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"I know what I've done and what I am. I was locked in a room for a year, and I played all the atrocities that I'd committed over and over in my head. This will never stop. And I look at myself and all I see is a murderer. But for the first time, I'm grateful, because it takes a monster to stop a monster, and that's what's coming for Trish!"
―Will Simpson to Jessica Jones[src]

William "Will" Simpson was a United States Army veteran and a former patient of IGH who, having struggled to maintain control, left the program and became an New York City Police Department officer. Due to an encounter with Kilgrave, Simpson became obsessed with tracking down and killing him, teaming up with Jessica Jones and Trish Walker in order to complete this goal. However, when Simpson began to believe that Jones' methods weren’t effective, he returned back to the IGH program that he left years before in order to obtain some more of their Combat Enhancers which would increase his strength, while also turning him into a crazed murderer.

However, Simpson eventually regained control of his mind and left IGH, soon discovering Walker was being targeted by Alisa Jones due to an article she was writing. Simpson did everything he could to protect Walker, eventually sacrificing his own life to keep her safe.


Early Life

Work with IGH

"If you're so great, why'd they let you out of Spec Ops?"
"That's classified."
Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]

Sergeant Will Simpson was a member of the 34th Infantry Division[5] before joining the Special Ops unit of the United States Army who had previously volunteered for IGH's pharmaceutical experiment to increase his strength conducted by Miklos Kozlov. His unit was sent to the Damascus with the mission. During the mission, Simpson consumed Combat Enhancers to increase his endurance and pain tolerance. To combat the effects of these drugs, Simpson was also given supplementary drugs; a stabilizer to prevent his body from shutting down, and a depressant to return his body chemistry to normal levels. Misuse of the pills led to a catastrophe during the mission, which resulted in Simspon leaving the program and moving to New York City where he joined New York City Police Department.[6]

Kilgrave's Control

Attack on Trish Walker

"I don't want to shoot you. He said it's not your time."
―Will Simpson to Jessica Jones[src]

Simpson arrives at Trish Walker's apartment

Officer Simpson was approached by Kilgrave, who put him under his power and ordered him to attack and murder Trish Walker, as she had insulted him on her own radio show. Following all of Kilgrave's direct instructions, Simpson arrived at Walker's Apartment and asked her to open her door, claiming to be investigating an assault involving her attacking a passing fan earlier in the day while Walker had been leaving WNEX New York. Walker had remained suspicious and then requested to see Simpson's identification to prove that he was indeed a Police Officer, which he showed to her security camera, gaining Walker's trust.

Simpson furiously tries to kill Trish Walker

The exact moment when Walker unlocked the door to let him inside however, Simpson kicked it down and attacked her. Although Walker attempted to defend herself from her would be killer, Simpson was able to overpower her and furiously began to strangle her as Kilgrave had ordered. However, Jessica Jones then arrived and defended her friend, throwing Simpson across the room. As he stood up and then attempted to attack Walker again, he had instead found Jones crying over her seemingly dead body. Believing himself to have completed his mission for Kilgrave, Simpson then left the apartment.

Simpson is rescued from suicide by Jones

Simpson traveled to the apartment where Kilgrave was staying and informed him that Walker was dead, which had seemed to delight Kilgrave. However as Simpson attempted to leave and return to his job at the New York City Police Department, Kilgrave ordered him to leave via the balcony, which would have resulted in a fatal fall due to them being on the top floor. Simpson attempted to do so but was saved by Jones, who threw him backwards and away from the drop. Before Jones could go after Kilgrave, she was then forced to rescue Simpson again and managed to knock him unconscious.

Simpson is freed of Kilgrave's mind control

Simpson found himself regaining control of his mind once he and Jones had seemingly fallen from the balcony and survived. Confused and shaken from the experience, Simpson demanded to know what had happened and how they had survived, but Jones would only tell him that he had done what Kilgrave wanted and thus was free of his control. Simpson told her that he had not wanted to jump from the balcony yet he was compelled to for some unknown and incredibly confusing reason. Simpson then realized in utter horror that he had seemingly murdered Walker with his bare hands.[1]

Seeking Answers

Simpson back at Trish Walker's apartment

"You have no idea what's involved here."
"Well, I know there's a guy who controls minds and there's a woman who flew out of the sky to save my life. I may not have your abilities, but I got eight years special ops and an entire police force to back me up."
Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]

Convinced that he murdered Trish Walker, Simpson traveled to her apartment with Officer Cooper to discover her body and confirm his fears. When it was confirmed that the security guard did not have a key, Simpson demanded that they get a ram and break down the door. Simpson used the ram to hit at the door repeatedly, even though Cooper continued to question whether or not there was really a body inside the apartment, but Simpson insisted that there was.

