"They don't go by "the Yardies" anymore."
"What are they called now?"
"Last I heard, they were going by "the Stylers." "No style pon we." It always changes."
Tomas Ciancio and Luke Cage[src]

The Yardies were a Jamaican criminal gang that operated in Crown Height, Brooklyn and Jamaica, Queens.


"They're old school. They fought Renkers and Spanglers and the Shower Posse for their share of the drug and gun market. By the time I got on the job, we'd dismantled most of the Yardies' leadership."
"So, you think they're inactive?"
"Far from it. Just quieter."
Tomas Ciancio and Misty Knight[src]

During their activity, Yardies fought with several gangs operated in New York City, such as Renkers, Spanglers, Reyes and Shower Posse for their share of the drug and gun market. Also, Yardies were responsible for destroying the Diablos gang and driving them out of Harlem. Multiple Yardies' leaders were arrested by NYPD but gang continued to operated. John McIver started work at Yardies from his childhood, raised his way up through the ranks and disappeared to many years.[1]

Yardies' leader Neville Barnwell who was one of Cottonmouth's customers was invited on a meeting in Colon's Gym by Shades. Alongside with leaders of other Harlem's criminal gangs, Barnwell listened Mariah Dillard who talked about new orders in their business. However, he was killed by Diamondback who came to the gym at meeting.[2]

After this, leadership of the Yardies passed to Barnwell's brother Nigel Garrison. Garrison came to the Harlem's Paradise to participate in the deal to buy Dillard's criminal activities. He said that using the weapons of Mariah, Yardies will maintain peace to uptown and Brooklyn and also to fight with Russian Mafia and Korean Mob. But deal was interrupted by Luke Cage and Garrison returned to his hideout.

At his hideout, Garrison met with Mciver who returned in the city to get back control of Harlem and call himself Bushmaster now. Bushmaster blamed him for his dealings with Mariah and said that previously he warned Barnwell about this. McIver brutally killed Garrison and defeated his bodyguards.[3] McIver took control of the Yardies and rebranded them as the "Stylers".[1]


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