Xerxes is the newborn son of Darius Davis and Tamar.


Born Without Father

Xerxes was born to Tamar and Darius Davis, although he never got the chance to know his father, who had been murdered by Catherine Wilder only days before he was born. Xerxes knew the danger in his very first days of existence, as an attack orchestrated by AWOL struck the hospital at the moment he was being taken home by his mother. In the aftermath of the attack, Xerxes was comforted by his mother and later taken to his grandmother's home.[4]

Although he was mostly unaware of all the power struggles between his mother, the Wilders, and AWOL, Xerxes kept being in danger. He was forcefully taken from his mother's arms by Mitch when the LAPD strike team led by AWOL attempted to intimidate Livvie who they had kidnapped.[5]







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