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"The future's gonna be mine."
―Freddy Malick[src]

Wilfred Malick was a former bartender who, after his father's suicide and the loss of his family's wealth, was forced to work for Ernest Koenig. However, Malick was recruited by HYDRA, and was ordered to transport their final remaining ingredients needed for the Super Soldier Serum. Despite being warned by both Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw that these actions would lead to terrible consequences, Malick then completed his task. Now a member of HYDRA, Malick rebuilt his family's fortune and took part in their infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D., only to be met by the Chronicoms, who told him about his battle with S.H.I.E.L.D. across the timelines, and gave Malick the tools he needed to recreate Project Insight. However, when Malick had tried to launch his Project Insight, he was confronted by Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, before being shot and killed by Shaw, in his attempt to correct their timeline by removing Malick.


Early Life

Losing His Father

"Took a walk off a tall building. My family used to have a lot of dough before..."
"The market crashed."
"Lost everything. After dad, my mom went a little crazy. Hasn't spoken a word in almost two years."
―Freddy Malick and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Wilfred Malick was born into a wealthy family with roots in the ancient cult known as HYDRA. However, when the Wall Street Crash happened in 1929, he then witnessed his father commit suicide by jumping out of his window.[2] When his father died, Malick not only lost the family money, but also the respect of people within HYDRA, including Viola, which had profoundly impacted Malick. Malick had to live on the street, until he was found by Ernest Koenig, who gave him a job inside The Krazy Kanoe, as well as a discounted rate to live above his bar.[1]

Rejoining HYDRA

Encountering S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Welcome, gentlemen."
―Freddy Malick and Phil Coulson[src]

Malick welcoming the two new arrivals inside

In 1931, Malick was working at The Krazy Kanoe when he answered a knock on the door, greeting Phil Coulson, as well as Alphonso Mackenzie. Malick immediately requested the password, which Coulson gave as "Swordfish" allowing Malick to give them access into the bar. Malick then took Coulson and Mackenzie's hats, as they went to the bar to find the SSR asset known as Gemini, who they believed would often be found working there behind the bar. However, when Coulson and Mackenzie spoke to Tillman, Malick witnessed Tillman draw his gun and threaten the pair, as Malick locked the doors behind them.

Malick continues working in The Krazy Kanoe

Malick kept watching while Tillman had questioned why Coulson and Mackenzie had come there on the same day that Jimmy Bottles just disappeared, although they had insisted that they had not killed him. However, Malick then witnessed Coulson and Mackenzie subdue all of the guards and demand to speak to the man in charge, until Ernest Koenig stepped out and introduced himself. While Koenig sat down with Coulson and Mackenzie, he defended his character by pointing out Malick's situation, while Malick moved several bottles of alcohol behind the bar, dropping one, much to Koenig's annoyance.[1]

Targeted by the Chronicoms

Malick gets confused by Alphonso Mackenzie

"Why did you want to see me?"
"I have a job for you. A second chance, you could call it. If you can deliver this to the docks, then my employer will reward you. And your family's glory will be restored."
"What is it?"
"The future."
―Freddy Malick and Viola[src]

Malick was recruited by Ernest Koenig to bartend the campaign party held for New York City Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had their party personally catered by Koenig. While Roosevelt gave his speech, Malick noticed that Alphonso Mackenzie was in awe of Roosevelt, as he questioned what his fascination with their Governor was, as had Mackenzie claimed that Roosevelt would soon fight against discrimination within the workplace and was way ahead of his time, much to Malick's considerable confusion.

Malick and Deke Shaw talk about their fathers

Changing the subject, Malick was then asked by Deke Shaw how he had begun working for Koenig, as Malick explained that he had been hustling work in the streets following his father's suicide, until Koenig offered him a job at The Krazy Kanoe, with Shaw then expressing his sympathies to Malick as he noted that his father had also died, while claiming that they simply had to do what they had to do to survive as the result. While Malick continued working behind the bar during their party, he then eventually noticed that both Mackenzie and Shaw just simply vanished, leaving him to work on his own behind the bar.

