Wilma Cully is the mother of Agnes Cully who advised her daughter to focus on her looks over her brain.


The Radio

Wilma Cully lived in Broxton, Oklahoma with her daughter, Agnes; in order to keep a roof over their heads, Wilma kept a sexual relationship with their landlord Bud Schultz.

When Agnes was a youth, she became interested in fixing items. Wilma complained that the radio was not working properly so Agnes fixed it. Instead of encouraging Agnes for such an achievement at such a young age, Wilma was upset that she did not look presentable for the arrival of Schultz, whom Wilma wanted Agnes to call "her uncle", though Agnes disliked him.

When Schultz arrived, Wilma greeted him affectionately, and asked him to go upstairs. She watched as Schultz tried to make conversation with Agnes, who rebuffed his mannerisms. Ultimately, Schultz went upstairs and Wilma told her daughter that she did not want to be disturbed for a couple of hours.[1]

Raising a Genius

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Years later, Wilma opened a letter that Agnes received from the University of Oklahoma.


Bud Schultz, Wilma's long-term boyfriend and the Cully's landlord, ordered the women to vacate his house; he had begun a relationship with a younger woman. After Schultz left, Wilma was angry and turned her attention to Agnes.[1]






  • In the comics, Renata Nefaria is the biological mother of Giulietta Nefaria, who died of chilbirth giving life to her.
    • Giulietta is later adopted by the Frosts and received the identity of Whitney Frost, with Loretta Frost as her adoptive mother.


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