"I'm confident."

Yauch was an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve and Peggy Carter’s co-worker. He was forced to commit suicide by Johann Fennhoff.


Agent of the SSR

Yauch at a briefing with agent Ray Krzeminski

Agent Yauch was in attendance when Chief Roger Dooley had a meeting about the disappearance of Howard Stark and the possibility that he was a traitor.

When lead investigator Jack Thompson had a meeting about infiltrating La Martinique to see Spider Raymond, Yauch and Ray Krzeminski were the two agents chosen to accompany Thompson.

Yauch finding the corpse of Spider Raymond

The three agents found Raymond dead on the floor of his office.[1]

Unwanted Shift

Ray Krzeminski asked Agents Yauch and Butch Wallace if he could change his shift with one of them; there was a show he wanted to see, but he was assigned to work night-shift with Daniel Sousa. Yauch refused.

When all of the men of the agency were called to recover the inventions of Howard Stark from The Heartbreak, Yauch was there also.[2]

Stake Out

Agent Yauch was posted outside of Howard Stark's Penthouse after the death of Agent Ray Krzeminski. Peggy Carter noticed him there when she, Edwin Jarvis and Howard Stark attempted to go to the penthouse after escaping the subordinates of Otto Mink.[3]

Unhappy with the Job

"I'm tired of that straight Thompson pulling all the good cases."

Agent Yauch gave Jack Thompson the paperwork he requested; when Thompson thanked him but mispronounced his name, Yauch corrected him. The two then discussed that Chief Roger Dooley was spending more time than usual with the Soviet doctor Ivchenko; Thompson dismissed his fear and sent him to get coffee.

Later, Yauch reported to Dooley that the agents deployed from Washington, D.C. failed to capture Peggy Carter at the L&L Automat. Dooley told everyone there that they would be demoted to grade school hall monitors if Carter was not apprehended. Yauch was told to babysit Ivchenko while Dooley dealt with the Carter debacle. Yauch was not pleased.

Ivchenko and Yauch talked about Yauch's past and personality. He became intrigued by what the psychiatrist was saying; Ivchenko started to rub his ring and talked in a hypnotic tone. Eventually, Yauch drew a map of the New York Bell Company Office, showing Ivchenko where the inventions of Howard Stark were kept and how to exit the building undetected. Ivchenko then gave Yauch final instructions.[4]

Final Instructions

"I need you to step outside and do one...more...thing."

Doctor Ivchenko told Yauch to get his coat and hat and leave the New York Bell Company Office to attend his favorite bar. He told the agent to order a bourbon and savor his drink, enjoying its flavor. Ivchenko then told Yauch to walk in front of a fast moving truck. Yauch followed directions exactly and died in the process.[4]

Jack Thompson informed Roger Dooley of Agent Yauch's death as he and Ivchenko watched the interrogation of Peggy Carter. Ivchenko remarked that though he did not know the agent well, he thought that Yauch was a good man.[5]


Agent Yauch often felt than he was being ignored by his co-workers at the Strategic Scientific Reserve. He was desperate to prove himself, making him more easy for Victor Ivchenko to control him. He wanted to be noticed and thought himself as confident.


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