Malick being approached by Viola at the bar

As Malick had continued working behind the bar on his own, he was then approached by Viola, as he politely offered to make any drink for her, only for Viola to explain that she was his HYDRA contact who he had been ordered to meet with, as Malick noted that he had started to believe that she would never turn up there. Seeing that there were too many people around them at the party, Viola then told Malick that they needed to discuss their business in private, and then invited him to follow her into the back room so that she could give him HYDRA's instructions, as Malick did as he was instructed and followed her.

Malick inspecting their Super Soldier Serum

Once they were alone, Viola then told Malick that she worked with his father and viewed him as powerful, before she changed her view and considered him as a coward following his suicide. Malick questioned why Viola had wanted to meet with him, to which she explained that she had a job for him, as she presented Malick with a vial containing the final ingredients for the Super Soldier Serum, telling him that if he took it to Hell's Harbor, HYDRA would reward them, promising that it would restore his family's glory. As Malick then questioned what their substance was, Viola would only tell him that it was the future.

Malick getting almost assassinated by Luke

However, as Viola was handing over all their vials of the Super Soldier Serum to Malick for this mission, they were then suddenly ambushed by Luke and Abel, who were now disguised as New York City Police Department officers. While Malick got behind covering, he witnessed Abel shooting Viola in the gut, before Luke had calmly stood over him and prepared to shoot him into the head, while Malick just remained completely unprotected and defenseless. As Malick then questioned why they were attacking him, Luke calmly explained that Malick was the thread, before then preparing to pull the trigger and kill him.

Malick is rescued and leaves with Deke Shaw

However, before Luke could kill Malick, Daisy Johnson arrived as she fired her shockwave that threw Luke and Abel through the door in the kitchen, while Malick remained hidden. While Johnson fought against his attackers in the kitchen, Malick was rejoined by Mackenzie, Shaw and Phil Coulson, as he questioned what was going on, before Shaw had then offered him his hand, and promised that they were currently attempting to save his life. With no other choice, Malick took Shaw's hand and escaped from the building with Shaw and Mackenzie, while Coulson and Johnson fought against Luke and Abel together.[1]

Protected by Strangers

Malick escaping from the Chronicom Hunters

"Take the car and get outta here. This is where we go our separate ways, fellas. That's my ride. I appreciate you saving my life. I owe you one."
"We're not leaving you."
"I don't need no bodyguards."
―Freddy Malick and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Malick was taken into a car and driven away from the battle by Deke Shaw and Alphonso Mackenzie, as they questioned why Malick was being targeted for assassination by Luke and Abel. However, Malick insisted that he did not know, claiming that he was simply ordered to make a delivery, as Shaw and Mackenzie agreed to help him complete the delivery. As Malick looked at a vial of Super Soldier Serum he had been given, he chose not to tell his new allies about it.[1]

Malick and his allies escaping from the police

While they drove through New York City together in order to escape from their attackers, Malick and his allies were followed by one New York City Police Department car, as Malick told Mackenzie to drive faster and give the police the slip, noticing that Shaw misunderstood the term "slip", which added to Malick's suspicions about his newest allies. Mackenzie eventually was able to lose these police by driving into an alleyway and turning off their car's lights, as Malick celebrate this success when the police cars drove past. Mackenzie questioned what was next, as Malick told him they had to deliver the goods.

Malick opens the car truck to view the alcohol

As they opened up the car trunk, Malick suggested that they take off their tuxedos to avoid unwanted attention, before noticing that Shaw had attempted to call Daisy Johnson from his wireless phone, as he questioned what it was. While Mackenzie claimed that Shaw was an inventor, Malick had noted that the phone was poorly designed as it needed to be plugged in to work correctly, resulting in Shaw mocking Malick's New York accent. Mackenzie then questioned Malick about the delivery of bottles of La Respuesta, with Malick insisting that this was their finest alcohol which men would be willing to kill for.

