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"Legend speaks of a mountain with the wretched spells you seek carved into its walls. It's there the Darkhold was transcribed. Mount Wundagore."
Wong and Scarlet Witch[src]

Wundagore Mountain, or Mount Wundagore, is an ancestral mountain surrounded by dark magic and witchcraft. Atop of this mountain was the Darkhold Castle, before it was destroyed by the Scarlet Witch.


Ancient History

Storing the Darkhold

In ancient times, worshipers of the Scarlet Witch built a castle for her on top of Wundagore Mountain. Chthon, a demonic entity, carved his demonic spells on the walls of this castle, eventually. He also tasked the Knights of Wundagore to protect the castle from trespassers.[1]

Scarlet Witch's War

Journey to Darkhold Castle

"You couldn't portal us up there?”
“My magic can only take us so far. The Masters of the Mystic Arts weren't supposed to practice magic on the forbidden grounds of Wundagore."
Scarlet Witch and Wong[src]

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Battle at the Darkhold Castle

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Destruction of the Darkhold Castle

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