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"My daughter always got back up."
―William May[src]

William May is the father of Melinda May.


Early Life

"I may not be a spy, but 20 years with your mother has taught me to pick up on things."
―William May to Melinda May[src]

William and his wife Lian May gave birth to a daughter named Melinda. While they lived together, William noticed that his wife was prone to paranoid tendencies.

Eventually, William and May got separated. In his old days, Lian would occasionally call William to check on him.[1]

Father Daughter Reunion

"Come on, Mellie. You– You take a trip to Honolulu with Andrew–"
"It was Maui."
"And you come back the daughter of the year. Something is not right."
―William May and Melinda May[src]

Needing a break from S.H.I.E.L.D., Melinda May took some vacation and went to visit her father William in Sun City, Arizona, claiming she was there to help him while he was on rehab after a hip surgery due to a hit and run. However, William knew that her daughter had something else bothering her in mind and he suspected that she was hiding from something.

Later, William and Melinda were visited by Lance Hunter, who wanted to enlist Melinda's help to infiltrate HYDRA. After Hunter's departure, William confronted his daughter about her behavior, who expressed her wish to have a normal life. However, William told Melinda that she was not made for that kind of life and that she should face the shadows pursuing her instead of hiding from them.[1]