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The Wizard Headquarters is the main facility of Wizard, located in Los Angeles.



PRIDE held a gala in the Wizard Headquarters as a fundraising event for the school they pretended to be building in the PRIDE Construction Site. All the members of PRIDE attended this event, along with the Runaways, who secretly intended to hack into Wizard's servers so that they could retrieve the video showing their parents performing a Rite of Blood. Hundreds of guests attended the gala in the building, applauding the members of PRIDE. Jonah also came to the gala, hoping to meet with his daughter Karolina Dean.

Gert Yorkes successfully distracted the security guard Earl long enough for Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru to take the elevator and go to the servers room, but Wilder figured out that he could not hack into it, meaning that they had to directly access Tina Minoru's office. Meanwhile, Dean, who struggled with her attraction towards Nico, isolated herself and drank on the building's roof, where she was joined by Chase Stein.

Although Dean almost fell from the roof, she dropped her Church of Gibborim Bracelet when going over the edge, which activated her powers and enabled her to fly back onto the roof, where Chase, relieved, kissed her, much to her surprise, with the whole scene being witnessed by Molly Hernandez. Chase and Dean returned to the gala, where the members of PRIDE delivered their speech. However, when Victor Stein got to speak, he caused a scandal by revealing his wife Janet had an affair with Robert Minoru. Victor then fainted on the stage due to his brain tumor.

While Victor was taken to a quiet room in Wizard Headquarters, Tina went to her office to cry alone, unaware that Alex and Nico were hiding right behind the desk, surprised by Tina's behavior. Jonah joined the other members of PRIDE beside Victor, injecting him with a serum to help him recover. Victor quickly got better and reunited with his family in the gala. Alex and Nico also returned on the ground floor, having successfully downloaded the encrypted file they searched.

As the guests progressively left the gala, Jonah finally encountered Dean and Hernandez had a conversation with Catherine Wilder in which she inadvertently hinted that she saw PRIDE performing their ritual. Stacey Yorkes then arrived and left with Hernandez.[1]

Gibborim Activity

"I already sealed off a floor at Wizard and have ten of their hottest engineers working 20‐hour shifts. We'll be ready in time."
Magistrate's Daughter[src]

Under the disguise of Tina Minoru, the Magistrate's Daughter took over Wizard's leadership in the company's headquarters, as she had been instructed by her mother to begin building a Gibborim Transport Device which would bring their family back home. The Daughter thus drove to the Wizard Headquarters to start the construction of the platform. She was, however, unaware that Xavin and Molly Hernandez were hiding in the car's trunk. Once the Daughter left the parking lot, Hernandez and Xavin were able to steal the car by tricking Adrian after Xavin disguised herself as Minoru as well, leaving him puzzled.

Meanwhile, the Daughter joined a Wizard meeting during which Mita Nansari explained the causes of the recent ordeals met by the company. Dismissing this as futile, the Daughter announced that the company would now work on intergalactic transportation. She also captured a GrubMates delivery man who had come to deliver food to the building, so that her father could consume his body.[2]

Therefore, several Wizard engineers managed by Nansari worked on the development of the platform according to the Daughter's instructions. As the Daughter came to oversee its construction, she was approached by Nansari who expressed her doubts regarding the viability and the safety of such an initiative. However, the Daughter disregarded her concerns and dismissed the whole team, ordering them to leave and find her something to eat. Once alone in the lab, the Daughter attempted to activate the platform, but it caused a surge of localized gravity spike that caused a lamp to be heavily compressed, thus proving that the platform still needed to be worked on.[3]

The platform was eventually completed and taken out from the Wizard Headquarters to the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant, where the Gibborim hoped to activate it.[4]

Multiple Prisoners

"I've gotten into the Wizard security system. Chase and the others are being held there. I need you to save them now."
Janet Stein to Nico Minoru[src]

In an attempt to stop the distribution of the Corvus phones, Stacey Yorkes and Victor Stein went to the Wizard Headquarters, where they encountered Geoffrey Wilder, to whom they explained the situation. Wilder promised to take Stein and Yorkes to the server room, but actually led them into a storage room for them to be imprisoned, as he was under the influence of Morgan le Fay's Crow Necklace. Later, the two of them were later joined by Karolina Dean, Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes and Dale Yorkes after they were captured by Bronwyn and Cassandra.[5]

Having infiltrated the surveillance system of the building, Janet Stein was able to discover the situation and alerted Nico Minoru at the Hostel. Therefore, with help from Cloak and Dagger, Minoru directly teleported into the storage room where the Runaways and the PRIDE members were held captive. Cloak was able to teleport with the PRIDE members, who he left in Los Angeles, before returning while Dagger dealt with Wilder. Cloak then teleported the Runaways, Dagger and himself out of the building before the Coven could attack them all.[6]


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