The Wristbow is a weapon used by Clint Barton during a security exercise to test the safety of the Helicarrier. Barton would attach a newer model to his costume when he reunited with the Avengers in 2023 to retrieve the Infinity Stones and fight against Thanos' army.


Security Check

Clint Barton infiltrated the Helicarrier as part of a security exercise, where he had to try to download a file containing an assessment about the candidates to the Avengers Initiative.

Agent Natasha Romanoff had to try to prevent the infiltration, and fought against Barton in the archive room. Barton attacked Romanoff with the wristbow, but was able to deflect the arrow and retaliate using the Black Widow's Bite, a weapon specially designed for her that emitted an electrical discharge. However, her weapon malfunctioned after the first shot and she had to discard it.[1]

Time Heist

In 2023, Barton, who had gone on a mission to kill criminals after his family died to the Snap, reunited with the Avengers to attempt to bring everyone back with the Infinity Stones. Barton returned to his former guise, using a bow and arrow again as well as still using his sword, but had equipped himself with a new wristbow on his left arm.

Hawkeye battling Thanos' army

When the Avengers were successful in gathering the stones and reversing the Snap, they were attacked by Thanos, causing Hawkeye to find himself in the underground tunnels of the New Avengers Facility. He was then overrun by Outriders, who he managed to evade by blowing them up and then firing a grapple from the Wrsitbow to escape upwards. Hawkeye later joined the Battle of Earth where he used the wristbow to make his way through Thanos' army, as he only had one hand free due to protecting the Nano Gauntlet.[2]


The wristbow is a small wrist-mounted weapon, worn on Barton's left arm, that stores seven miniature arrows: three on either side and one in the center already drawn, ready for quick fire. Once fired, another arrow moves into the center via a rotating mechanism similar to Barton's quiver. The wristbow is similar to a crossbow, consisting of a horizontal prod and a locking mechanism to maintain the draw. A shot can then be taken via depressing the trigger, which fires the arrow at a draw force greater than a regular bow. It also has a flashlight attached to it to illuminate dark areas and help see his target.


  • Conventional: The wristbow contains several miniature arrows stored around Barton's wrist for easy and rapid use.
  • Grappling Hook: The wristbow also contains a grappling hook arrow to support Barton's weight and scale him upwards once attached to his body.


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