"Wizey! Ixnay on the snoway."
"I am not responsible for this precipitation anomaly."
Alex Wilder and Wizey[src]

Wizey is an artificial intelligence designed by Wizard which is implemented in the smarthouse systems sold by the company, such as in the Minoru Mansion and the Yorkes Residence.


Wizey was designed by Wizard as an artificial intelligence to equip smarthouses. During the design, Tina Minoru made sure that all Wizey equipment identified her as an alpha user, allowing her to enter through any door managed by a Wizey system.[1]

Assassination of Amy Minoru

"Amy, traffic is heavy on the 405. If you do not depart in 40 minutes, you will be late for school."
―Wizey to Amy Minoru[src]

The morning following the Assassination of Amy Minoru, Wizey, who was unaware of the murder, unsuccessfully tried to wake Amy up, stating that she would be late for class. As Nico Minoru arrived and discovered her deceased sister, alerting her parents, Nico ordered Wizey to call 911. However, Tina Minoru discarded the command and instead instructed Wizey to seal the house.

Later, as Detective Flores came to the Minoru Mansion, Tina asked Wizey to scan the mansion in order to detect potential breaches. Nico, who had regained consciousness after being knocked out by her mother's Staff of One only to find herself locked up in her bedroom, then used Wizey to spy on her mother's office, enabling her to have a picture of Flores.[2]

Watching the Minoru Mansion

"The door to Amy's room was opened."

Wizey informed Tina Minoru when her daughter Nico entered Amy Minoru's bedroom to find tights.[3]

Later, as Nico sneaked into Tina's office to try the Staff of One and accidentally triggered snow in the office, she called Alex Wilder for help. Once Wilder arrived, he told Wizey to stop the snow, but Wizey replied that she was not responsible for it and thus could not do anything about it. Wizey then warned Nico that Tina was on her way home, meaning that Nico and Alex had to clean the snow before she arrived.[1]

Wizey's systems were temporarily deactivated when Karolina Dean used her powers to fry out her hardware command center so that the Runaways could infiltrate into the smarthouse. This caused the doors to be opened and various systems controlled by Wizey, like the TV, to experience malfunctions.[4]

Legal Trespassing

"I'm the Wizey alpha user. My voice controls all one billion units currently in operation. I opened that door legally."
Tina Minoru[src]

In order to see what Dale and Stacey Yorkes were doing instead of working with the rest of PRIDE, Tina Minoru went to the Yorkes Residence and simply entered the door managed by Wizey. When they remarked that she was trespassing, Minoru replied that all Wizey systems identified her as the alpha user, meaning that she could legally go wherever a Wizey system was in use.[5]


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