlled by the Magistrate's Wife. Dale tied up his daughter to a chair and locked up Old Lace in a cage, although he struggled to remain in control. He then explained to Gert that they could remain there and live together and, after a heated argument during which Dale expressed many regrets, Dale released Gert and Old Lace.

Before he let them leave the cabin, however, he offered to help Gert better control her connection to Old Lace. Therefore, Gert trained with Old Lace, making the dinosaur running fast around the cabin, although they were eventually both knocked unconscious when Old Lace violently hit a tree.[1]

As Gert prepared to leave the cabin, refusing to let Dale come with her, father and daughter had a last goodbye talk in the cabin. They were then joined by Stacey, who had briefly managed to take control over the Wife and had come to warned them about the Gibborim's intentions. However, before she could finish, the Wife retook control and attacked them with her beams of light. She began to wreak havoc in the cabin, resisting all of Dale's and Gert's assaults, until she was attacked from behind by Old Lace, who knocked her unconscious.

With the cabin no longer being a safe place, Gert and Old Lace left with Dale's car, while Dale was forced to flee on foot before the Wife regained consciousness.[2]