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"What kind of lawyer are you?"
"This case you took, it's leading you toward something truly sinister."
Matt Murdock and Jessica Jones

Worst Behavior is the third episode of the first season of The Defenders.


Elektra's secrets are revealed. Danny changes his tactics. Matt gives Jessica some legal advice. Luke searches for the White Hat.


Months ago, Alexandra Reid dined in a restaurant alone when Kadir served Reid a meal cooked by his wife. Upon consumption, Reid praised the food, saying that it was better than any she had eaten in Constantinople; Kadir corrected her, stating that she meant Istanbul. Taking a sip of her wine, she is visited by Sowande, whom informed her that they managed to collect the corpse of the Black Sky.

Elektra being resurrected by Alexandra Reid

In an undisclosed location, they carried her body to a table, having Reid verify it was the vessel she had hoped to have. Placing her in the coffin, members of the Hand crafted the Resurrection Elixir and poured it into the sarcophagus. Moments later, Reid and henchmen witnessed as Elektra lifted the cover and emerged from the substance, heaving as she took in her first breath upon her resurrection. She emerged from the sarcophagus, sticky and unable to sustain her balance. When Reid approached her, Elektra attacked, alarming the henchmen. Commanding them to stand down, Reid continued to approach the Black Sky, reassuring her that she would be okay. When she attacked again, Elektra was countered and pinned before Reid cradled her until she was calm.

Some time passed; Elektra was fed, while Reid sat across from her, reassuring Elektra that she will soon regain her ability to speak and her ability to fight. Later, Reid presented her with an array of bladed weapons for the Black Sky to choose from, reminding her that regardless of her choice, she was the true weapon. With time, Elektra trained and progressed rapidly in her martial arts; Reid proclaimed that Elektra was ready and witnessed her take down a series of henchmen without visibility. Impressed, Reid gifted her with a cloak and commanded that she serve life itself.

Alexandra Reid and Elektra threatening Stick

Present-day in an abandoned warehouse, Reid interrogated Stick on the location of the Iron Fist. After insulting her on her declining health, she slapped him and revealed that she had resurrected and trained Elektra to work for her. Despite his advances to persuade the Black Sky to release him, both women pinned their swords against his body. Left with little choice, Stick pushed them away, took ahold of one of their blades, and slashed his right hand. In the sway of darkness, he bolted for the ventilation shaft high above the wall and escaped.

In the 29th Precinct Police Station, Matt Murdock introduced himself to Jessica Jones. When she commented that she was not going to pay him for representing her, Murdock assured her that he was working pro-bono and attempted to joke about being a sucker for hopeless causes. He also informed Jones that she did not need a lawyer because there was nothing that the police had on her that warranted an arrest. Though he became curious of her, having reviewed her record, Murdock mentioned the case involving Kilgrave, and Jones quickly withdrew, telling him that her case had nothing to do with him. Leaving the station, Murdock eavesdropped on Jones's conversation with Malcolm Ducasse.

Luke Cage returned to Soledad Temple's Apartment, greeted by Claire Temple. Collecting a cloth of ice and pressing it against his cheek, Cage informed Temple that the night prior, he had encountered "some kid with this fist." Prompted, she told him that there was someone he needed to meet. With Colleen Wing's help, they introduced Cage and Danny Rand to one another, initially upset and distraught over seeing one another once more. The two are left alone by Temple and Wing to speak amongst each other and find their middle ground.

Meanwhile, Jones visited Raymond Residence and informed a tearful Michelle Raymond of her husband's passing. She continued that she would like to continue to investigate deeper into the case. As relatives knocked and entered, Jones took note of an award Raymond had from Duncan + Dotter Design. On her way out, Jones asked Lexi Raymond to tell her mother that she had let herself out. As she left on foot, the investigator sensed someone was trailing her, making an effort to lose them. Revealed to be Murdock, he followed Jones' footsteps until they disappeared. He then ended up being trailed by his client Jones into the alleyway, where she witnessed and photographed him climbing the fire escape. She then answered her phone under the alias "Anna Asher" for her appointment with an architect.

