"You know that drug lab you went in on with the Chinese? I just shut it down."
Luke Cage to Mariah Dillard[src]

Yangsi Gonshi Warehouse is a drug factory established by Yangsi Gonshi in order to produce Bushmaster.


With Mariah Dillard's help, Yangsi Gonshi established a drug factory at the warehouse in order to produce and distribute heroin named Bushmaster to discredit their common enemy. Bushmaster managed to follow Hai-Qing Yang to the warehouse to shut down their factory. He confronted with Yang and then he ordered his subordinates to attack McIver. As he went to fight the gang, he was unexpectedly assisted by Luke Cage. With their goals aligned, they both joined forces and fought against the Hatchet Men although Cage made sure that McIver did not kill anyone.

By combining their forces, Cage and Bushmaster successfully defeated all hostiles. Bushmaster decided to burn warehouse with heroin. However, Cage confronted him because he did not want the Hatchet Men's deaths and destruction of the drugs that could be used as evidence. Bushmaster managed to use explosive device and gave Cage a chance to leave before he destroyed the building, his adversary wouldn't let him. After briefly fighting, Bushmaster managed to fight Cage off and made his escape. Also, he managed to put device on Cage and it exploded but Cage contained the explosion.[1]



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