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"His penthouse is finally ready."
"You're shitting me."
James Wesley and Leland Owlsley[src]

Wilson Fisk's Penthouse is the penthouse apartment in the Yves building where Wilson Fisk lived prior to his arrest.


Preparing the Penthouse

Wilson Fisk acquired an expensive penthouse in New York City, intending to use it as his home in the city. To make his house become a home for it, Fisk personally went to the Scene Contempo Gallery to acquire some art.[1]

Once he acquired a painting called Rabbit in a Snowstorm, Fisk hung it in his bedroom, and it became the last thing he saw every night, and the first one he saw every morning.[2]

Twisted Reflection

Wilson Fisk eating breakfast in the living room

Wilson Fisk woke up from a recurring nightmare panting and covered in sweat, needing to stare at the painting Rabbit in a Snowstorm that he bought from Vanessa Marianna and was hanging in his bedroom.

Fisk then began his morning routine, cooking an elaborate omelette and having it for breakfast in the living room. He then went to the dresser, where he chose one of his many black suits and got dressed. He then open a drawer, revealing a collection of cuff-links, but Fisk chose the ones belonging to his father.

Once he got dressed, Fisk looked himself in the mirror, but instead of his reflection, he saw himself as a boy, covered in blood. Fisk then headed to the exit, still watching the image until he switched the lights off.[3]

Late Night Callings

Fisk talks to Vanessa Marianna on the phone

Wilson Fisk spoke to Vanessa Marianna through the phone from his penthouse, having a conversation about his past and revealing, among other things, that he spent most of his time abroad over the years in Asia. Fisk was interrupted by an important call from James Wesley, so he said goodbye to Marianna.

Wesley informed Fisk that Detective Christian Blake recovered from his coma, and their contacts in the media had briefed him that it would announced that same night. However, Blake had been unable to speak, as despite he had recovered consciousness, his injuries were too severe.

Fisk wanted Blake to be killed just in case he could speak, but Wesley explained that the New York City Police Department was protecting Blake in case the man in the mask tried to kill him. Wesley informed that they had two policemen loyal to them assigned at Metro-General Hospital, but none of them were at the door, so they could not do the job unnoticed.

Fisk then asked about Blake's partner, Carl Hoffman, and though Wesley told him that he could call, he also pointed that Blake and Hoffman were friends since even before going to the police academy. Fisk ordered to set a meeting with Hoffman that same night, as he would speak with him in person.[3]

Courtesy Visit

The following day, Wilson Fisk woke up after dreaming with some of the traumatic events of his childhood, and as usual, he stared at the painting Rabbit in a Snowstorm that he bought from Vanessa Marianna and was hanging in his bedroom.

Fisk began his morning routine, cooking an omelette and having it for breakfast in the living room. He then went to the dresser, where he chose another one of his many black suits and got dressed, choosing, as usual to wear his father's cuff-links.

Fisk was interrupted by a phone call by James Wesley, who informed him that Madame Gao had contacted them and wished to spoke to Fisk, and that she was actually heading to his penthouse. Fisk asked Wesley to meet him before she arrived, and Wesley told him that he was already heading there.

Gao arrived to the penthouse, and Fisk offered her a cup of tea that he served himself. Gao, speaking in Mandarin, approved the choice of tea, and Fisk explained that he chose it in his last visit to China. However, Gao explained that she did not meet them to have tea.

Wilson Fisk has a meeting with Madame Gao

Speaking in English, Gao told Wesley that Fisk did not need him to translate her words. Fisk was surprised that she spoke English, but Gao revealed that she was able to speak all languages. Now speaking in Chinese, Gao revealed that she knew Fisk also spoke Mandarin since the beginning, but she did not revealed it as she thought Fisk was very clever for playing as a fool, and she needed to be clever too playing as she had not recognize it. Now speaking in Japanese, Gao asked Fisk if Nobu Yoshioka had guessed he was also able to speak Japanese, and Fisk answered that he did not believe so.

Wanting to speak with Fisk in private and no needing to maintain the charade, Gao asked Wesley to leave them, and Fisk complied, telling him to wait outside. Now alone, Gao revealed that both Yoshioka and Leland Owlsley were not pleased with the way their business had been managed lately, though Fisk assured her that everything was under control.

However, Gao told him that it was not, as she managed to discover where Fisk lived, one of his most guarded secrets. She even taunted him, saying that she did not discover it using bones and spells chanting under the moonlight, she discovered it because Fisk had become emotional and sloppy lately, exactly like the Russians in their final moments.

Gao did not want to hear Fisk's excuses, and she revealed she warned him out of courtesy because Fisk had always shown her respect. Gao ordered to restore order in his own house, or she would begin to deal directly with Yoshioka and Owlsley.

Wilson Fisk reacts to Madame Gao's threats

Gao left the room, thanking Fisk for the tea, and when left alone, Fisk could not control his rage and angrily knocked the table over. Wesley rushed into the room, and asked if he could do anything for Fisk. Fisk simply shout at him ordering to get out.[3]

Shadows of the Past

Wilson Fisk looked at the windows of his penthouse for hours, until he was interrupted again by James Wesley. More calmed than the last time, Fisk told Wesley that he had not called him, but Wesley believed Fisk needed something. Fisk dismissed him, saying that he would have asked if he needed him, but Wesley was convinced that it was not always true.

