"Captain William Dole? New York Police Department, 4th Precinct? I am a sentient Chronicom from the planet Chronyca-2."
"Good for you. Now beat it before we make you freaks forget being born."
Luke and William Dole[src]

Captain William Dole was an New York City Police Department officer murdered by the Chronicom Hunters to steal his identity.


Ambush on the NYPD Officers

"Could be anytime. When he gets here, just count the dough. Let me do the talking."
"You got it, boss."
―William Dole and an NYPD Officer[src]

Dole waiting for a shipment of alcohol

As an officer of the New York City Police Department, Dole was corrupt, often taking bribes from Ernest Koenig, the owner of a local speakeasy. In 1931, Dole waited for a shipment of alcohol from Jimmy Bottles, as payment for allowing Koenig to cater a campaign party being held by New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of his presidential campaign. He told his men to allow him to do the talking when dealing with Bottles.


Dole's face is stolen by Luke

However, the Chronicoms Luke, Cain, and Abel arrived instead, announcing their race and planet of origin. Dole threatened the Chronicoms, but they remained calm as Luke took out his Eraser. Dole ordered his men to shoot the Chronicoms, but Cain and Abel took out their own rifles and shot the two cops. Dole drew his own weapon and fired at Luke, who was unfazed by the bullets as he overpowered Dole. Dole demanded to know what Luke wanted, to which Luke simply replied that he wanted Dole's face, as he began the erasure process to consume his identity. Dole's face was removed as he died.[1]







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