Malick showing off all their bottles of alcohol

Mackenzie then insisted that, if they were to protect Malick, he would need to be completely honest with them, to which Malick had invited them to leave if they wanted to, only for Shaw to insist that they were bootleggers like him and would be willing to take him where ever he needed to go. While Mackenzie and Shaw prepared to leave, Malick quietly took out the vial of Super Soldier Serum, and placed it inside of one of the bottles of La Respuesta, hoping that he could transport it to his HYDRA superiors without Mackenzie and Shaw noticing this, while commenting to himself that the future was going to be his.

Malick separating himself from his new allies

Once they arrived into the train yard, Malick worked with Mackenzie and Shaw to unload all of their bottles from their car, before getting questioned about who would be buying all the alcohol from him, with Malick simply explaining that he did not know. Malick then explained that he would be meeting the buyer several hundred miles away, and explaining that he did not intend for Mackenzie or Shaw to rejoin him, although he expressed his gratitude for them saving his life. However, Mackenzie and Shaw refused to leave, despite Malick insisting he did not need any bodyguards, which Malick had reluctantly agreed to.[2]

Questioning his Protectors

Malick closely examines Deke Shaw's radio

"I don't always want to do this. I got dreams. When this job is done, I'll be sitting pretty."
"From a few bottles of booze? You're sure that's all this is?"
"Well, whatever it is, it's not like it's gonna change the world."
―Freddy Malick and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

As they rode on the train together, Malick asked Deke Shaw if he had really invented his wireless telephone, with Shaw claiming that it was a prototype, while Malick questioned how it worked. As Shaw noted that tech was his thing, confusing Malick over the term "tech", Alphonso Mackenzie asked Malick what his thing was, to which he noted that he was never good at school but he had made friends before Shaw questioned how Malick's father died, to which Malick then explained that he committed suicide by jumping from a tall building.

Malick speaking about his family's rise and fall

Malick explained how his family had once been rich, before losing it all during their Great Depression, noting how this then resulted in his father's suicide and his mother losing her sanity, although Malick had remained optimistic about his situation. While Malick insisted that he did what he had to do to make friends and became a bootlegger, he insisted that he did not always want to do this line of work, since he dreamed of something bigger. As Malick noted this job would change his life, he was asked by Mackenzie how bottles of alcohol would do that, with Malick noted that it would not really change the world.

Malick sees Deke Shaw has been snooping

As the journey continued, Malick eventually fell asleep and awoke to the sound of Shaw's wireless telephone, only to find Mackenzie and Shaw going through their bottles of La Respuesta. While Mackenzie spoke on their phone and tried to get through to Enoch, Malick then questioned Shaw about what they had been doing to all the alcohol. However, Mackenzie had then told Malick that he wanted to find out what they were dealing with, since he believed there was more to the deal than they thought. When Mackenzie requested to look inside the bottles, Malick had simply insisted that this would get him killed.

Malick pulling out his revolver on his new allies

While Mackenzie had questioned if Malick was curious about the job, Malick claimed that being curious would get him shot faster than any trust. Despite Shaw insisting that they should simply assist Malick to complete his job, Mackenzie stepped up to Malick, as he noted that nobody would ever know that they searched all the bottles, ordering Malick to step aside, which he reluctantly did. However, Malick then instead responded by aiming his gun at Mackenzie and Shaw, while insisting that he could not allow them to look through all their bottles, while also telling them to simply allow him to complete this job.

Malick asks for the truth about their situation

While Malick continued holding Mackenzie and Shaw at gunpoint, he questioned why they did not just explain who they really were, noting that they were clearly not bootleggers and were never from New York City, as Shaw simply commented that they had traveled a long way to ensure that Malick did not die. Malick had questioned the reasons, noting how Luke had referred to him as the thread, which he did not understand. Mackenzie noted that it was complicated but that Shaw was right, that they had to protect Malick, questioning if Malick knew that the man he would do the deal with would not murder him.

