"I won't live forever, Yat-Sen."

Yat-Sen prepared young Inhumans for Terrigenesis.


"We prepared for this his whole life; readying him for whatever may come."

Yat-Sen prepared young potential Inhumans for Terrigenesis; in 1983, one was Gordon.

Yat-Sen accompanied Jiaying to check on Gordon fourteen hours after he experienced the transformation. He told her that Gordon was emotional and confused and, as they both saw, his power was still uncontrolled. Jiaying asked for time alone with the boy; Yat-Sen closed the door and returned to the observation booth.

Yat-Sen and Jiaying talked after Gordon was calmed. He admired her ability to calm the young after their transformations and her power of longevity to do that for so many generations of new Inhumans. Jiaying assured him that she was not immortal; in the future, there would have to be another to help the newly transformed.[1]


As an Inhuman, Yat-Sen has the genetic potential to gain superhuman powers after undergoing Terrigenesis.





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