The Wilson Residence is the house owned by the Wilson family, located in New York City.


One day, Lewis Wilson slept in his room, having a nightmare from his military service. His father Clay returned home and went to Wilson's room to check him. In that moment, he awakened, drew his handgun from under the pillow and fired a shot inches ahead of his father. Realizing what happened, Wilson was embraced and comforted, constantly reassured by Clay that everything will be okay. Wilson, however, pushed him away and left his room.[2]

To ensure that he would not harm his father, Wilson dug a hole in the backyard and rested inside. Upon Clay's request, Wilson was visited by Curtis Hoyle who was surprised that he is sleeping in a hole despite the cold. Hoyle then noted that rain can drown Wilson in his hole. Wilson heard his story about service and then informed Hoyle that he decided to join Anvil. Hoyle was not sure that Wilson was ready to do that kind of job but Wilson calmed him before Hoyle left him.[3]

In the wake of murder of O'Connor, Wilson returned to his house where she met his father. Clay said that he was going to go the job but before he waited to see his son. Clay attempted to comfort Wilson and gave him some pills that Clay took when his wife died. Wilson then went to his room and began suffer about O'Connor's murder. This pushed him over the edge and Wilson grabbed his gun and attempted to kill himself. However, he did not pull the trigger and put his gun down.

At night, Wilson went to see his father who watched footage of The Rumble in the Jungle. He joined Clay and they discuss boxers and their fight.[4]

Following the series of terrorist attacks, orchestrated by Wilson, Frank Castle asked Micro track him down. He found him driver license and informed Castle about Wilson's address. Castle arrived to Wilson Residence and waited for him before Micro called him and informed that he tracked Wilson at another address.[1]


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