Malick is pushed over by Alphonso Mackenzie

Malick explained how Viola had known his father, and she was giving him the opportunity to become what his father never could, while he noted that they would never kill him, unless he did something stupid. However, as Malick said this, their train came to it's sudden stop, as Mackenzie took advantage of this to charge at Malick, knocking him to the ground while Shaw was able to take his gun away from him, as they retook control of the situation. When Shaw questioned why they had stopped unexpectedly here, Malick then explained that they had just arrived at Hell's Harbor, where he was due to make his deal.[2]

Ambush at Hell's Harbor

Malick arrives into Hell's Harbor for their deal

"Why do you think I'm doing this? I'm gonna be somebody, not a coward like him."
"Listen, listen, you and I, are going to go get a drink, okay? And we'll talk about this."
"What? You gonna shoot me?"
―Freddy Malick and Ernest Koenig[src]

Upon arriving at the Hell's Harbor, Malick had been forced to look on as Alphonso Mackenzie began searching through all the bottles of La Respuesta, searching for any clues about what their deal really could be. As he began to lose his patience, Malick questioned if Mackenzie was satisfied with his search yet, before Mackenzie then found the bottle containing their key ingredient for the Super Soldier Serum, which Malick had hidden earlier. When he was asked what it was, Malick claimed that he never asked.

Malick being told the future of his own family

Malick watched as Mackenzie then poured out their alcohol to get to the vial, as he continued to questioned what it was, although Malick had refused to answer. However, they were then interrupted by Deke Shaw, who noted what Malick's full name was, with Mackenzie noted that he was the father of Gideon Malick, which Malick had denied as he insisted that he was nobody's father. When Mackenzie noted that he was a future head of HYDRA, Malick had been shocked that they knew the name of the organization, before witnessing Shaw raising a gun at him, explaining that he had been ordered to shoot him.

Malick begging Deke Shaw not to shoot him

Malick questioned what he did to deserve death, noting how he had thought that Mackenzie and Shaw had come with him to protect him, while Shaw noted that Daisy Johnson had given the order for Malick to be assassinated. However, Shaw had then continued to note that Malick would become in the future, noting how many people would die because of him, while Malick had insisted that he had never hurt anyone, while he begged Shaw not to kill him. With Mackenzie then ordering him to stand down, Shaw eventually put his weapon down, unwilling to shoot Malick in cold blood, much to Malick's relief.

Malick gets ready to escape during the chaos

However, just as Malick relaxed, Shaw raised his gun again and shot behind him, as Luke and Abel had returned into the Harbor and then began shooting at Malick with the Chronicom Rifles. Malick was able to quickly get behind cover while Mackenzie and Shaw attempted to protect him, with Malick questioning what Luke and Abel really were, to which Mackenzie had noted that they were from the future. When Mackenzie attempted to wrestle a rifle away from Abel, Malick saw his chance to escape, as he grabbed the vial of Super Soldier Serum and ran, moments before the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived.

Malick having an argument with Ernest Koenig

Having taken back his gun, Malick had been able to find somewhere to hide, as he reloaded the gun, fearful of Luke and Abel finding him. However, Malick was soon greeted by Ernest Koenig, who advised Malick not to make this decision, as he had insisted that Malick was better than that. Malick advised Koenig to escape, as Koenig noted that Malick was a good kid, but told him not to make the same bad choices as his father had, although Malick had insisted that he was making these choices so that he could be somebody, and not be the coward like his father had been, just as the HYDRA car arrived.

Malick picks his side and leaves with HYDRA

In response, Koenig placed his gun on the floor as he suggested that he and Malick just go get a drink and discuss their situations calmly, to which Malick responded by raising his gun and ordering Koenig to stop. When Koenig smirked, and noted that he believed Malick was not the killer, Malick responded by shooting Koenig in the shoulder, insisting that Koenig did not know him. With that, Malick then walked away from a wounded Koenig and stepped into the car that HYDRA had sent, ignoring Koenig's continued advise, as Malick had instead got into the car and was driven away, completing his drop off.[2]

HYDRA Leader

Infiltration into S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Who else knew about your meeting with Dr. Lindmore?"
"Only my superior, also classified."
"Name wouldn't happen to be Malick, would it?"
Phil Coulson and Daniel Sousa[src]

With their Super Soldier Serum ingredient provided, Malick had become a loyal member of HYDRA, as Malick's actions by delivering the serum, allowed Johann Schmidt's HYDRA cell to ware war against the entire world, and in return, HYDRA restored Malick's family fortune.[4]. However, as S.H.I.E.L.D. rose up in response to HYDRA's actions during World War II, Malick's HYDRA cells infiltrated the organization, with Malick swiftly becoming a high ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, able to manipulate the organization for HYDRA's benefit.