Simpson learns that Trish Walker is still alive

Before he could break down the door, it was opened by Jessica Jones, who insisted that they had not heard the banging as they had been listening to music. Simpson recognized Jones as the woman who had helped her and remained confused at the confirmation that Walker was still alive. Jones allowed Simpson to stay despite Walker making it clear she was still hurt from his attack, showing off her bruises on her throat. Jones decided to speak to Simpson in private away from Walker to explain the situation.

Simpson talks privately with Jessica Jones

Once outside, Simpson continued to question how Walker could be alive as he insisted he has felt her die in his hands, but Jones revealed that she had used a drug to make it appear that Walker had died to fool him. Still confused and horrified, Simpson told Jones about how he had done horrible things in the line of duty but had never wanted to kill an innocent woman. Jones explained that Kilgrave had made him want to kill Walker and so it was not his fault but Kilgrave's. Simpson questioned how they could protect Walker from Kilgrave but Jones insisted she would handle it.

Simpson getting comfirmation to help

While he was on duty a little while later, Simpson got a call from Jones asking if he was still interested in stopping Kilgrave, which he insisted that he was. Jones requested that he bring her the footage from CCTV camera across the city as she explained that Kilgrave had people stalk her to take photographs, and learning who it was could lead them to find him. Simpson agreed and Jones promised to text him over the dates, times and locations so he could bring her to correct footage to study.

Simpson threatens Malcolm Ducasse

Simpson met Jessica Jones outside her apartment building with her footage, telling her that it was hours worth with thousands of people to study. As Simpson followed her inside he spotted Malcolm Ducasse also hanging around and threatened him, believing him to be Kilgrave's spy; however, Jones explained that Ducasse was just a junkie who lived near her. Simpson told Jones that he was struggling with the paranoia since being under Kilgrave's control and she advised him to join the Kilgrave Victim Support Group.[2]

Making Amends

Simpson gives Trish Walker a revolver

"I just need you to know that, the guy who tried to kill you, he wasn't me."
"I don't blame you."
"Well, you're doing better than me. I tried to fight it, I couldn't."
―Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]

Still struggling with his guilt, Simpson traveled to Trish Walker's apartment with the aim to make things right after his assault. Walker insisted that she could not allow him to enter her apartment due to fear and he told her he understood. Simpson told her he had a gift for her and stood on the other end of the corridor so she could accept it, revealing it was an illegal gun so she could defend herself.

Simpson starts to connect with Trish Walker

They spent the next few hours sitting either side of the door discussing their pasts and Walker talked about her childhood fame while Simpson told the story of how he had burnt all his G.I. Joe toys in a fire while playing as a child. Simpson tried to use the story to express how the guy who had tried to kill her was not him, insisting it was Kilgrave who had made him act that way, explaining that he had tried to fight it, Walker told him how Jessica Jones had also been under his power. Walker then opened her door and agreed to allow him into her apartment to talk in person.[2]

Simpson speaks to Jones after having sex

During their time together Simpson and Walker developed a sexual relationship and had sex throughout the night. They were interrupted by the arrival of Jessica Jones, who asked for Walker assistance in helping Malcolm Ducasse. While Jones discussed a plan to attack Kilgrave, Simpson came in and advised them while still in his underwear. Simpson advised using him to kill Kilgrave but Jones insisted they needed him alive so they could help Hope Shlottman so Simpson promised to help them with his military experience.[3]

Hunting Kilgrave

Setting up the Trap

Simpson and Jessica Jones plan the trap

"Dart gun is accurate up to twenty feet."
"He'll always keep back to a wall, he'll see you coming."
"He won't see me."
―Will Simpson and Jessica Jones[src]

Simpson and Jessica Jones drove together as they discussed a plan to use a dart gun to knock out Kilgrave and capture him and Simpson agreed to be the shooter. Jones questioned why such a skilled soldier was forced out of special operations but he insisted that this was classified. They arrived at a safe house which Simpson knew housed a Decommissioned CDC Facility where they could bring Kilgrave for questioning once they had successfully captured him.

