"Your man, General Wilhelm Keitel, you know he was hanged yesterday? Twenty-five minutes, that's how long it took him to die. Swinging on the rope, gagging... Horrible way to go."
Roger Dooley to Ernst Mueller[src]

Wilhelm Keitel was a high ranking officer of the armed forces of Nazi Germany during World War II.


On May 9, 1945, Wilhelm Keitel had to sign the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany at Soviet headquarters in Berlin.[1]

He was subsequently arrested and tried at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany. Keitel was sentenced to death and hanged at the Nuremberg Prison in April 1946. According to Roger Dooley, it took twenty-five minutes for Keitel to die on the gallows.[2]


  • In real-world history, Wilhelm Keitel was hanged on October 16, 1946.


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