In 1955, Malick received information that Daniel Sousa had been tasked with delivering an important device for S.H.I.E.L.D. to Howard Stark, he also learned of Sousa's suspicions of S.H.I.E.L.D. having become infiltrated by HYDRA, as Sousa had informed Malick of his belief, since he had mistakenly believed that Malick was his ally. In response, Malick ordered his subordinates kill Sousa before he expose HYDRA's infiltration, while also sending in Joe to capture Niles Lindmore, to learn about the device Sousa was delivering. Malick also got an anonymous tip that Sousa was on the train to Los Angeles, as Malick had then ordered Lana to ambush Sousa there.[4]

Reunion with Deke Shaw

Malick getting reunited back with Deke Shaw

"I guess I owe you a debt of gratitude, Deke."
"I'm glad life worked out for you."
"Well, it looks like it has for you too. You get to walk out from here instead of being carried out. Consider my debt paid. Although, if I see you again, you won't be so lucky."
―Wilfred Malick and Deke Shaw[src]

Eventually, Malick's subordinates returned with a man, who they had kidnapped from the Lindmore Residence. However, Malick had been unconvinced that the man was Niles Lindmore, as he stepped over to him and introduced himself, before noting that the man did not look like any scientist. The man claimed to be a salesman who had been taken by Malick's men, although Malick merely scoffed at these claims and had questioned where Howard Stark's device was.

Malick shooting down one of his subordinates

With the man still insisting that he was merely the toaster salesman, Malick's henchman noted that they had been instructed to capture the man in that house, and this was the only person there, although Malick claimed that they clearly had not looked hard enough. As the man then suggested that he had no hard feelings about him getting kidnapped, acknowledging that Malick's henchman had screwed up the plan, which Malick agreed with as he drew his gun and shot his own henchman, with Malick thanking the man for helping him to find a bum employee, as the man remained horrified by the shooting.

Malick remembering the day his life changed

Malick had then turned the weapon on the man, noting that nobody would miss his henchman nor a toaster salesman. However, the man told Malick that he did not have to kill him, as he called him Freddy, which Malick noted that nobody had called him that, only for the man to note that he called him that back in 1931, which Malick noted was the year his life had begun. The man noted that Malick had delivered the Super Soldier Serum and he had helped him to do that, as Malick realized that the man was Deke Shaw, although he had claimed that it was impossible that he could be there without having aged.

Malick chooses to not to end Deke Shaw's life

Malick recalled that Shaw once held his gun on him, to which Shaw noted that he did not shoot him, and instead shot Luke and Abel as they had attempted to kill him. With that, Malick put down his gun, asking Shaw to forgive his memory, while noting that he often found it difficult to recall the people who helped him reach his high position within HYDRA. Malick acknowledged that he owed Shaw a debt, to which Shaw claimed to be happy that his life had worked out. Malick told Shaw that life was working in his favor as well, as he would let Shaw to leave the Malick Mansion, without getting dragged out.

Malick asks one more question to Deke Shaw

Malick gave Shaw his bag back, telling him that his debt to him was now paid, but vowed that if they ever saw one another again, Shaw would not be so lucky. Before he left, Malick called back to Shaw as he questioned what he had been doing at the Lindmore Residence, since he was clearly not a toaster salesman, to which Shaw claimed that he had been looking out for his future, while Malick claimed that they were all doing the same thing. With that, Shaw had then left the Mansion, while Malick then continued to focus on Daniel Sousa and ensuring that he would not be able to expose HYDRA's secret.[4]