Simpson silently mocks Jessica Jones

Simpson showed her around inside and showed off the sealed vault and continued to push the idea that he should be involved in the planning and execution of their mission to capture Kilgrave due to his expertise, noting he had suspected Malcolm Ducasse before she did. He showed her how the room was soundproof but he needed a day to set it up. Jones told him she would pick him up as her gifts made her stronger and faster than him. As Simpson showed her the vault, Jones locked him inside and they insulted each other through the soundproof glass, mockingly grinning at each other.

Simpson and Trish Walker discuss her past

Having been let free, Simpson hired a van for Trish Walker to drive during their mission to capture Kilgrave and showed it to her. Simpson revealed he had looked her up online and discovered her past as a child television star and had learned how she had taken in Jones at a young age after Jones' family was killed in a car accident. Simpson questioned if Jones had gained her powers in the crash but Walker refused to answer. He tried to discuss Jones' personal life but Walker refused and insisted that he could trust her and Jones.[3]

Capturing Kilgrave

Simpson hunts down and stalks Kilgrave

"If Kilgrave gets me..."
"I'll take you out."
"I was going to say dartgun me but sure, shoot me in the head."
"Same here."
Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]

As the plan went underway, Simpson advised Jessica Jones and Trish Walker on how to handle the situation as they tested their radios before he and Jones agreed to kill one another if Kilgrave got hold of them. While Jones stalked Malcolm Ducasse, Simpson sat on a park bench and read the New York Bulletin to hide from sight as he watched the action unfold. Once it was clear that Kilgrave had taken a position outside Central Park to meet Ducasse, Simpson took a new position.

Simpson prepares to shoot Kilgrave

Simpson approached Kilgrave as he sat by a cafe with Ducasse looking through pictures, however a balloon bursting revealed his position. Before Kilgrave could work out that he was in a trap, Jones distracted him by calling out his name. In the confusion Simpson shot him with a dart, knocking him unconscious. In the confusion Jones was able to carry Kilgrave to the van despite two men following her, while Simpson shut the doors behind them and they drove away, with Jones resisting killing him but hitting him in the face.

Simpson fighting off Kilgrave's bodyguards

As they arrived at the facility, they discovered Kilgrave had a tracker in his jacket and his men had followed them. A fight broke out where Simpson and Jones were able to battle many of the attackers who used taser sticks to gain the upper hand in the fight. Although Simpson was able to use his training to fight of multiple attackers, the overwhelming odds soon defeated them and Kilgrave was stolen back, leaving only one of his bodyguards left behind. Simpson comforted Walker who disappointed by her lack of involvement.

Simpson threatens to torture Matt

Simpson took the last remaining guard inside the facility and began threatening him, using a knife to cut through his clothing. Matt begged for mercy and insisted that Kilgrave had done nothing to him, instead he had only hired him as a personal bodyguard as Kilgrave had hired him and a team to protect him from attack. Simpson remained skeptical but Matt was unable to reveal where Kilgrave was hiding out but did reveal whatever details he could hand over. Jones reminded Simpson he was a cop and insisted he make things right.[3]

New Plans

Simpson talks to Trish Walker in her bed

"Some people need to be removed from this Earth and Kilgrave is one of them."
"We don't get to decide that, killers decide that, that's what makes them killers."
"That is naive."
―Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]

While Simpson was having sex with Trish Walker, they both decided to ignore a phone call from Jessica Jones. Once they had finished Simpson described it as intense but was jokingly told not to speak. Jones called once again but Walker hung up and refused to speak to her, as she claimed Jones would only be trying to make her forgive herself for losing Kilgrave; Simpson agreed it was not her fault and expressed his belief that it was Jones' fault.

Simpson and Trish Walker discuss Kilgrave

Walker told Simpson that she would only speak to Jones once she had something to tell her; when Simpson pushed for more information, she revealed that she may have a source on where Kilgrave was located. She told him she had discovered who Kilgrave's personal security guards were and they discussed how they would follow the team to find Kilgrave so Jones could capture him, but when Simpson suggested that Kilgrave should be executed, Walker insisted that he needed to suffer in jail for what he had done to Jones, Hope Shlottman and many others to had suffered.

