"Adam Cross, single, no kids, originally from Wrigley, Pennsylvania, not far from here."
Skye to Phil Coulson[src]

Wrigley is a town in the state of Pennsylvania.


Strawberry Festival

"They have a nice little strawberry festival in the spring."
Phil Coulson to Skye[src]

Phil Coulson visited the town of Wrigley in order to attend the strawberry festival that is celebrated during the spring. Coulson had a great time in the town, fondly remembering the festival when he had to return during a mission with S.H.I.E.L.D..[1]

Volunteer Firefighters

"Skye, what did you find out about the firehouse?"
"It turns out they sent an engine to New York with a dozen volunteers after the Chitauri invasion, including Cross and Whalen."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

One of the firehouses in Wrigley sent an engine team with a dozen volunteers to New York City in order to help in the aftermath of the Chitauri invasion. Adam Cross, Frank Whalen and Tony Diaz, three of these volunteers, found a Chitauri Helmet, and decided to keep it as a souvenir.[1]

Camp Night

"Troop Leader's name was Adam Cross. Apparently he said he heard something in the woods, went to check it out. That's where the electrostatic anomaly occurred."
Phil Coulson to his team[src]

Adam Cross, troop leader of a group of boy scouts, went camping at the outskirts of Wrigley with with Justin and a group of five scouts. Justin was telling horror stories to the rest of the campers around the fire. Cross jokingly tried to mimic the cry of the man in the story, provoking the laughter of the scouts. Cross started to hear a strange humming noise that none else could hear, and went to check the campground, while Justin stayed with the rest of the scouts, telling them that Cross was only trying to scare them.

A mug started to levitate and emit an electric crackle scaring the scouts, and Cross was heard screaming. Justin ordered the scouts to hide inside their truck, and a pulse of electricity erupted, with a lightning striking the battery of the car and making it jump a few meters. Justin and the rest of the scouts started searching Cross, and found his corpse levitating above the air with electricity crackling through his body, scaring the scouts.[1]

Camp Site Investigation

"Any idea what could cause an effect like this?"
"The hell if I know."
"Uh, no, no clue."
Seems to me like we're either dealing with some freak natural event or a new high tech weapon."
Phil Coulson, Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz and Grant Ward[src]

Phil Coulson and his team were tasked to investigate the death of Adam Cross, knowing that it was linked to an electrostatic anomaly, although Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons found the event strange, given that those kind of anomalies are usually caused by massive electrical storms and there was no storm near Wrigley. Melinda May and Grant Ward checked the battery of the truck, that blew up through the hood of the truck and landed at a considerable distance, showing the kind of force needed to create that trajectory.

Skye wondered why they were called to investigate what she thought to be a strange natural phenomenon, but she came across Adam Cross' corpse, levitating and with electricity crackling through his body. Coulson asked Fitz and Simmons if they had any theory about what could have caused an effect like that, but Ward theorized it could be either a natural event or a high-technology weapon, although Skye pointed that a person with powers, like the ones listed on the Index, although May told her that none on the Index with that type of power. To make sure, Coulson intended to contact agent Felix Blake to check all the alternatives.


Jemma Simmons is infected from a corpse

Simmons noticed a wound in Cross' forehead, similar to the strike on the truck, and approached to examine it. Electricity crackled and the corpse fell to the ground as, unbeknownst to everyone at that time, Simmons had been infected with the same Chitauri Virus that killed Cross.[1]

Frank Whalen's Farmhouse

"The guy who owns the farm's name is Frank Whalen. He's a volunteer firefighter at the same station house as our first victim, Adam Cross."
"Our two victims knew each other."
"They were both responders when the aliens crashed New York."
Skye and Grant Ward[src]
Leo Fitz detected another electrostatic event similar to the one that killed Adam Cross while his team was studying Cross' corpse and the cause of his death. Phil Coulson, Grant Ward and Melinda May rushed to the point of origin of the event, that Skye discovered to be a farmhouse right at the center of the signal. Before they could arrive, the electrostatic signal emitted a pulse and then disappeared.

The three agents found the barn of the farmhouse closed from the inside and another levitating corpse, that of Frank Whalen, owner of the farm and fellow volunteer firefighter of the first victim, Adam Cross. Ward went to check the perimeter to see if the responsible of Whalen's death was nearby, and Coulson ordered Skye to check the satellites above the area, but first she send Coulson information about the relationship between Cross and Whalen, as they both attended New York City to help after the alien invasion.

Fitz analyzed Whalen's corpse with one of the D.W.A.R.F.s, causing the same reaction that occured when Jemma Simmons approached Cross' corpse. Simmons theorized that the wounds that were present in the foreheads of both firemen were an important clue.[1]

Wrigley Firehouse

"Evening, gentlemen. Agent Phil Coulson with S.H.I.E.L.D.. We were on the ground with you in New York."
Phil Coulson[src]

Phil Coulson, Grant Ward and Melinda May went to investigate the firehouse in Wrigley where Adam Cross and Frank Whalen worked as volunteer firefighters. Coulson introduced himself as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and informed the firefighters of Whalen's death. Coulson noticed that one of the firefighters, Tony Diaz, had a strange behavior. At the same moment, Skye detected another electrostatic event right at the firehouse, and Diaz started hearing the same humming noise that Cross described to his scout troops.

Chitauri helmet

Chitauri Helmet

Seeing a frying pan levitate, Coulson took his gun and ordered Diaz to stop whatever he was doing, thinking that Diaz was using the Chitauri Helmet that May discovered in the firehouse as a weapon. Diaz explained that nobody touched the helmet until they cleaned the rust it had a few days before Cross' death.

Jemma Simmons quickly deduced that the helmet was not a weapon, and the responsible for the deaths was a Chitauri Virus contained in the helmet. Realizing that Diaz was about to die, Coulson ordered Ward and May to clear everybody out of the building, while he stayed behind to comfort Diaz, confessing him that he died, but what he saw after was beautiful. Diaz, not wanting Coulson to die by his fault, asked him to leave. Coulson, with a serious countenance, watched the electric pulse that killed Diaz, having been unable to prevent his death.

The following morning, Leo Fitz analyzed Coulson, May and Ward to determine if they were infected by the virus, but he found no traces of electrostatic energy. Coulson and his team was tasked to take the Chitauri Helmet to the Sandbox, a S.H.I.E.L.D. research facility across the Atlantic, and Coulson asked Simmons to find a cure for the virus in case the firefighters were infected.[1]



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