Deal with the Chronicoms

Malick getting unexpectedly visited by Luke

"You're the man who called, told me Sousa was on the train."
"You and I share an enemy, Mr. Malick. The only difference is that mine is from the future."
"I think I might have met one of them."
"You certainly did. As it is certain S.H.I.E.L.D. will destroy all you have built. It is time to prevent that."
―Wilfred Malick and Luke[src]

Malick's plan to protect HYDRA's secrets appeared to be successful, since Joe informed him he managed to shoot and kill Daniel Sousa in the Hotel Roosevelt. While Malick thought about Sousa's death, he was alerted to another presence in the Malick Mansion, as Malick quickly drew his gun to defend himself from the potential attacker. However, the intruder then calmly revealed himself to be Luke, and promised that it would not be necessary to threaten him, explaining that he had been left behind to help him.

Malick being offered some assistance by Luke

While Malick kept his gun raised, he recognized Luke's voice as the man who had called to tell him that Sousa was on the train towards Los Angeles. Luke had then explained that they shared the common enemy, and that the only difference was that his was from the future, with Malick acknowledging that Deke Shaw was likely one of them. Luke explained that it was certain that S.H.I.E.L.D. would eventually destroy everything that Malick had built, and it was time for them to prevent that, while Malick questioned how they would be able to do that, to which Luke told Malick to do exactly as he told him to.[4]

Project Insight

"Look how far we've come. From hiding underground, keeping our vigilante watch, to having eyes in the sky, ensuring the Earth's safety. Using targeting satellites, and pin-point laser telemetry, S.H.I.E.L.D. will now be able to neutralize hostiles anywhere in the world before they pose a threat!"
―Wilfred Malick[src]

Following the advice from the Chronicoms, Malick had continued to rise into the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D., while truly serving HYDRA's goal of world domination.[7] During this time, Malick had two sons, Gideon and Nathaniel, who followed in their father's footsteps of becoming loyal to HYDRA, although Nathaniel struggled to find his place.[5] With the help of Luke, Malick survived the date of his original death, and became the superior of Rick Stoner, as he manipulated Stoner into assisting him to create Project Insight, in order to eliminate HYDRA's enemies.

As part of their plan to eliminate S.H.I.E.L.D., Malick was provided the list of names for Project Insight to target, which had included future leaders such as Nick Fury and Robert Gonzales, as well as future Avengers including Bruce Banner and the parents of future agents like Bobbi Morse, among many other targets, which would then allow the Chronicoms to achieve their goals. Malick had also been warned by Luke that he would eventually get targeted by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents of the future once again, as they would intend to stop Project Insight.[7]

Reencountering S.H.I.E.L.D.

Malick is welcomed onto stage by Rick Stoner

"We first met forty years ago, in this very room. I have lived an entire lifetime since then. What have you been doing? Surrender now, and we'll go easy on the rest of you."
"Counter offer, let us go and the kid walks."
"You wouldn't. Nathaniel's got nothing to do with this."
―Wilfred Malick and Phil Coulson[src]

In 1973, Malick attended the celebration at The Krazy Kanoe for the creation of Project Insight. During the party, the guests were silenced by a speech given by Rick Stoner, during which he had introduced Malick, calling him his friend, as Malick then stepped forward to applause from the attendees. Thanking Stoner, Malick told their crowd that it was an honor to be there, noting how he got his start inside The Krazy Kanoe while working for Ernest Koenig back in 1931.

Malick giving his speech about Project Insight

Malick then commented on how far S.H.I.E.L.D. had come over their years, noting how they had once been hiding underground while they protected the world, before now they had satellites in the sky which were designed to ensure the Earth's complete safety. Malick went on to explain how Project Insight could target all S.H.I.E.L.D.'s enemies before they posed a threat, despite the plan being for the satellites to actually target HYDRA's enemies. Malick and Stoner had then been presented with a cake, depicting their Project Insight Satellite, as the efforts were applauded by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in attendance.