Simpson spies on Kilgrave's movements

Using the information Walker had given him, Simpson was able to track Kilgrave down and watched from a distance as he moved furniture into a suburban home with the help of Hank. Desiring to assassinate Kilgrave, Simpson chose not to inform Walker of his discovery when she called him for updates, suggesting that the team was not Kilgrave's and she may have had bad intel; however, he promised to keep her informed. While keeping watch over several hours, Simpson was horrified to witness Jessica Jones arriving at the home and being welcomed inside by Kilgrave.[7]

Failed Assassination

Simpson trying to convince Jessica Jones

"You're coming with me. I put a bomb in the basement to kill that asshole downstairs."
"Shit. You can't kill him with Hope still in jail!"
"Well you can't let him live, he's too dangerous."
―Will Simpson and Jessica Jones[src]

In an attempt to assassinate Kilgrave, Simpson snuck into the house and planted a bomb in the cellar, he then hid upstairs and waited for Jessica Jones. Much to his surprise however, Jones pulled him out of the room and insisted that she was not under Kilgrave's control as she had not given him up. When Simpson told her about the bomb Jones insisted that Kilgrave couldn't die while Hope Shlottman was still in jail and innocent people were in the house, Simpson reluctantly allowed her to tell Kilgrave about the bomb.

Simpson is confronted by Trish Walker

Disappointed, Simpson returned to New York City and recruited a new team, including Robinson and Ken. While out with the pair, Simpson was approached by Trish Walker, who questioned where he had been since hunting down Kilgrave. Simpson claimed that Kilgrave had gotten away allowing them to live a normal life, but Walker insisted that they could not until Jones felt safe. Simpson expressed his fear of Walker getting hurt and insisted that they get out of Jones' way so she could deal with Kilgrave alone.

Simpson fails to assassinate Kilgrave

Simpson was contacted by Jones a little while later, as she had come up with a new plan to kidnap Kilgrave. Once she had knocked him unconscious, Jones carried Kilgrave outside and was stopped by Hank, a member of his security team, however Simpson was able to shoot and kill the guard. He recommended once again that he be allowed to kill Kilgrave but Jones refused, when the rest of Simpson's team arrived and tried to corner her, Jones flew into the air and escaped with Kilgrave.

Simpson is almost killed in an explosion

Accepting that Jones was gone, Simpson and his team prepared to depart, but they were stopped by Elizabeth De Luca, an older neighbor of the house. De Luca addressed Simpson directly, when he tried to make her return to her home, she handed over a paper bag and explained that Kilgrave had asked her to give it to him. Looking inside Simpson realized the bag contained his bomb and ordered his team to run just as it exploded, killing Simpson's men while seriously injuring his entire body, with a shard of glass embedded in his ribs.[8]


Trish Walker drives Simpson to the hospital

"You're responding well to the meds."
"Feels good, like old times. Give me a red."
"You had a red this morning, we altered protocol after what happened in Damascus. One red to get you going. Two whites to keep you even. One blue to bring you down."
Miklos Kozlov and Will Simpson[src]

Simpson was discovered by Trish Walker who rushed him to Metro-General Hospital, along the way Simpson struggled to stay awake and alive, but insisted that Walker contact Doctor Miklos Kozlov to treat him, however Walker told him that she could not find Kozlov. Walker berated him about trying to murder Kilgrave instead of sticking to their plan while Simpson realized that his two soldiers had been killed in the explosion caused by Elizabeth De Luca.

Simpson begins his recovery in hospital

Once they arrived at the hospital, Simpson continued to insist that he be treated by Doctor Kozlov and refused any treatment. Simpson told Walker that Jessica Jones would have taken Kilgrave to the facility he had set up and asked her to kill him. They were interrupted when Kozlov arrived and began examining him, noting that he had not expected to hear from him again. Simpson told Kozlov he wanted to rejoin IGH and they began treatment while ordering Walker out of the room. Walker returned to the Decommissioned CDC Facility, while Simpson was given Combat Enhancers to help recover.