Cage and Rand managed to converse on friendlier terms; Rand shared the story in which he received the Iron Fist from an immortal dragon, which Cage could not believe. Though Wing and Temple assumed things were going well, Cage and Rand's conversation soon turned sour. Directing their topic on their whereabouts in Chinatown, Cage criticized Rand's method of attacking the Hand, citing that Cole Miller was only there to make money. Rand, however, saw him as another contribution to the organization's mission. Both back on separate terms, Cage left the dojo and visited Miller in jail.

As he tried to probe into Miller's job, Miller continued to push Cage away from the situation. When Cage mentioned White Hat and the Hand, Miller requested that he purchased scratch-off lottery tickets for his mother before he retreated to his cell. Meanwhile, Rand and Wing conversed over what Cage had told him. Though Wing tried to comfort him in saying that he knew little about the threat they were facing, Rand cited that a true warrior used every weapon he possesses in his disposal, deciding to call an accountant at Rand Enterprises.

Arriving at the office, the duo spoke with an accountant on the financial whereabouts of the Hand. Though she became hesitant, she began cross-referencing and discovered that they had moved fundings into a business known by the name Midland Circle Financial. The accountant provided them an address.

Continuing under the alias of Anna Asher, Jones spoke with an architect at Duncan + Dotter Design. She informed him that she wished for an office building that was ahead of other businesses and asked him if she could see any recent projects. The architect showed Jones Midland Circle, constructed by former architect John Raymond. As the architect stepped out, Jones snapped pictures of the projection and left the offices.

Cage visited Dolores Miller at her apartment. She praised him for saving her life nights ago and welcomed him inside. Miller talked to Cage about her children, still grieving over the deaths of Candace Miller and Sean Miller, and mentioned that Cole had always gifted her with lottery tickets since elementary days. After mentioning keeping a box of them on a shelf, Miller answered her phone. Cage sought the box and learned of the business Midland Circle Financial. He, soon, turned to Miller, who learned that her remaining child was found dead in his cell. She was cradled by Cage, as she wailed and cried.

At Chikara, Wing is surprised by the visit of Stick with a bleeding right arm. At Midland Circle, Rand dressed formally and entered the building, reaching the floor to meet with the CEOs. He monologued that the company had illegally transferred their funds through Rand Enterprises and progressed onward to reveal that they were the Hand. Unexpected, Reid entered, expressing applause and requested that Rand continue. Meanwhile, Jones and Murdock entered the building, Murdock pulling her aside to inform her that what she was stepping into was dangerous. Reid pushed on to ask about the condition of K'un-Lun since his abandonment and taunted that the Hand was not hiding. Forced to fight, Rand managed to take down a few of the soldiers but was soon pinned against the tabletop, unable to summon the Iron Fist. With the sound of a gunshot, Murdock pulled Jones's scarf from her neck and traveled the stairwell.

Elektra becomes overpowered by the Iron Fist

Bursting through the doors was Cage, who aided Rand, tossing soldiers around until the arrival of firearm-wielding Hand henchmen, which were quickly taken down by the duo. As more pooled to the office, Jones and Murdock managed to regroup by the elevators and walked down the hall, where they witnessed Rand and Cage crashing through the wall. While everyone questioned who was who, Murdock sensed as an assassin was set out to attack them. Amongst the chaos, Murdock stuck with a one-on-one fight with the assassin in an office, while Jones called for an elevator. In the intense fight, Murdock was downed, to which he realized his opponent was Elektra, who paused at the sound of the name. Before she was able to strike him down, Rand swiftly summoned the Fist and knocked the assassin through a wall, aiding Murdock as they retreated to the elevator.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Our Weapon John Paesano
  • (Flashback) Elektra trains with the Hand warriors. Alexandra Reid gives Elektra an outfit and tells her it represents who she is.
Tailing Jones John Paesano
Run the Jewels Run The Jewels
Board Room John Paesano


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