"Is that my desk?"
"What? Why do I have such a small desk?"
"'Cause you weren't there when choosing desk."
"You snooze, you lose."
Scott Lang, Luis, and Kurt[src]

X-Con Security Consultants Office is the security office from which was founded by former criminals, Scott Lang, Luis, Dave, and Kurt based their building, X-Con Security Consultants.


The building was the main facility for X-Con Security Consultants, the company founded by Scott Lang and his friends providing security solutions. When they moved into the building, due to Lang being on house arrest, he did not get the chance to pick his desk, thus ending up with the smallest table of the office.

Lang, Hank Pym and Hope van Dyne went to the office after the Mobile Laboratory was stolen by Ghost to discuss a possible way to reclaim it. Despite the constant bickering among the X-Con staff regarding the need to save money, Pym was able to figure out that they might get help from Bill Foster.

Later, while Luis prepared to leave the office while Kurt and Dave were rehearsing for an interview with Karapetyan, the office was infiltrated by Sonny Burch and his men, who were looking for information regarding the Mobile Laboratory's whereabouts. Luis was thus submitted to Uzman's truth serum, and eventually disclosed the location of the laboratory to Ghost, who had also broken into the office much to the other men's horror.

Lang, Luis, Kurt and Dave later celebrated the successful deal with Karapetyan in the office.[1]


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