Simpson receives pills from Miklos Kozlov

With Kozlov's treatment, Simpson soon recovered from his injuries and answered the phone to Walker, explaining that Kozlov was a great doctor. Simpson told her to get away as he did not trust Jones' judgment on the situation, however she refused. Simpson was greeted by Kozlov and they discussed his recovery, when Simpson requested a red pill he was informed that protocol had been changed since an incident in Damascus. However, once Kozlov was gone, Simpson ignored the order and took another red pill, increasing his strength but slowly loosening his grip on reality.[6]

Losing Control

Executing Oscar Clemons

Simpson discovers Louise Thompson's body

"Where are they?! I'm sorry... It's ever since Kilgrave, I don't know who to trust. I don't need a weapon to make a vaccine. Trish Walker, she trusts me, she's the one who called me, so please just tell me where she is."
―Will Simpson to Oscar Clemons[src]

Having left the hospital, Simpson traveled to the facility to murder Kilgrave. Upon arriving he discovered the glass had been shattered and a woman was lying dead, he was then confronted by Oscar Clemons, but Simpson calmed the situation down by showing his police badge and explained that Trish Walker had called him. Simpson commented on Clemons' broken hand and suggested to Clemons that Kilgrave should be executed and not arrested, who Clemons insisted that that was not how the case should be handled.

Simpson shoots and kills Oscar Clemons

When Clemons attempted to call for backup Simpson drew his gun and demanded to know where Kilgrave was and if he had hurt Walker. Clemons explained that Kilgrave had escaped and Jessica Jones was looking for him while Walker was working with a scientist to create a cure for Kilgrave's powers. Seemingly regaining control, Simpson apologized and explained that he was struggling to trust anyone ever since falling under Kilgrave's powers, and offered Clemons his gun. However the moment Clemons revealed Walker's location in New York City, Simpson shot him through the head.

Simpson burns down the facility

Not wishing anyone to discover his part in Clemons' murder, Simpson searched through the cupboards until he found alcohol. He then poured the alcohol over Clemons' corpse and across the floor before using his lighter to ignite the room, destroying the bodies of Clemons and the woman and hopefully destroying all evidence of his involvement in the case and ensuring Kilgrave could not be arrested, while he calmly walked away as the flames engulfed the entire room and building. Simpson then focused his efforts on finding Walker so he could track down and finally murder Kilgrave.

Simpson threatens to kill Albert Thompson

Simpson traveled to the hotel where Trish Walker was hiding, once he was let inside he explained he was okay as Miklos Kozlov was a great doctor. Walker noted that Simpson's pupils were dilated which he blamed on his medication. He was introduced to Albert Thompson who was explained to be Kilgrave's father who was working on the vaccine to fight Kilgrave's powers. Upon learning Thompson was Kilgrave's father, Simpson fell into a rage and then attacked both Thompson and Walker, he tried to apologize but was ordered to leave the room and locked outside by the disturbed Walker.[9]

Going Insane

Simpson explains himself to Trish Walker

"My boys are dead because of her."
"Because of Kilgrave!"
"Yeah, and I'm gonna... gonna kill him but she just keeps getting in the way."
―Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]

Knowing that he was losing control of his mental state due to taking the Combat Enhancers, Simpson quit IGH and attempted to make amends to Trish Walker, visiting her during her radio show. She made it clear she did not wish to speak to him, calling his actions violent and scary. Simpson explained that Miklos Kozlov's drugs made him angry and so he quit. Walker accepted his apology and Simpson asked where Jessica Jones was so he could apologize to her before asking Walker to join him later that night for dinner.

Simpson waits to speak to Trish Walker

Wanting to talk, Simpson went to Walker's apartment building where he snuck past the doorman and waited by the elevator for her to come outside. Instead of inviting him in, Walker told him to go home, so Simpson told her how much he liked her and wanted to make things right, blaming the events on bad medication again. When Simpson questioned if she was going out to help Jones, Walker became suspicious and Simpson explained he needed to stop Jones so he could kill Kilgrave for murdering his men.

Simpson preparing to execute McManus

As they were speaking, two of Kozlov's soldiers, led by McManus, came to collect Simpson, claiming that the doctor was worried about him and they recommended that Walker leave before things got messy. Simpson made it clear that he was not coming back to the program but McManus insisted that they would not leave without him. Instead, Simpson told Walker to return home before swallowing two red pills and claiming he could handle things; he then drew his gun and shot both men down while Walker watched in horror.

