"Poindexter. Why don't you go grab a cup of coffee?"
―Winn to Benjamin Poindexter[src]

Winn was the Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI related to the Office of Professional Responsibility. In the wake of Ambush on the FBI Convoy, Winn started an internal investigation onto Benjamin Poindexter. Winn was informed by Ray Nadeem that Poindexter was corrupted by Wilson Fisk who had him killing several people. However, before he could do anything, Winn was suddenly killed by Tammy Hattley, who was also forced to work for Wilson Fisk.


FBI Agent

OPR Internal Investigation

"The moment he shot them, can you describe, for the record, what you saw?"
"They were armed. Special Agent Poindexter gave them a chance to surrender, but then their weapons came up to shoot him. He killed them both in self-defense."
―Winn and Wilson Fisk[src]

Winn gets introduced to Benjamin Poindexter

Office of Professional Responsibility was informed that Benjamin Poindexter's official report about confrontation between the Albanian Syndicate and the FBI does not fit with forensic analysis of the shooting. OPR ordered Winn to start internal investigation onto Poindexter for what he wanted a private talk with Wilson Fisk about the details of ambush. Tammy Hattley and Ray Nadeem brought Winn to the Presidential Hotel where they introduced him to Poindexter. Winn said him to go downstairs and grab a cup of coffee and Poindexter then left the office.

Winn and Tammy Hattley question Wilson Fisk

With Poindexter left, Winn and Hattley proceeded to Fisk's quarters. Winn showed Fisk the pictures of two Albanian Syndicate members killed by Poindexter which were identified by Fisk. Winn then asked him about details of the ambush and Fisk confirmed that they were shot by Poindexter before Winn requested to describe the moment he shot them for the record. Fisk stated that Poindexter gave the chance to surrender but then they pulled out their weapons, forcing Poindexter to kill them both in self-defense. Winn thanked Fisk for his time before he and Hattley left his quarters.[3]

Poindexter's Shore Leave

Winn places Benjamin Poindexter onto leave

"I can assure you, there'll be an immediate investigation into how this leaked."
"Think of it as a paid vacation."
"Take a minute, if you need, to pack things up."
―Winn and Tammy Hattley[src]

Winn and Tammy Hattley called up Benjamin Poindexter to the New York City FBI Office where they showed them New York Bulletin article about OPR investigation onto him. Winn informed Poindexter that Office of Professional Responsibility will investigate how information was leaked to the press, however FBI have to remove Poindexter from the floor for an indefinite period. Hattley said him to think about it as a paid vacation while Winn said to take his time and pack his things up if Poindexter needs it. Poindexter then turn in his badge and sidearm before leaving the room.[4]

Interview with Ray Nadeem

"Sir, OPR needs to start an internal investigation into Fisk, into Poindexter, into all of it. And for the record, this was on my watch. I personally ran Fisk's detail. SAC Hattley did everything by the book, and this shouldn't fall on her. I take full responsibility."
Ray Nadeem to Winn[src]

Ray Nadeem arranged a urgent meeting with Winn and Tammy Hattley in her house. Outside of the house, Winn asked Nadeem why they meeting there, not at the New York City FBI Office and Nadeem assured him that he will understand, once Nadeem explains everything. Hattley let them inside the house before asking her daughter to leave her for a talk with colleagues. Winn noted that she talks to her, unlike his own daughters what Hattley did not admit.

Winn conducting interview with Ray Nadeem

Turning on the audio recorder, Winn officially conducted it as an interview with Special Agent and SAC, on the rights of the member of the Office of Professional Responsibility. For the record, Nadeem claimed that Wilson Fisk is currently engaged in a criminal conspiracy and has manipulated the FBI into becoming his unwitting accomplice. Also, Nadeem stated that Fisk corrupted Benjamin Poindexter to make him his ally and ordered him to perpetuate the attack on the New York Bulletin Building. Winn did not believe but asked for proof and then Nadeem showed him his wound, commented that Poindexter shot him while Nadeem was pursuing his suspicions.

Winn being shot and killed by Tammy Hattley

Nadeem told Winn that OPR needs to start an internal investigation into Poindexter, Fisk and every agent manipulated by him. He added that he takes full responsibility as the agent ran Fisk's detail, and this should not fall on Hattley who did everything by the book. Nearing the end of the confession, Hattley informed Nadeem that she have to place him on administrative leave immediately. Nadeem understood and turned his sidearm and badge, assuring her that he will cooperate fully. Winn then decided to call an ambulance for injured Nadeem before Hattley took several shots in Winn from Nadeem's sidearm and made it looks like that Winn was killed by him.[5]


Murdered Covered Up

"After the body of Supervisory Special Agent Winn was found in the Hudson, search divers also recovered the murder weapon. The registered service sidearm of fellow FBI agent Ray Nadeem. When agents went to take Nadeem into custody, he drew a weapon to resist arrest and forced his fellow agents to kill him in self-defense."
Tammy Hattley[src]

Winn's corpse, as well as recording and Ray Nadeem's sidearm with his fingerprints, was taken by Felix Manning to force him to work for Wilson Fisk, like Tammy Hattley.[5]

In the wake of Nadeem's murder carried by Benjamin Poindexter, Fisk ordered Hattley to change the narrative of the recent events. Hattley organized a press conference and stated that Winn's corpse was found in the Hudson River together with the murder weapon - Nadeem's registered service sidearm. According to Hattley, agents went to take Nadeem into custody, he drew a weapon to resist arrest, forcing them to kill him in self-defense. However, Nadeem's dying declaration confirmed that Winn actually was killed by Hattley who followed Fisk's orders.[6]


"We couldn't do this at the office? We had to come all the way out here?"
―Winn to Ray Nadeem[src]



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