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Xavin is a member of the Xartan military that traveled to Earth aboard a Gibborim spaceship. Although she remained trapped for centuries after the spaceship crashed, she managed to escape in the aftermath of the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site. Believing to be the subject of a prophecy that united two worlds and promised peace for the universe, Xavin approached Karolina Dean and introduced herself to her as her betrothed. She was allowed by the Runaways to remain in their hideout, the Hostel, although they were bewildered by her persistent belief to be Dean's betrothed. Xavin assisted Dean during the Chase of the Runaways, but failed to prevent her capture by the Magistrate, who had possessed Victor Stein, and revealed to the Runaways that they were up against a whole family of powerful extraterrestrial beings. She then helped the remaining free Runaways to rescue their teammates, offering them guidance to identify the possible traitor among them. Xavin also witnessed the birth of Elle Dean, and realized that the love mentioned in the prophecy she believed in could apply to a mother and her daughter. With the blessing from Leslie Dean, Xartan adopted her and brought her back to her homeworld using a platform built by the Gibborim.



"I am also an orphan. My mother gave me up early in my existence. Xartans don't have the same aging process, but you would call it a baby."
―Xavin to Molly Hernandez[src]

During her infancy, Xavin was abandoned by her mother. Her father went to prison, and she became a soldier, and she was trained to avoid showing feelings.[5]

Quest to Destiny

"No one knows the origins of this story. It passed down through the generations until it was just a thing that is known. A truth. A prophecy. And at some point, the story is heard by someone who comes to believe that the story is about them. Are they crazy to believe? Or would it be crazy not to?"

Millennia ago, Xavin heard a prophecy of two beings from different worlds who, through their marriage, would bring peace to the universe. Xavin became convinced that the prophecy was about her and went on a quest to find her soulmate. To that end, she stowed away on a spaceship crewed by a family of exiled Gibborim nobility. Xavin was eventually discovered by the Gibborim, however, and forced to steer the spaceship.

The ship eventually crashed on Earth in prehistoric California, where Xavin and most of the other passengers remained trapped for 11,000 years.[1]

Eventually though, Xavin was telepathically contacted by Jonah, who instructed her to prepare the spaceship for takeoff. Xavin obeyed, unaware of the struggle that occurred above between Jonah, PRIDE and the Runaways. The spaceship ended up destroyed because of PRIDE, but Xavin survived the explosion and managed to escape from the PRIDE Construction Site.[6]

Meeting the Runaways

"I'm Xavin, and I've waited my entire life to be here with you. Longer than you can imagine. I've been watching you and your friends, trying to figure out a way to make you understand what I really am."
―Xavin to Karolina Dean[src]

Xavin was on the streets of Los Angeles as an elderly homeless lady. After seeing a black young woman, Xavin changed her appearance. Later, she looked at a poster of Frank, Leslie and Karolina Dean promoting the Church of Gibborim.

While the Runaways were shopping for Molly Hernandez's fifteenth birthday party, Karolina was approached by Xavin, who introduced herself and revealed to have been looking for her. She touched Karolina and disappeared, leaving Karolina wondering where she went.[7]

Confrontation with the Gibborim

"You have a nasty habit of inserting yourself where you're not welcome."
Magistrate to Xavin[src]

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"Nothing will keep me from my destiny, Magistrate."
―Xavin to the Magistrate[src]

Due to her extraterrestrial nature, Xavin could be difficult to interact with for anyone who was not used to her. Indeed, her training as a soldier taught her to suppress all forms of emotion, resulting in her hardly displaying any, be it joy, disgust, anger, surprise, sadness or fear. As such, she usually appeared extremely calm and cold-headed. She also failed to understand some notions of social interactions such as sarcasm or dark humor, and did not understand the point of having dreams while sleeping, calling them simple "night illusions". Even though she called Karolina Dean her betrothed, the love she claimed to feel actually only stemmed from Xavin's belief in a prophecy, and she did not actually feel genuine love for Dean, which Molly Hernandez noticed. The realization of this mistake actually caused Xavin to feel sad and cry for the first time. Only after Elle Dean was born did Xavin truly experience love towards the baby and accepted to raise her as her own child, claiming that she felt in her heart that it was the right decision. Xavin also proved to be extremely stubborn, believing in the prophecy no matter what happened. She was also adamant that the Runaways should be ready to kill whoever was a host to the Magistrate's Son, although she later apologized to Nico Minoru for believing that it was her, thus showing her ability to acknowledge her mistakes.

Powers and Abilities


"Am I really this small?"
"Exact duplicate."
Nico Minoru and Xavin[src]
  • Xartan Physiology: As a Xartan, Xavin has various superhuman attributes.
    • Shapeshifting: Xavin is able to rapidly change her appearance at will. Over the course of her time with the Runaways, she notably took the appearances of Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes, Nico Minoru, Mike on a Bike, Tina Minoru and Victor Stein.
      • Invisibility: Xavin's shapeshifting abilities also allow her to perfectly camouflage with her environment, rendering her invisible.
    • Telepathy: Xavin is able to hear thoughts. By touching the head of another being, Xavin can also transmit thoughts and images in a form understandable to the subject, as demonstrated when she told her story to Karolina.
    • Longevity: Xavin was able to survive in the crashed ship for about 11,000 years, though it is not known if this is to due to her inborn abilities, or if the ship itself trapped her and the other passengers in a type of suspended animation.


"I'm a certified interstellar galactic pilot."
―Xavin to Molly Hernandez[src]
  • Expert Pilot: As a trained soldier, Xavin received a training in piloting spacecrafts, a skill she used when forced to steer the Magistrate's Ship by the Gibborim. However, due to being unaccustomed to Earth's systems, she could be taken aback by the driving of a simple terrestrial car.


Other Equipment


"A believer stowed away on a ship that carried a family of exiled Royal Magistrates at the center of the prophecy."
―Xavin to Karolina Dean[src]
"I think I can handle a tiny rolling vessel."
―Xavin to Molly Hernandez[src]
  • Mercedez-Benz G550: Xavin attempted to drive this car while impersonating Tina Minoru. However, due to the controls being very different from the spaceships she was used to, Xavin agreed to let Molly Hernandez drive it instead.


"It is a noble endeavor to guard the Holy Mother and the Haven."
  • Hostel: Having tracked down Karolina Dean, who she thought to be her betrothed, Xavin sneaked into the Hostel and observed the Runaways before introducing herself to Dean by taking the appearance of Gert Yorkes. Despite her arrival being a source of bewilderment to the Runaways, Xavin was allowed to remain in the Hostel until they figured out what role she could play.






Appearances for Xavin

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  • In the comics, Prince Xavin is a member of the Skrull race who uses they/them pronouns and marries Karolina Dean in order to promote peace between the Skrulls and Majesdanians.
  • Xavin is the first character identified as genderfluid in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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