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"You can't even fathom the power which I now wield."
―The Witch to the Masters of the Mystic Arts[src]

The Witch is a sorceress and thief who stole the Dark Scepter. She was eventually defeated by the Masters of the Mystic Arts.


In 2014, the Witch obtained the powerful relic known as the "Dark Scepter". The Witch used the Scepter to tap into magic forces, pertaining to darknesses and tremendous power. She first used it outside the British Museum as brief test of its potential. Confronted by Wong, she was able to defeat him with the dark power.

When Kaecilius had first heard of her challenging presence, he chose to confront her alone. Using only his Scythe Daggers, Kaecilius initiated a fight with the Witch. After a brief battle with him, the Witch overpowered Kacilius, mostly due to her Scepter.

Later, the Witch faced a larger group of Masters of the Mystic Arts when more sorcerers returned to stop her. She was confronted by the combined forces of Wong, Kaecilius, Daniel Drumm, and Tina Minoru. In a final move to win, the Witch began exuding all of the Dark Scepter's energy. However, she was disarmed by Kaecilius. In the aftermath, the Witch was devastated that her plans had failed.[2]

Powers and Abilities

  • Sorceress: As a sorceress, the Witch was able to wield the Dark Scepter, which channeled her magic. She cast darkness in her local area and vanished, with magic strong enough to defeat Wong and Kaecilius.


Former Equipment




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