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"Dad was afraid to be the Traveler. He was a coward and a cheater. Everything he said to us was a lie."
Nathaniel Malick to Gideon Malick[src]

Wilfred Malick was a former bartender who, after his father's suicide and the loss of his family's wealth, was forced to work for Ernest Koenig. However, Malick was recruited by HYDRA, and ordered to transport the ingredients for the Super Soldier Serum. Now a member of HYDRA, Malick rebuilt his family's fortune, took part with the infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D. and joined ancient HYDRA beliefs in Hive, participating with ceremonies to select their sacrifices for Hive, although Malick would often cheat these. Following his eventual demise, Malick's two sons, Gideon and Nathaniel, discovered his cheating in the ceremonies, forever changing their views on their father.


Early Life

Losing his Father

"Took a walk off a tall building. My family used to have a lot of dough before..."
"The market crashed."
"Lost everything. After dad, my mom went a little crazy. Hasn't spoken a word in almost two years."
Freddy Malick and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

Wilfred Malick was born into a wealthy family with roots in the ancient cult known as HYDRA. Following the Wall Street Crash in 1929, he witnessed his father commit suicide by jumping out of a window, greatly upsetting his mother.[3] His father's suicide resulted in him losing not only the family money but the respect of people within HYDRA, including Viola, which profoundly impacted Malick. Malick lived on the street until he was found by Ernest Koenig, who gave him a job and a discounted rate to live at his bar.[1]

Joining HYDRA

"Make no mistake. Your rituals are foolish. But your father, he was no fool."
Daniel Whitehall to Gideon Malick[src]

In 1931, Malick was working at The Krazy Kanoe and was ordered by Ernest Koenig to bartend a party for Franklin D. Roosevelt. During the party, Malick was approached by Viola, his contact within HYDRA, who gave him the key ingredient for the Super Soldier Serum.[1] Malick delivered the ingredient to HYDRA, which was later used by Johann Schmidt during World War II. As a result of his actions, Malick's family fortune was restored, and he was given a high ranking placement within HYDRA.[3]

In 1955, during his time working undercover within S.H.I.E.L.D., Malick was approached by Daniel Sousa, who had come to suspect that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by HYDRA, unaware of Malick's true loyalties. As a result, Malick had Sousa assassinated while he was attempting to transport one of Howard Stark's inventions, ensuring that HYDRA's secrets were protected.[4]

Cheating on the Ceremony

"Dad... he would swap in this stone during the ceremonies and feel for the notch to make sure he never drew it from the bag."
Nathaniel Malick to Gideon Malick[src]

Malick proved himself to be a loyal and devoted HYDRA member, as his two sons, Gideon and Nathaniel, grew to resent their father for being more devoted to HYDRA than the two of them. Over time, Malick learned about Hive, a powerful ancient being treated by HYDRA as the deity and banished on a faraway planet centuries ago. He was informed about a ceremony in which a "traveler" was chosen to visit the being.

However, Malick was not prepared to die, so he prepared a white rock with a notch in it. When it came to his turn to draw a rock to determine who would get sent, he would not choose the damning black rock. Malick's tactic worked every time, and he was able to avoid his demise. Werner Reinhardt, however, discovered Malick hid the rock in a copy of Paradise Lost.[2]


Deception Revealed

"Gideon, your father was a true believer. He'll be sorely missed."
"Don't worry, sir. Nathaniel and I will do everything we can to continue our father's work."
HYDRA Follower and Gideon Malick[src]

Following Malick's death in 1970, Gideon and Nathaniel visited Werner Reinhardt in prison, who revealed to them that their father had cheated several times. They didn't believe him at first, so Reinhardt told them to look in Wilfred's copy of Paradise Lost. Gideon learned the truth and copied his father's trick, causing Nathaniel to be sent to Maveth and killed by Alveus.[2]


"How do you suppose he survived all those ceremonies? From what I heard, he was quite gifted with a certain parlor trick. Why leave to fate what you can decide for yourself?"
Werner Reinhardt to Gideon Malick[src]
  • Tactician: Malick avoided being sent to Maveth by placing a familiar rock in the bag, so he could feel for it instead of choosing the rock that would make him the traveler.


Other Equipment

  • Super Soldier Serum's Key Ingredient: Malick had been responsible for brought a key ingredient of the formula for Abraham Erskine's Super Soldier Serum to the HYDRA, to be used by Johann Schmidt. Upon being given the key Ingredient by Viola, Malick used the La Respuesta bottles he was transporting to hide it, before handing it over to his HYDRA contacts, resulting in HYDRA supporting Malick and allowing him to regain his family's fortune.
  • Monolith: Later in life, Malick worshiped the Monolith and the ancient being living on the faraway planet it was connected to. He avoided entering the Monolith himself by using a white rock with a notch in it that he used to avoid selecting a damning black rock.
  • Paradise Lost: Malick kept his white rock inside a copy of Paradise Lost, which allowed him to survive the ceremonies and never be transported to Maveth to become the sacrifice to Hive. Following Malick's death, his sons were told about the book by Daniel Whitehall, before Nathaniel found it and then discovered their father's secret.


  • The Krazy Kanoe: To be added
  • Malick Mansion: Once he regained his family's fortunes, Malick had lived inside his family mansion, where he had participated in HYDRA's ceremony's to see who would be sent to Maveth to be sacrificed to Hive. Malick lived in this mansion until his death in 1970, when it would be inherited by his sons.






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