Simpson speaks and lies to Jessica Jones

Simpson then hid the bodies inside Trish Walker's Apartment, locked Walker in her safe room and answered her phone when Jones called her; Simpson claimed that Walker was on her way to Jones' apartment and he still wished to help her hunt down Kilgrave. Simpson claimed to have a lead on Kilgrave's location but refused to give it to her unless she promised he could be the one to kill him. She told him to meet her at her apartment and Simpson ignored Walker's screams for help, promising to take care of everything.[10]

Attack on Jessica Jones

Simpson arrives to execute Jessica Jones

"Any other day you would have won this… it's your ribs isn't it?"
"You're on something, you're messed up."
"You could have killed him a dozen times, I'm just doing what has to be done, someone has to."
―Will Simpson and Jessica Jones[src]

Simpson traveled to Jessica Jones's apartment building, with his mind racing due to the influence of IGH's Combat Enhancers. Wishing to put an end to the person stopping him from getting revenge, he stood outside the Alias Investigations Office, drew his gun with a silencer and prepared to kill her as soon as she opened her door; but a neighbor forced him to put his weapon away before he could shoot.

Simpson tries speaking with Jessica Jones

When Jones opened the door, Simpson began lying and claimed he had convinced Trish Walker to stay behind as she would likely not be enough use in their fight. Unsure of Simpson's intentions, Jones mentioned that Kilgrave had murdered Oscar Clemons inside the Decommissioned CDC Facility; Simpson claimed he had read the police report that Clemons had died in a fire, but Jones confirmed it was a bullet to the head from a policeman's gun. Simpson however noted that it would be impossible for such a detailed report to come out so fast and Jones admitted she was testing him.

Simpson fighting against Jessica Jones

Jones accused Simpson of killing Clemons, noting a fresh burn on his arm. Jones kicked Simpson off his chair before he could shoot her; she then disarmed him and began hitting him with whatever she could get her hands on, including various chairs and other weapons. As Jones pinned Simpson against a wall with a chair, she accused him of being under Kilgrave's power but he made it clear that he had murdered Clemons so Kilgrave could not be put in jail and could instead be executed. He tried to overpower her and shoot her once he reclaimed his gun, but was quickly disarmed yet again.

Simpson taking more Combat Enhancers

However, Simpson managed to use his new found strength to launch Jones across her apartment against a wall, at which point he was able to take another one of his Combat Enhancers to increase his strength. As Jones watched him in horror, she questioned what the pills were but Simpson was too enraged to listen and instead focused on overpowering Jones. When Jones once again tried to tackle Simpson, he responded by throwing her through a wall and kicking her wounded ribs as he knew this was her weakness due to a recent car accident before attempting to strangle her.[10]

Defeated by Trish Walker

Simpson is forced into fighting Trish Walker

"You stole my pills?! No don't, it'll kill you!"
"Hasn't killed you."
"Because you have no tolerance, you see these, without a blue to calm down, your brain will forget to tell your lungs to breathe!"
―Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]

Trish Walker then arrived and used a fire extinguisher to knock Simpson back before she and Jessica Jones were able to hide in the bathroom while Simpson attempted to kick the door down as he told Walker that she could still walk away. He then ripped an iron bar off the wall and used it to batter the door apart. As he looked in the room, he was horrified to see Walker had stolen some of his Combat Enhancers; he begged her to stop, explaining that without the other pills her lungs would forget to breathe and she would die.

Simpson is defeated and knocked out cold

However, she took it regardless, claiming dying would be worth it. Walker stabbed Simpson in the shoulder before charging through the broken doorway and attacking him. Simpson tried to hold back with his own strength due to his unwillingness to harm Walker; however, his rage quickly took over and he threw her across the room and into a table. Before he could kill her however, Jones appeared and hit him hard into the kitchen where she proceeded to hit his head against the fridge until he was knocked out cold on the floor; she then pulled the fridge down and crushed Simpson underneath.

