The Xartans are an extraterrestrial race that are capable of shapeshifting.


"Aliens with fairy tale fixations"
Nico Minoru[src]

The Xartans are a race who believes in a prophecy of unknown origin, passed down through the generations, about uniting two worlds and bringing peace for the Universe. A Xartan named Xavin became a believer of this story and stowed away on a spaceship that carried a family of exiled Gibborim. When the ship crashed on the surface of the planet Earth, Xavin was trapped for centuries until she finally escaped. Determined to fulfill the prophecy told by her people, Xavin introduced herself to Karolina Dean as her betrothed.[1]

Characteristic Traits

"Still getting used to having a mouth."
Xavin to Leslie Dean[src]

In their true form, the Xartans do not have a mouth unlike the humans and many other sentient species. They are able to shapeshift into other beings.

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  • In the comics, the Xartans were created by Celestials and became the dominant species of Xarta.


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