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"Wow, Dr. Pym... like, who would've thought that, once again, in your hour of need... that you would turn to us, you know?"
Luis to Hank Pym[src]

X-Con Security Consultants is a security company founded by Scott Lang.


"I was trying to be a good boss. But we're broke. And the Karapetyans are our last hope, and if we don't show up, we're done!"
"That's terrible bossing."
Luis and Kurt Goreshter[src]

Abandoning his criminal lifestyle, Scott Lang and Luis decided to start their own legal business, together with Kurt Goreshter and Dave. They founded X-Con Security Consultants in San Francisco, specializing in security systems and devices. While Lang was placed on house arrest by the FBI, Luis had to temporarily run the company by himself. However, the company was close to being shut down and Luis decided to keep it a secret.

X-Con Security Consultants was contacted by Karapetyan who requested security systems for his apartment. That contract was the only hope for the company, so Luis put himself in a difficult situation.

Ant-Man and the Wasp 69.jpg

While chasing Ghost who kidnapped the Mobile Laboratory, Lang, Hank Pym, and Hope van Dyne briefly stopped at the X-Con Security Consultants Office. Luis noticed that Kurt and Dave spent a lot of money on food which was a bad decision, considering their situation. While checking the blueprint of security systems for Karapetyan, Luis noticed an issue that needed to be fixed, so he called Lang and asked him to deal with it. Lang replied that he cannot make it, so he asked Luis to arrive at Muir Woods with the blueprints.

However, Luis, Kurt, Dave were confronted by Sonny Burch who took them hostage and used Uzman's Truth Serum to find out where Lang was. Luis accidentally blabbed that the company is going to be out of business, much to Kurt and Dave's anger.

X-Con cheering.png

Fortunately, since Luis, Kurt, Dave helped the San Francisco Police Department with the arrest of Burch, Karapetyan offered X-Con Security Consultants business cooperation, which Luis enthusiastically accepted.[1]


  • In the comics, Ant-Man Security Solutions was a security company founded by Scott Lang and a group of reformed super-villains in Miami.


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