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"This is my house. Your room is just out on loan, so if I want to be in here..."
Geoffrey Wilder to Alex Wilder[src]

The Wilder Mansion was the residence of Geoffrey, Catherine and Alex Wilder. It also featured the secret room where PRIDE performed their sacrifices to revive Jonah.


Ritual Sacrifices

"You're giving us three quarters of an acre in Brentwood?"
"That basement's gonna come in handy."
Catherine Wilder, Geoffrey Wilder and Jonah[src]

The mansion was given to Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder by Jonah. Jonah showed them the secret basement featuring the sacrifice room and told them that they would need it in the future, in exchange for everything Jonah had offered them.

PRIDE's first Rite of Blood

The Wilders, along with other members of PRIDE, soon began to perform ritualized sacrifices in the mansion's basement, converting the body of selected victims into pure energy which was then transferred into Jonah's decayed organism so he could live again. Brooks Watten was the first victim of PRIDE's ritual. Unbeknownst to most members of PRIDE, however, the ceremony was recorded on video tape which was uploaded into Wizard's servers to ensure that they would not report to the police and they would keep complying to Jonah's demands.[1]

Friends Reunion

"Manipulative, sending that photo."
"But effective, since you're almost all here."
"Room for one more?"
"So you gonna let us in?"
Gert Yorkes, Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru and Chase Stein[src]

Alex Wilder playing video game in his bedroom

While he was playing video games in his room, Geoffrey Wilder came to see his son Alex. Both Geoffrey and Catherine remarked that since Amy Minoru had died, Alex spent a lot of time alone in the mansion and they encouraged him to invite his friends as he used to do in the past. However, Alex was reluctant to that idea.

Alex eventually agreed to invite his former friend to spend the evening in the Wilder Mansion. He notified his mother who agreed that they came, although Geoffrey was concerned that PRIDE would have a sacrifice ceremony while the teenagers would be around. Nevertheless, Catherine insisted that they used to do it in the past and they never got a problem.[2]

While preparing the ceremony, Geoffrey received a call from Howard, prompting him to leave the mansion to solve a problem involving Darius Davis.[3] Shortly after he returned, members of PRIDE arrived for a cocktail party preceding their sacrifice ceremony. As they prepared for the ceremony, Alex returned home without any friend joining him. However, he managed to have them come by sending a picture of them dating from the time they were friends. Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, Karolina Dean and Molly Hernandez all arrived, quickly followed by Nico Minoru.[2]

Sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez

The Runaways discover the secret passageway

The teenagers had an awkward reunion, barely speaking to each other because of their difficulty to forget about Amy Minoru. As Karolina Dean suggested that they talk together to overcome their grief, Chase Stein went to find some alcohol into Geoffrey Wilder's liquor cabinet. Joining him, Alex Wilder accidentally triggered the secret mechanism opening the secret passageway leading to the sacrifice room.

The Runaways witness the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez

Not sure about what they had discovered, the teenagers slowly went into the secret tunnels, figuring out that whatever lied underground was older than the Wilder Mansion itself. They finally arrived on a balcony and saw their parents gathered for the ritual ceremony, although they could not hear what they said. Then, they witnessed the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez. Horrified, they ran back to the mansion, but because of Molly Hernandez, who attempted to take a picture of the deed, their parents left to check whether their children had saw anything.[2]

The Runaways pretend to be playing in the guesthouse

The teenagers hid in the guesthouse while Alex left to cut down the power so that the parents would think the flash was due to a circuit break. The teenagers then pretended to play Twister when Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder went to check on them. The Wilders returned to their associates and all prepared to leave with the children. Alex found Nico Minoru in the bathroom, distressed by their discovery. He comforted her and Minoru then left with her parents.

Catherine and Geoffrey later discussed about what had happened with Davis and what they had done to Gonzalez. Catherine comforted her husband about the path they had chosen and then left him. As he prepared to join her, Geoffrey walked on Hernandez's hair pin she had lost while escaping from the secret tunnels, making him fear that the children had witnessed the whole sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Victor Stein remained alone in the sacrifice room with the Dematerialization Box. Upon hearing a strange noise, Victor opened the Box and discovered that Gonzalez was still alive in it. In order to cover up for his failure, Victor murdered Gonzalez and took her body out of the Wilder Mansion.[3]

Geoffrey Wilder reported his discovery to his wife Catherine, who retrieved a case of Synnergy Serum in the Mansion, intending to use it on Molly Hernandez if necessary, although Geoffrey advised her against it.[4]


"Okay, Wilder, what'd you find in your basement murder library?"
Chase Stein to Alex Wilder[src]

Believing his father Geoffrey Wilder to be away, Alex Wilder went to his office to reopen the secret passageway to the sacrifice room. However, he soon realized that his father was in the mansion as well. Alex unsuccessfully tried to close the secret door but then left to find his father. By the time they returned into Geoffrey's office, the door was shut, much to his relief.[4]

