"Today, at the Yakatomi Building, I infiltrated Asano, the Japanese branch of Roxxon, and I planted a little bug to crash their system."
Elektra to Matt Murdock[src]

Yakatomi Building is a facility owned by Roxxon Corporation and their subsidiary, Asano Robotics. The building is located in New York City.


Meeting with Asano

Roxxon Corporation organized meeting with Elektra Natchios at the Yakatomi Building to discuss her father's investments. Matt Murdock went to the building and snuck up on the rooftops to listen to them. Upon arriving at the meeting, Elektra met by Hirochi who introduced her to Stan Gibson. Elektra glimpsed Murdock on the rooftop and continued the meeting.

Elektra meeting Roxxon

Elektra begins her meeting with Roxxon Corporation

Elektra wanted to know about Roxxon's subsidiary and Gibson explained that this is a medical research facility. While they talking, Elektra used a hacking device to turn Asano Robotics' servers offline. Then security office learned about hacking. While they informed Hirochi and Gibson, Elektra shut off the device. She was then escorted back downstairs in a hurry by Hirochi. As the members began to reschedule their meeting with Elektra, Murdock left.[1]

Infiltration into the Yakatomi Building

Hirochi Murdock

Hirochi welcomes Elektra to the party

"And according to my intel, every employee carries a key card that grants them access to their secret floor in the Yakatomi Building. What sets our friend Stan apart is that he's just an accountant. Zero fighting chops."
Elektra to Matt Murdock[src]

Roxxon Corporation organized the gala in the Yakatomi Building. Elektra planned an infiltration at the gala to steal a key card from Stan Gibson and enter a secret room. She informed Matt Murdock about her plan and they went to the building. Upon arriving at the gala they were greeted by Hirochi. They finally located Gibson, but when Elektra was about to steal the key, Murdock stopped her, noting that Roxxon's security watching. Murdock decided to act differently. He spilled some wine on Gibson's suit, which forced Gibson to walk to the men's room to clean up. Murdock followed him, turn lights off, and attacked Gibson with his bodyguards, knocking them out and stealing his key card. He went back to Elektra and they both went to the thirteenth floor.


Elektra and Matt Murdock at the gala

Elektra used a device to hack into the security camera and cover up their movements. Murdock, however, could hear several security guards walking through the hallways so together they hid through the building to stay out of sight for as long as was possible, using Murdock's enhanced senses to their advantage. Murdock and Elektra went past security and got to the secure room. Murdock used his abilities to crack a safe, however, the ledger was not inside. Then, Murdock located a secret room and Elektra found a way to open it. Finally, they found the ledger. However, the building went on lockdown because Hirochi found unconscious Gibson. As they left, they fought the security that got in their way. Once they hit a room on the 11th floor, they pretended to be a couple looking for a private room. The security guards saw that Murdock was blind and allowed both of them to leave.

Theft of ledger then was discovered and Hirochi called Gibson into his office and accused him of being involved with the theft, which Gibson denied. Hirochi had Gibson's bodyguards executed while Gibson insisted he would never betray the Yakuza, although Hirochi noted he was not Yakuza before allowing Gibson to live, knowing that his fear would keep him loyal to them.[2]

Seeking for Information

Daredevil Gibson Threat

Daredevil threatening Stan Gibson

In the Yakatomi Building parking lot, Daredevil located Stan Gibson, taking out his bodyguards. Having knocked out and subdued his guards with ease, Daredevil revealed to Gibson that he found out that the Hand had infiltrated the Roxxon Corporation and told Gibson to tell him what they are doing. Gibson revealed that the Hand was keeping his son, Daniel Gibson, hostage. Gibson revealed that the Hand had a heavily guarded facility that they called the Farm.[3]


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