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"The Yang Clan Company. It's a front."
"For what?"
"The Hatchet Men. It's a criminal syndicate."
Danny Rand and Ward Meachum[src]

The Yangsi Gonshi (楊氏公司), also known as the Yang Clan Company, the Hatchet Gang, or Hatchet Men, is a Triad criminal organization based in New York City.


Triad Activity

"When I was twelve years old, I almost joined the Hatchets. My best friend was recruited. Seeing him in a casket kept me on the straight and narrow."
Albert to Danny Rand[src]

Under Hai-Qing Yang's leadership, Yangsi Gonshi became one of the most powerful Triads in New York City by selling heroin on the streets of Chinatown.[1] They had fought a war over other Triads within the city and recruited young men from the streets. However, mysterious criminal organization known as the Hand forced Yangsi Gonshi and other Triads to stop the war and held them at bay, in order to took over all heroin sales in the city.[2] Yang also made an arrangement with Raj Patel to use Red Hook Pier, which previously was owned by the Golden Tigers, as a front for their shipment business.[3]

Attack on Joy Meachum

Yangsi Gonshi kidnapping Joy Meachum

"Why did you send your men after Joy Meachum?"
"Why did your company steal our pier away from us?"
"We had a deal with the previous tenant. Joy Meachum broke that deal. We wanted words with her."
Danny Rand and Hai-Qing Yang[src]

However, Yang learned that pier was unexpectedly purchased by Rand Enterprises, Yang ordered his soldiers to kidnap Joy Meachum and brought her to him. They tracked her down to the Danny Rand's Penthouse and tried to drag her out. But Meachum managed to alert Danny Rand who encountered them. Yangsi Gonshi's members drew their hatchets and prepared to kill Rand. Using his fighting skills and Chi, Rand successfully defeated all Hatchet Men and saved Meachum. Attackers decided to run away empty handed and Rand had overheard the thugs speaking in Mandarin about retreating back to the Golden Sands before they had then desperately fled away from Rand.

Hai-Qing Yang first meeting Danny Rand

Eventually, Rand learned about Golden Sands from Colleen Wing and paid a visit to Hai-Qing Yang. Rand then questioned Yang over his motives as Yang had replied that he wished to construct his new deal for the pier, noting that they once had an arrangement with the previous tenant which Meachum had broken. Rand warned Yang to never come near Meachum ever again before Yang then questioned why Rand Enterprises wanted to keep the pier. When Yang questioned who would be powerful enough to force an organization like Rand to do anything they did not want to do, Rand answered that the Hand, who had forced them to purchase it. Reacting with horror, Yang claimed that they had no idea that the Hand was involved and sent his apologies to Meachum before walking away.

The Yangsi Gonshi are attacked by the Hand

Later, Yangsi Gonshi was visited by Harold Meachum and a team of Hand ninjas who surrounded them. Meachum then demanded to know who was the man who had hit Joy, at which point only one of the men stepped forward. With that Meachum stood before the man, who grabbed who axes to defend himself but was not fast enough to stop Meachum from plunging his sword into his skull, killing him instantly. With that, Meachum and the others left the Golden Sands without another word.[3]

Fighting the Hand

Hai-Qing Yang meeting with the Iron Fist

"They've taken your pier. Butchered your men. They've given you two choices, serve or die. I'm here to give you a third."
Danny Rand to Hai-Qing Yang[src]

While they continued their conflict with the Hand, Yangsi Gonshi was visited by Danny Rand and Colleen Wing in order to join forces with them to destroy Hand's heroin operation by taken out their drug lab within Brooklyn. Rand claimed that he had heard Madame Gao's plans for Yang, noting that if they did nothing, then they would all be slaughtered by the Hand by the end of the week.

Yangsi Gonshi attacks the Hand's facility

Yang accepted this, arming his men with guns as they agreed to finally strike back against Hand. Arriving inside their warehouse, they accessed an elevator and traveled into the kitchen, shutting the power and quickly sweeping Gao's men out while Yang watched the violence unfolding before him, satisfied with their victory.[4]

Deal with Ward Meachum

Yang was later visited by Ward Meachum in the Golden Sands, who had come to ask about the Hand, noting how he had been informed by Danny Rand that Yangsi Gonshi had previously had some experience with the Hand and knew what they were capable of. Meachum told Yang to name his price in order to give up valuable information about the Hand, although Yang had still claimed that no amount of money could buy any of the answers he was looking for.[5]

Activity in Harlem

Hai-Qing Yang meeting with Mariah Dillard

"You're the gun lady of Harlem. Why the sudden interest in the dope game?"
"Guns are great. They maintain the peace. But heroin. Everybody's on it now. That's true currency."
"I couldn't agree with you more. But that's our business."
Hai-Qing Yang and Mariah Dillard[src]

Following Madame Gao's failure, Yangsi Gonshi took back the control of the heroin business. Hai-Qing Yang was invited into Harlem's Paradise in order to meet with Mariah Dillard, as she had wanted to get involved with his heroin business. Dillard proposed that they come to an agreement which could benefit them both in the long run, claiming that she would be willing to allow the heroin trade from Chinatown to run through Harlem. Yang was surprised because he knew about Stokes Crime Family's creed to not to deal with drugs but agreed her offer.[1]

As part of their plan, Yang established drug lab in the warehouse at Harlem to product heroin which was marked with Bushmaster's name in order to force him out of hiding. While Yang had personally visited the warehouse, he was given the heroin to inspect until Bushmaster came out from the shadows and confronted Yang.

Yangsi Gonshi shoots at Luke Cage

With Bushmaster now exposed, members of the Yangsi Gonshi surrounded him, grabbing their guns as they prepared to gun him down and then Yang ordered to shoot. However, just before they began firing, Luke Cage appeared to assist Bushmaster. Yang left warehouse while Bushmaster and Cage had joined forces to battle against all of Hatchet Men, eventually coming out victorious from their fight. Bushmaster tried to use Hammer Industries Explosive Charge to burn heroin with Hatchets but Cage stopped him.[6]

Triad War

Attacked by Golden Tigers

Following Hand's disappearance, the Golden Tigers decided to defeat the Yangsi Gonshi and take control of the Red Hook Pier and the shipments that went through there. One night, Hai-Qing Yang sent an armored truck to move their funds to another location. However, they were ambushed by Golden Tigers who entered their territory. They quickly killed all Hatchet Men, including Yang's nephew and took the car. Before they could hijack the truck, they were attacked by Iron Fist.[2]

Hai-Qing Yang making his deal with Davos

Yang eventually made a deal with Davos, who had requested the help of the Yangsi Gonshi with transporting a container over to New York City, paying Yang a large sum of money. However, Yang informed him that the price of passage had gone up as a result of the war with Tigers. Davos said he would discuss this with Joy Meachum. Before leaving, he showed off his strength by brutally killing two of Yang's men before warning that if he ever went back on his word again, then Davos would make Yang suffer.[2]

Talks of Peace

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Hunting by Davos

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