Vanessa Marianna then entered the room, having been called by Wesley, and she asked him to leave them alone. Marianna then complimented Fisk's place, though she joked about the table that Fisk had knocked over earlier.

Fisk, trying not to pay his frustration with Marianna, asked her to go, but she told him she would leave only if it was what he truly wanted. Marianna revealed that Wesley was worried about him, and reminded Fisk his promise of always being honest with her.

Fisk revealed he was afraid, especially, of the way Marianna would look at him if he knew what actually happened. Marianna asked him to tell her, and Fisk began to explain how he had to kill his own father and what he did to conceal his death, being sent with relatives following that.

Marianna, visibly shocked, told Fisk that it was not his fault, as he did it to protect his mother, but Fisk then told her that he did it for himself, and he wore his father's cuff-links everyday to remind himself that he was not a monster like him, cruel for the sake of cruelty.

Fisk asked Marianna he was a monster, but she simply said he was not. Fisk told her that it would not matter very soon, as people wanted to expose him because they did not understand the dream he had for the city, and want to destroy what he was trying to accomplish. Marianna asked him if he was going to let them do that, and Fisk simply answered with a blunt no.[3]

Day of Changes

As usual, Wilson Fisk woke up after dreaming with some of the traumatic events of his childhood, but when he was about to stare at the painting hanging in his bedroom, he remembered that Vanessa Marianna was sleeping with him, so he turned his attention to her, embracing her.

Fisk's morning routine was altered, as he had his usual omelette for breakfast, but he prepared another one for Marianna, who joined him after taking a shower. They went together to Fisk's dresser, where she chose, instead of the usual black suits Fisk wore, a grey one to symbolize a change in his life. To further symbolize that change, she prevented Fisk from taking his father's cuff-links, making him step aside, and chose another pair for him to wear in a special event for that day, adding a handkerchief to Fisk's suit as the last detail.[3]

Asking a Favor

Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley

Wilson Fisk and Leland Owlsley met at Fisk's penthouse while they prepared for a fundraiser that Fisk would host that evening in the Van Lunt Building. Fisk explained how the man in the mask killed Nobu Yoshioka, who was burned alive. Fisk assured the shocked Owlsley that he did not touch Yoshioka, but Owlsley told him that making the man in the mask do it for him had the same result.

Fisk asked Owlsley to speak with Madame Gao, to reassure her that everything was going fine. Owlsley believed that was a lie, and James Wesley, who was helping Fisk with his necktie, pointed that Owlsley had voiced many times how unsettling he considered Yoshioka to be. Owlsley sarcastically responded that, while he also considered Wesley unsettling half of the time, he was not lighting a match to burn him.

Fisk asked Wesley to bring the car and let Vanessa Marianna know they were on their way to the fundraiser. As they were alone, Owlsley voiced that everything was getting out of hand since Fisk started seeing Marianna. Fisk asked Owlsley if he had a son, despite knowing he had one named Lee, so Fisk assumed that in the past Owlsley met and fell in love with a woman.

Owlsley asked what that had to do with what they were discussing, and Fisk told him that it meant everything. Owlsley pointed out that Gao was right and Fisk had changed. However, Fisk said that a change was inevitable, for him, for New York City and for certain relationships.

Owlsley accepted Fisk's petition and agreed to speak with Gao. Fisk stated how he appreciated his support and Owlsley, sarcastically, stated that they were all together in the business, at least what was left of them.[4]

Irregular Accounts

Wilson Fisk was distracted reviewing his accounts, and he did not hear Vanessa Marianna calling for him from the bed. Marianna then went to the living room, and sat besides Fisk, asking if there was anything interesting in the documents he was reviewing.

Fisk explained that he had ordered James Wesley arrange a transfer of funds to get her outside of the country. Marianna reminded Fisk that she would not leave without him, but he was not asking it, he was merely reviewing the transfer to move the funds back. However, Fisk observed some irregularities in the numbers, and decided to ask Leland Owlsley to review them.[5]

Arrest of Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk is arrested by the FBI

Vanessa Marianna watched the news about the arrest of all people associated with Wilson Fisk, while Fisk made quickly made arrangements on the phone before being arrested himself. Marianna tried to speak to him, but Fisk interrupted her, warning that the FBI was coming for him.

Marianna proposed to leave, though Fisk was aware that it was too late to prevent his own arrest. Fisk asked her to do something for him, and explained his plan to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, FBI agents arrived at the building and headed to the penthouse. They started to bang on the door, speaking out loud to say that they had a warrant for the arrest of Fisk. Inside, Fisk asked Marianna if she had understood everything that he told her.

Fisk also gave Marianna an engagement ring, while the agents broke the door and entered inside. Fisk told Marianna that she was his heart while the agents told Fisk that he was under arrest for racketeering and proceeded to read him his rights. Fisk and Marianna kissed, and the agents had to separate them, pulling Fisk outside while he declared his love for Marianna.

Outside of the building, reporters were waiting for Fisk, and as he was taken into an armored car, they proceeded to ask Fisk about his involvement with Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov, his role in the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen, his opinion of Senator Randolph Cherryh, if he would be exonerated, and the status of his "better tomorrow".

Fisk remained silent, and sat inside the armored car to be taken away.[5]


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  • Fisk's apartment is located in the Yves, a real apartment building at Seventh Avenue and 18th Street in Manhattan.


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