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"Hey, Tina. My WizPhone isn't downloading my mail. Can you take a look?"
"Little below my paygrade, Stacey. I'm the CEO, not tech support."
Stacey Yorkes and Tina Minoru[src]

The WizPhone is a type of mobile phone manufactured by the company Wizard.


"All right, everyone double-check that your phone's off so our parents can't find us using WizKidTracker."
Alex Wilder[src]

WizPhones were mobile phones made by the company Wizard. They could serve the same purposes than classical mobile phones. Alex Wilder notably used his phone to send a picture of himself and his former friends gathered together to them to convince them to join him in the Wilder Mansion.[1] One of the most specific features of the Wizphone was the app WizKidTracker, which could be used by parents to locate their children's phones.[2]

Leslie Dean anonymously warned Amy Minoru on her WizPhone to let her know that Jonah was headed to the Minoru Mansion, presumably to hurt her.[3]

During a PRIDE meeting, Stacey Yorkes complained to Tina Minoru, the CEO of Wizard, that her phone did not download her e-mail. Although Tina refused to take a look at it, her husband Robert Minoru informed Yorkes that they had developed an update for this problem.

Molly Hernandez took a picture of the Rite of Blood the Runaways were secretly witnessing, which alerted the PRIDE.[1]

Andre Compton hacked into Geoffrey Wilder's WizPhone when Geoffrey was confronted by the Crips on the PRIDE Construction Site.[4]

Darius Davis calls Geoffrey Wilder to warn him he kidnapped his son Alex

When Darius Davis kidnapped Alex, he took Alex's WizPhone and called his father Geoffrey through the phone's messaging app WizTalk to warn him that he had his son. During the same event, Gert Yorkes alerted Chase Stein with their respective WizPhones.[5]

The WizPhones of Janet Stein and Robert Minoru are hacked by Victor Stein

During the PRIDE meeting in Wizard Headquarters, Victor Stein revealed that he had hacked into his wife Janet Stein's and Robert's WizPhone, enabling him to discover that they had an affair. Victor underlined the irony of the fact that Robert was one of the creators of the WizPhone but had not protected his own phone enough.[6]

The PRIDE is informed of the Attack on Victor Stein

When Victor was shot by Janet in order to protect their son Chase, the other members of the PRIDE were alerted on their WizPhones with the only message "TSUNAMI." In the meantime, Karolina Dean was informed of the event by Chase and in turn informed Gert, who then noticed that Chase had called her first, much to her delight.[3]

Prior to the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site, Alex told the other Runaways to turn off their WizPhones so that the PRIDE could not use the WizKidTracker app to find them.[2]