Malick asking for Phil Coulson's actual identity

During the party, Malick noticed that Phil Coulson was in attendance with Melinda May, as he then approached Coulson and introduced himself, acting as though he did not remember him from the 1930s, thanking Coulson for attending the party. Maintaining his cover story, Coulson then told Malick that it was an honor to serve S.H.I.E.L.D., before Malick questioned what his name was, to which Coulson had introduced himself as Patrick Kutik, claiming that he came from their processing department of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Malick had invited Coulson to come to River's End, noting that he just bought an Estate there.

Malick finds his son was taken held hostage

Malick then revealed the truth, once the Chronicoms surrounded his enemies, with Malick noting that he still remembered Coulson from their last encounter. Malick noted that they had last met forty years earlier, questioning how he could have lived an entire lifetime while Coulson appeared to have not aged a single day. The Chronicoms then drew their Rifles on them, as Malick advised them to surrender so they could go easy on them. However, Malick then noticed that Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa were holding Nathaniel Malick as their hostage, as Coulson advised Malick to allow them to walk.

Malick chooses his son's life over their victory

While Malick insisted that Nathaniel had nothing to do with their fight, May noted that Nathaniel was a ripple in their timeline, and therefore should not exist, while Coulson warned that they were willing to kill him if required. Despite Luke ordering that they finish this and kill the agents, Malick demanded that the Chronicoms stand down, unwilling to risk the life of his sons. Malick was then forced to watch while the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents escaped the bar, leaving Nathaniel behind, while Luke commented that Malick's behavior was strange, while Malick insisted that he had no choice as Nathaniel's life was in danger.[7]

Launch of Project Insight

Malick awaiting the launch of Project Insight

"You were handed victory and the power to eradicate thousands of your foes, and yet you would have thrown it away to save one person."
"My son. I had no choice."
"It only seemed that way. The fatal flaw in the human condition, which you will now help us exploit."
Luke and Wilfred Malick[src]

Malick continued working towards the creation of Project Insight until the date of their launch in 1976, where he was visited by Luke inside of his Estate next to the Lighthouse, where the Insight Satellite would be launched. Malick commented to Luke that he had the best view before the launch, only for Luke to insist that he was not there for that, but to discuss Malick's actions in 1973 at The Krazy Kanoe, although Malick questioned if Luke was really angry about something that had happened three years earlier.

Malick receiving another envelope from Luke

Luke had told Malick that Chronicoms did not get angry, but instead would adapt to their situation, noting that Malick had taught them all something about human behavior on that day. Malick then listened as Luke commented on how he had been handed his victory and the chance to eliminate thousands of their foes on that day, but had just thrown it away in order to save Nathaniel Malick's life. When Malick insisted that he had no choice but to save his son, Luke insisted that it had only appeared that way, calling this the fatal flaw in the human condition, which he had wanted Malick to assist him to exploit.

Malick and Luke discussing their new plans

Malick was told by Luke that their predictor, Sibyl had already seen that S.H.I.E.L.D. would find Malick in his Estate, and when they did, Malick would have leverage against them. Luke then handed Malick a photograph of John Mackenzie and Lilla Mackenzie, who would be turned into Chronicoms and used against the agents, as Malick had questioned why they would not simply put the Mackenzie's onto the list of Insight targets. However, Luke had explained that killing them would not be as effective, as they intended for S.H.I.E.L.D. to reveal their position, as Malick then agreed to do as he was instructed.[7]

Assassinated by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Malick is unsurprised by Deke Shaw's return

"The dominos are already falling. Come on, the Chronicoms knew exactly how this was going to unfold, they let you think you had a fighting chance, but they were always ten steps ahead, and even if you figure out what's going on, there's nothing you can do, because the Chronicoms see everything, they see what you're going to do, and they know exac–"
―Wilfred Malick to Deke Shaw[src]

While Malick remained within his Estate, he had eventually noticed a Quinjet landing outside, before the door to his office was smashed open by one of his henchmen being pushed through it, while Deke Shaw and Yo-Yo Rodriguez stepped inside, with Shaw holding a gun to Malick. Upon him seeing Shaw again, Malick chuckled to himself, while noting that he had the notion that he would show up there, since he had been pre-warned about their return, with Shaw noting that he had hoped not to see Malick again.

