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"Wisdom is Power."
―Wizard Poster[src]

Wizard is a technology company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics such as computers and smartphones. It was founded by Tina and Robert Minoru, with Tina acting as its current CEO. Morgan le Fay was also CEO of the company for some months.


The Minoru Company

"We made it in the Wizard labs with some very special technology. Unparalleled technology."
Tina Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Wizard was founded by Tina and Robert Minoru using funds allocated by Jonah. The company, which was affiliated to PRIDE, also invested in the Synnergy firm, helping to develop the Synnergy Serum.[1]

Wizard specialized in highly advanced technological tools such as the WizPhone, the search engine WizSearch, the smarthouse artificial intelligence Wizey as well as the incredibly sophisticated Staff of One wielded by Tina during PRIDE's rituals.[2] The Wizard tech products were met with tremendous success. According to Tina, the company sold one billion Wizey units all over the world.[3]

Keeping Secrets

"The tape simultaneously uploaded to the Wizard server. And that's where it's going to stay."
Tina Minoru to PRIDE[src]

The video footage of PRIDE perpetrating ritual sacrifices in order to restore Jonah were stored on the Wizard servers, as the company could provide extremely advanced computer security.[2]


"You set off an alarm. She put me on it."
Kincaid to Amy Minoru[src]

In 2015, the company was hacked by an unidentified individual, which alerted Tina Minoru. Tina ordered her bodyguard Kincaid to investigate, and Kincaid ultimately found that the hacker was Amy Minoru, Tina's daughter. Jonah discovered Amy's involvement and feared that she might have discovered the footage of the Rite of Blood stored on the Wizard servers, leading to him killing Amy in order to keep the secret.[4]


"Robert and I are honored to be sharing the stage with our fellow members of PRIDE."
"Without their tireless dedication, we wouldn't be here celebrating breaking ground on a new state-of-the-art community school. A place that will one day train the next generation of Wizard executives."
Tina Minoru and Robert Minoru[src]

Through its affiliation to PRIDE, Wizard also sponsored charity programs and projects such as the construction of a community school in south Los Angeles.[5] As such, a PRIDE gala was notably held in the Wizard Headquarters as a fundraising event. During this gala, Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru attempted to hack into Wizard servers, but soon realized that they had to access Tina Minoru's office. They successfully broke into the office and stole an encrypted file containing footage of the rituals perpetrated by PRIDE.[2]


Name Position Status
Tina Minoru Founder and CEO Active
Robert Minoru Founder Deceased
Morgan le Fay Former CEO Inactive
Kincaid Security Active
Earl Security Guard Retired
Mita Nansari Active
Adrian Security Guard Active
Geoffrey Wilder Administration Retired
J. Smith Application Support Analyst Active
R. Thompson Computer Systems Analyst Active
C. Shepard Information Technology Director Active



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  • Wizard is partially based on Apple Inc, which develops and manufactures smartphones and laptops.