Simpson is found by Miklos Kozlov's men

Jones left Simpson in the same place as she rushed Walker to the Metro-General Hospital where she barely survived her overdose on Simpson's deadly drugs. A few hours later, while Simpson still lay unconscious inside Jones' apartment from the fight, a team of IGH soldiers led by Doctor Miklos Kozlov broke into the apartment and quickly discovered Simpson's body. Still angry about Simpson having left the program, stolen the drugs and murdered McManus, Kozlov ordered the men to take Simpson away for questioning.[10]

Secret Guardian

Protecting Trish Walker

Simpson continues stalking Trish Walker

"Kozlov was arguing with him on the phone, and they said Trish's name, so I listened. He wanted whoever it was to… make Trish go away."
"If I'm the issue, then why kill Kozlov and Robert? W-Why am I still here?"
"Because maybe he has been protecting you."
―Will Simpson, Trish Walker, and Jessica Jones[src]

Simpson managed to leave IGH's custody and began to trail Trish Walker upon her investigation into the organization. When Walker was attending a fundraiser, he stood outside, watching her. When she briefly saw him, he vanished. causing her to not be sure if she saw Simpson.[11] When Walker met with her mother, Simpson watched her while sitting in his car, using his inhaler, while also having a gun next to him. He then followed Walker to the set, where she began to sob. She then inspected some suspicious noises she heard and found Simpson pulling a gun out on him. She warned him not to take another step, and when he did she shot him in the leg. Despite this, Simpson continued to approach her. Walker managed to subdue Simpson and tie him up.

Simpson is interrogated by Jessica Jones

She then called Jessica Jones, who arrived and the two talked about the drugs that were on him, making Jones question if Simpson killed Whizzer and Dr. Kozlov, which he denied, revealing that the drugs stop him from losing control, and that he was only protecting Walker. Simpson told the two that IGH sent someone to stop Walker's investigation into them. He revealed that he was the only one who knew about what Kozlov was involved in because he was trapped in an IGH clinic, where Jones herself was experimented on, by someone other than Kozlov. He said he overheard a conversation between Kozlov and the other person about wanting Walker out of the way. Walker asked why she was still alive if they wanted her dead, and Jones suggests that Simpson was telling the truth.

Simpson is murdered by Alisa Jones

Simpson then tried to explain himself to Walker and how he wanted to make up for the horrible things he had done. The lights suddenly went out, and Simpson warned them that the assailant had found them. He told Jones to take Walker and run, so they did, and Jones untied his bonds, and Walker gave Simpson her gun. He struggled to run with his limp at the assailant, and when he came was confronted by her, he fired the gun, but was unsuccessful and was brutally murdered. Jones and Walker came back and found Simpson dead on the floor with his neck snapped, causing Jones to decide to go after the assailant herself.[5]


"You know, I've spent my whole life protecting people."
"You're still you. You just need time to–"
"I did things in the line of duty – horrible things – but I have never wanted to kill an innocent woman."
―Will Simpson and Jessica Jones[src]

After being freed from Kilgrave's grasp, Simpson was guilt-ridden over being controlled to kill an innocent woman and commit suicide. He became obsessed over murdering the mind-controller out of revenge, using his police training and the powers of Jessica Jones, another of his victims to assist with this. He became deeply remorseful towards Trish Walker, engaging in a friendship and sexual relationship with her.

It becomes clear that killing Kilgrave is Simpson's one and only priority, putting it before even the lives of innocent bystanders, such as placing a bomb in the Jones childhood house in an attempt to kill him but ignoring that the staff, security and cooks would be killed as well, although he did inform Jones to give her the chance to escape the blast. Simpson slowly began to lose patience with Jones despite their shared goals. Due to her having had numerous opportunities to kill Kilgrave but not having done so because without him she wouldn't be able to clear Hope Shlottman's name, he begins questioning her involvement and dedication and these emotions would play a vital part in Simpson's turning against Jessica Jones.

With no choice but to return to the Combat Enhancers after a bomb injured Simpson and killed his entire team, he was able to restore his health but it made his rage immense and corrupted his reasoning and common sense. For example his hatred of Kilgrave also projected to the people connected to him such as attacking Albert Thompson, his father for creating him and Jones, centralized that her refusal to kill the mind-controller until Schlottman was absolved and previous history with him, ignoring that she was raped, concluded that she was protecting him to the point where he focused his anger and aggression solely on Jones by attacking her in her apartment. As mentioned earlier, though he was willing to ignore the safety of others at risk for killing Kilgrave, he becomes homicidal under the Enhancers influence, shooting a fellow cop, Oscar Clemons in the head when he posed a risk and burning his body. Nevertheless, Simpson still had enough reason and care for Walker to not want to hurt her and warning her that without the blue pill she would die.