Malick refutes all of Yo-Yo Rodriguez's claims

Malick noted that they had the best view for the launch of the Project Insight satellite and invited them to watch, although Rodriguez simply insisted that the launch would not happen, as S.H.I.E.L.D. would shut it down. However, Malick remained calm, noting that they clearly had no idea what they were actually up against, to which Rodriguez then noted that Malick could tell them exactly what it was, since they now planned to arrest him, although Malick insisted that he was not going with them. Malick then warned that if S.H.I.E.L.D. continued to fight the Chronicoms, things would only get messier during the conflict.

Malick giving his final warnings for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Presenting them with the envelope which Luke had given him, Malick claimed that he had something that they wanted, to which Rodriguez told Malick to stop talking and come with them, insisting that it would be time for Malick to pay for his crimes, with Shaw noting that these included the ones that he had committed already, and those ones he was about to commit with the launch of Project Insight. However, as Malick insisted that those dominos were already falling, he noted that the Chronicoms knew exactly how the situation would unfold, as they had allowed S.H.I.E.L.D. to believe they had a chance of victory.

Malick getting shot and killed by Deke Shaw

Malick had claimed that the Chronicoms had always been ten steps ahead, promising that even if S.H.I.E.L.D. figured out what was going on, there would be nothing that they would be able do to defeat the Chronicom's plans. As Malick had then continued to insist that these Chronicoms saw everything, including what they had planned to do, he was interrupted when Shaw then shot Malick directly in the heart, killing him. As Shaw believed he fixed their timelines by killing Malick, Rodriguez took the envelope and saw the images of John Mackenzie and Lilla Mackenzie, as she realized what Malick's plans were.[7]


Fondly Remembered

"My father was killed by your team, or do you want to deny that? Didn't get me as choked up as I thought it would."
"Sounds like the apple fell far from the tree."
"I have no use for my father's way of thinking! He trapped himself in HYDRA, bound by its history, rules, hierarchy."
Nathaniel Malick and Phil Coulson[src]

Wilfred Malick had been remembered as being one of HYDRA's most influential leaders. Malick's son Nathaniel admittedly remained critical of his father's devotion to HYDRA's ideals.[8] Despite this, Malick was remembered as a loving father by his son. Nathaniel was upset about his father's death, leading to him sending a vibrational shockwave throughout Deke Shaw's body, declaring it to be revenge for the murder of his father.[6]


"You'll have to forgive my memory. When you reach my position, it's easy to forget the people who helped you on your way to the top."
―Wilfred Malick to Deke Shaw[src]

Wilfred Malick was a very loyal man, staying true to HYDRA even as the organization turned their back on his father following the man's suicide. Malick was also a cowardly man. When Luke and Abel shot Viola, his first instinct was to hide in a corner. He started panicking and asking why he was being attacked, without thinking about Viola.

Malick put up a front of awkwardness but was in fact a very confident and manipulative man. Once he knew he could trust Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw, Malick began manipulating the two of them by lying about the contents of his shipment. He confidently led them along and fought Mackenzie about his involvement in the shipment. Malick held Mackenzie and Shaw at gunpoint without question and got annoyed whenever he was questioned.


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Malick threatening to shoot and kill Luke

  • Smith & Wesson Model 10: Malick had kept this revolver in his office, and used it to threaten Deke Shaw when he was brought to him, having ordered his men to kidnap Niles Lindmore. Shaw explained how he was not the scientist Malick was looking for, and then he shoot at his own henchman for failing him. Malick was then about to kill Shaw, until he reminded how he helped him in 1931, so Malick spared Shaw's life. Malick readied the revolver when Luke entered announced into his office, until the Chronicom explained how, with his help, he would then be able to stop S.H.I.E.L.D..

Other Equipment

"What is this?"
"I told you, I don't ask questions."
"What is that, Freddy?"
Alphonso Mackenzie and Freddy Malick[src]

Malick holds up the Super Soldier Serum vial


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"I got my start working in this gin joint, long before it was a S.H.I.E.L.D. asset."
―Wilfred Malick to Rick Stoner[src]






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