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"The Yakuza are a powerful organization with powerful enemies."
Matt Murdock to Elektra[src]

The Yakuza (ヤクザ) is an international organized criminal organization originating from Japan.


Ties with Noriko Sato

"Ran circles around every agent we sent in to interrogate her. We had no indication she was gifted. Family's got ties to the Yakuza, though."
John Garrett[src]

Noriko Sato, as well as her family, had ties to the Yakuza. Due to Sato's connection with the Yakuza and her possible psychic powers, she triggered the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D., however, she was rejected from the Index.[1]

The Hand's Disguise

"I drove them out of New York once before."
"Oh, no, you didn't. The Yakuza never left. They just hibernated and watched you take out all of their enemies. Now, New York is ripe for the taking, and they plan on getting to the top of the hill first."
Matt Murdock and Elektra[src]

Upon Murakami's orders, Nobu Yoshioka led the Hand members in New York City, disguised as the Yakuza. Under the Yakuza disguise, the Hand cooperated with Wilson Fisk and his criminal organization[2], and infiltrated into the Roxxon Corporation.[3]

Attacked by Scythe

Several Yakuza members attended the karaoke room where they were attacked and brutally massacred by Scythe. Performing a karaoke version of A-ha's "Take On Me," Scythe then strangled the last Yakuza member with the microphone cord.[4]

Attacked by Ronin

Ronin fighting against Akihiko

"てめえなぜこんなことをする? 俺たちはてめえに何もしてねえだろ!"[5]
Akihiko and Ronin[src]

In 2023, one Yakuza faction, which survived the Snap, were tracked by Ronin in Japan. In Tokyo, Ronin eliminated multiple Yakuza members, despite the great numbers and rapid gunfire. As all hostiles were killed, Ronin made his way to Akihiko, as the two then drew swords and began to fight. Ronin was able to cut Akihiko twice, causing him to beg for his life, however, Ronin ignored his cries for mercy and then finished off Akihiko.[7]


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