Powers and Abilities

Temporary Powers

Simpson takes different colored pills, known as Combat Enhancers, to produce different bodily effects. The primary functions of these pills is to use adrenaline to greatly reduce the physical limiters of the body, allowing him to exert greater strength, lowered fatigue, lowered reaction to pain and a faster recuperation. These pills include red, for increased adrenaline, white, to keep him balanced, and blue, to bring him down and relax.

  • Enhanced Strength: The pills increased his adrenaline, which in turn lowered his physical limiters such as fatigue or pain. This in turn enhanced Simpson's physical strength, as he was able to match Jessica Jones' strength while she was injured. He was strong enough to easily rag doll her and throw her through a wall.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Simpson's stamina was increased by the Combat Enhancers; Trish Walker was in disbelief at how quickly Simpson was up and about when anyone else would have been confined to bed rest.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Due to his increased metabolism and adrenaline, he was able to heal faster than normal. His healing is so advanced that it took him only one night to recover from catastrophic wounds sustained during an explosion.
"And that fresh burn on your arm confirms that."
"I didn't even feel that."
Jessica Jones and Will Simpson[src]
  • Pain Suppression: The pills increased his adrenaline, which in turn lowered his physical limiters such as fatigue or pain. Simpson was able to take massive beatings and injuries without feeling any signs of pain. Jessica Jones pointed out a catastrophic injury on his arm which he did not notice because it did not cause him any pain. With his inhaler, he barely felt it when Trish Walker shot him in the leg before she held him captive.


"Look, whatever abilities you have I'm guessing they don't include rendition, infiltration and isolation of enemy combatants."
"He's a war hero."
―Will Simpson and Trish Walker[src]
  • Expert Combatant: Coupling his paramilitary training with his police skills, Simpson was able to battle the super-strong Jessica Jones (though she had damaged ribs at the time). Simpson won his battle with Trish Walker, who had taken the Combat Enhancers, because of emotional desire, though Walker used her combat training to match him blow for blow.
  • Expert Marksman: Simpson was able, at a moment's notice, to kill McManus and Fortner with point-blank headshots. He also shot and killed Hank, shot Oscar Clemons in the head, and accurately fired a tranquilizer dart into Kilgrave's neck.



  • Glock 19: Simpson carried a handgun as his service weapon, using it during an assassination attempt against Trish Walker while he was enthralled by Kilgrave. He also carried it for his own black ops mission with an attached suppressor, using it to shoot Hank while trying to kill Kilgrave, to shoot McManus and Fortner when they were sent by Kozlov to retrieve him, and used it when he tried to kill Jessica Jones.
  • Smith & Wesson 3914: Simpson took this gun when he went to the Decommissioned CDC Facility in his own quest to kill Kilgrave. Coming across Oscar Clemons, he threatened him with the gun to prevent him from arresting him, and after apoligizing to Clemons and seemingly calming himself, Simpson shoot Clemons in the head.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 637: Simpson gave a revolver to Trish Walker as a gift in order to make her feel safe following the assassination attempt she suffered from Simpson himself under Kilgrave's enthrallment. Months later, Walker used it to threaten Simpson when she realized that he had been following her after he was presumed dead. She shot him in the leg to try to stop him, but he was able to go on. Later, when another killer went after her, she gave the gun to Simpson. He tried to shoot at the killer, but ended up being killed.

Other Equipment

  • Lighter: When Simpson murders Oscar Clemons, he pours a flammable substance on his body and uses a flip lighter to set it ablaze.
  • Combat Enhancers: Returning to the IGH program, Simpson was prescribed a set of combat enhancers under Dr. Miklos Kozlov. When ingested, he is given the same abilities that match Jessica Jones in terms of strength, endurance, and recovery.
  • Combat Enhancer Inhaler: Simpson, after abandoning IGH, carried and utilized an inhaler that, upon inhaling, gifted him the similar effects of Combat Enhancers.


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  • In the comics, Frank Simpson was a Vietnam war-soldier who was made part of the Weapon Plus program which turned him into a psychotic super-enhanced soldier, codenamed Nuke.
    • Simpson's stars-and-stripes lighter evokes the U.S. flag Nuke has tattooed in his face.
  • A tell-tale sign that Simpson is high on Combat Enhancers is that he repeats his last word when he completes a sentence.

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