Alex Wilder in his father's office

Later, Alex had a conversation with his friends in his bedroom. Once it was over, Alex decided to resume his investigations, but he failed to open the secret door once again as Geoffrey had disabled the secret mechanism. Alex searched through his desk and found his father's gun, which he kept with him.[5]

New Sacrifice

PRIDE gathers in the Wilder Mansion

Victor Stein, who hallucinated about having kidnapped a girl to be used as a new sacrifice in replacement for Destiny Gonzalez, drove a van to the Wilder Mansion. However, when he opened the doors, he along with Geoffrey Wilder and Robert Minoru discovered that the van was empty. They gathered with the other members of PRIDE except Dale and Stacey Yorkes in the mansion and decided to find another person to sacrifice to Jonah.[5]

Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder make out

While he was sitting in his office, Geoffrey received a phone call from Darius Davis, who revealed that he had kidnapped his son Alex. Geoffrey left the mansion to find his son. Figuring out that Geoffrey would use Andre Compton, who was wounded during the kidnapping, as a sacrifice, Alex gathered his friends to the mansion. Molly Hernandez used her superhuman strength to break into the sacrifice room, who appeared empty as PRIDE chose to perform the sacrifice elsewhere. Upset that they were unable to save Compton, Alex goes into his bedroom, soon joined by Nico Minoru. Alex confesses that he shot Compton and that he considers himself responsible for Compton's death. Nico comforts Alex and they make out passionately, but are interrupted by Karolina Dean, who informs them that they have found a video camera in a sacrifice room. After inspecting it, Alex figures out that its data are being stored on Wizard servers.

Geoffrey later found his son in the mansion. The two had an argument about Compton. As a result, Alex decided to sleep in the guesthouse. Catherine Wilder then came and both Geoffrey and Catherine discussed about Davis and the dangers he represented.[6]

Family Tension

"You're still signed up for a few more years under my roof. We ain't gonna make it like this."
"You made the problem, not me, and I'm not gonna fix it by pretending that nothing's wrong. I know too much."
Geoffrey Wilder and Alex Wilder[src]

Geoffrey Wilder came to his son Alex's bedroom as he was preparing for the PRIDE gala in Wizard Headquarters. Geoffrey offered Alex some help with his tie but Alex refused as he was still mad at his father for the fate of Andre Compton, who Alex suspected to have been killed by Geoffrey. Alex then angrily left the mansion.[1]

Catherine Wilder talking to her son, Alex

Growing more and more suspicious about the fact that the Runaways could be aware of PRIDE's real activities, Catherine Wilder searched her son's bedroom without finding anything conclusive. As Alex arrived, they casually discussed about his beginning relationship with Nico Minoru and the upcoming Atlas Academy's open house. As Catherine tried to take a look at Alex's laptop, Alex took it and then left the home, leaving his parents bewildered.[7]

Later, Alex was preparing for a dancing party when he received a phone call from Amy Minoru's phone: Nico was actually the one calling and told Alex about what she had found about Amy's death. Later in the night, when Jonah asked the Runaways' parents whether they knew where their children were, Geoffrey and Catherine returned to the mansion. They did not find Alex, but Geoffrey discovered that although his son had not taken his gun, he had stolen a key card for accessing the PRIDE Construction Site.[8]

Geoffrey and Catherine eventually decided to turn on Jonah as he had endangered Alex's life during the Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site. They returned to their mansion, and upon figuring out that their son had ran away and would probably never return home, Geoffrey told his wife that he would make a phone call to ensure the teenagers' safety.[9]

Having been promised by Darius Davis that their son would be returned to them, Geoffrey and Catherine returned to their home and prepared some luggage as they planned on leaving Los Angeles with fake identities. They packed up large amounts of clothes and money, as well as weapons taken from their personal arsenal and a case of Synnergy Serum.[10]


"How long has this been under my house?"
"Longer than your house has been over it."
"Houses in LA, they don't even have basements."
"I'm not sure "basement" is the right way to describe whatever the hell this is."
Alex Wilder, Karolina Dean, Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein[src]

The Wilder Mansion is a rich property located in Los Angeles. It featured a wide main house in which Geoffrey, Catherine and Alex Wilder used to live. The main house notably comprised a large room for the PRIDE members to have their cocktail parties as well as Geoffrey's large office. Additionally, the mansion also featured a guesthouse where people could occasionally reside. Geoffrey and Catherine secretly kept a massive arsenal in their bedroom's closet, right along with Catherine's vast collection of jewelry.

The mansion's most notable feature, however, was its secret passageway leading to an underground sacrificial room. The entrance for the passageway was hidden behind the library in Geoffrey's office. A flight of stairs then led to a balcony which overhung over the sacrifice room.


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  • In the comics, the Wilder Estate is located in Malibu, while in the MCU is located in Brentwood.


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