"HYDRA deserves its place on the ash heap, so your death would not bother me. But I have to use this book and other bloodier methods to get what I need."
Helmut Zemo to Vasily Karpov[src]

The Winter Soldier Book is a handbook with information regarding the Winter Soldier Program. It gave instructions on how to open the HYDRA Siberian Facility, and the trigger words to activate the Winter Soldier.


Winter Soldier Program

"Желание. Ржавый. Семнадцать. Рассвет. Печь. Девять. Добросердечный. Возвращение на Родину. Один. Товарный вагон.[1]"
Vasily Karpov to Winter Soldier[src]

During HYDRA's mental reconditioning of Winter Soldier, a string of code phrases were implanted into his mind: "Longing, rusted, seventeen, daybreak, furnace, nine, benign, homecoming, one, freight car." After hearing these phrases spoken in Russian, Barnes becomes completely obedient to the speaker and would carry out whatever task he was ordered to accomplish.

In 1991, the code phrases were uttered by HYDRA officer Vasily Karpov, who ordered Winter Soldier to steal the recreated Super Soldier Serum and eliminate any witnesses. Winter Soldier complied, killing Howard Stark and Maria Stark.

The code phrases, as well as other vital information regarding the Winter Soldier Program, such as the access codes to the HYDRA Siberian Facility, were all recorded in the Winter Soldier Book.[2]

Zemo's Revenge

Helmut Zemo finds the Winter Soldier Book

"Желание, Ржавый, Семнадцать, Рассвет, Печь, Девять, Добросердечный, Возвращение на родину, Один, Товарный вагон. Солдат?"
"Я жду приказаний."
Helmut Zemo and Winter Soldier[src]

In 2016, Helmut Zemo planed to use the Winter Soldier book as part of his plan to make the Avengers fight each other. He went to Vasily Karpov's home in Cleveland and stole the Winter Soldier Book from him, after killing him.

Helmut Zemo using the Winter Soldier Book

In a hotel room in, Berlin, Zemo practiced the code phrases to control the Winter Soldier. Zemo kidnapped and murdered Theo Broussard, the psychiatrist hired by the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre to interrogate the captive Bucky Barnes, and disguised himself as the unfortunate psychiatrist in order to gain access to Barnes. During the interview, Zemo caused an power outage and read the code phrases from the book to control Winter Soldier. After gaining information on where the other Winter Soldiers were, Zemo sent Barnes on a rampage in order to use him as a distraction to escape the scene.[2]

Behind the Scenes


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