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Wilson is a nurse at Atlas Academy.


"I actually came to see if you have any of my anxiety meds here? There should be a big bottle of them with my name on it somewhere back there."
"Usually I'm notified when kids who've been through something traumatic return to school."
Gert Yorkes and Wilson[src]

Wilson worked as a nurse in Atlas Academy, where she earned the nickname of Nurse Nightmare. She was present when an earthquake occurred in Los Angeles, causing the school to be evacuated, but Wilson remained inside the building. She was then approached by Gert Yorkes. Wilson recalled that Yorkes had been labeled a fugitive and commented that she had not been informed of her return at school. As Yorkes asked her whether she could see if she could provide her with some anti-anxiety meds, Wilson told her to wait for a moment as se made a phone call to report Yorkes' presence, which in turn alerted PRIDE that the Runaways were in Atlas Academy.[1]



Behind the Scenes

  • Lisa Linke was credited as "Nurse Nightmare" in the role.


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